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Office Clerk Job Description

office clerk job description

If you wish to become an office clerk, you are on the right page to get all details here. Ideally, an office clerk oversees various tasks, including administrative and clerical duties. They also need to prepare documents and schedule meetings besides updating the company’s records. Thus, they are also known as office assistants or receptionists. The experts are most likely to work in schools, hospitals, and businesses. They play a crucial role in the company.

The administrative professional is mainly responsible for performing various clerical and administrative tasks, which support effective and seamlessly working of daily operations. Therefore, the companies especially look forward to hiring experienced, competent office clerks to perform various administrative and clerical tasks besides helping their office staff to ensure a lot of success.

The perfect candidate must be comfortable undertaking various office tasks like filing, answering the phone, organizing documents, and standard bookkeeping. Additionally, they should be able to work diligently and independently to ensure efficient working of the organization. Above all, reliability and a strong work ethic are a must for this role. The clerks also need to be familiar with necessary office equipment and procedures.

office clerk job description

Job Description – Office Clerk

Ideally, an office clerk is a white-collar employee that attends all the regular office work or even an individual that engages in sales-related tasks, especially in a retail environment. The company hires an office clerk to oversee all administrative and clerical duties. Therefore, the professional needs to be a detail-oriented professional with proven clerical experience. Additionally, the experts need to ensure that they run a company’s operations perfectly.

The primary responsibilities include answering telephones, recording minutes, distributing mail, and maintaining company files. If you wish to become a successful office clerk, you need to be reliable and self–motivated besides having excellent organizational skills. The primary duties also include record-keeping, staffing service counters, besides other administrative tasks.

Clerks are also known as clerical assistants and clerical workers. Irrespective of the name, a clerk is likely to help a company manage routine administration tasks. They also trade in and around the company. They can process data besides answering phones and running errands, envelope stuffing faxing, message delivery, and mailing.

All the office job roles vary from one office to another. For example, an office clerk working in a marketing firm will have unique duties than one working in a hospital or a school. The office clerk gains more skills with experience.

Skills Required – Office Clerk

To become a successful office clerk, one needs to possess some vital skills like communication skills. It is mainly because the clerks get several calls every day and they need to answer queries also. Additionally, they work pretty closely with various people in the office. Additionally, clerks need to have computer skills to work with computers to generate data and create spreadsheets. They also need to possess customer service skills. Lastly, office clerks need to have an eye for detail.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Need to record meeting’s minutes.
  • The office clerk must also answer telephone calls, distribute messages, and redirect calls to the respective team department.
  • You need to maintain company files and other records to ensure the management is updated.
  • They also need to prepare and mail bills, contracts, and invoices.
  • They should also manage bookkeeping duties.
  • Keep track of office inventory and inform the company’s management of shortages.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a high school diploma or similar.
  • Should have at least two years of experience in a clerical job.
  • Need to have a strong knowledge of office processes and basic accounting processes.
  • It would be best if you were a fast typist with excellent multi-tasking abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the educational qualification required to apply for the role of an office clerk?

Ans. The candidates looking forward to applying for the role of a clerk job need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. The candidates need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a clerical position in the past, to have some practical knowledge. Post-graduation is not a must, but if the candidate has a post-graduation degree, then it is an add-on.

2 What are the skills-set which are required to ace the job of an office clerk?

Ans. The candidate needs to have excellent organization and communication skills, must be quite proficient with MS Office, should be a fast typist and possess multi-tasking skills, should have basic knowledge of MS office, must be a reliable person who follows all the deadlines.

3 Are there any mandatory certifications required for this role?

Ans. There is no mandatory certification which the candidates need to have. However, it depends on which company the candidate is planning to apply for. More or less, companies do prefer if candidates have the relevant skill-set and practical knowledge, which suffices.

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