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Office Depot Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

office depot application

About Office Depot Application

Office Depot is an industry giant with 2000 stores in 57 different countries. It provides jobs to 60,000 employees at entry-level and managerial positions. This is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Office Depot hires staff to manage entry-level positions. The company promotes dedicated entry-level staff members to managerial positions.

Managers are rewarded for hard work and dedication. Many managers are entry-level staff members who receive a promotion. They have strong leadership skills and organizational skills which helps them to join the company effectively. Job seekers are 16 years old when they seek employment with Office Depot. The entry-level positions with the company do not require a very high educational qualification. All applicants should be savvy with office-related technology and savvy with sales work. They also handle customers well for the company.

Application Process for Office Depot

Individuals apply through the online process on the career portal or in person at the store. The company website provides all information related to job applications and available positions. Individuals with a proper skillset can create a profile on the career portal and then apply for the desired position.

When applicants submit the online application, they use concise and clear language in the form and submit the form after reviewing errors. Updated Resumes can get uploaded on the career website so that hiring managers can review the same.

Application Tips

If applicants submit a hard copy of the application form, they can attach their resume to the application form for Office Depot. All applicants should be dressed up professionally when they submit an application form in person. Office Depot is a leading office supply company, hiring managers of this company responds to applications within a span of 1 or 2 weeks.

the office depot application guide

Hiring managers ensure that the right kind of talent gets hired at Office Depot. Applicants should visit the store location of Office Depot during slow business hours. Potential hires should always remain polite and professional while they get hired at a position.

Essential Requirements at Office Depot

What is the minimum age requirement at Office Depot?

The minimum age requirement to work at Office Depot is 16 years.

What are the hours of operation for Office Depot?

The hours of operation include Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and on Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.

What are the available positions for Office Depot?

  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Assistant Manager
  • Copy and Print Depot Associate
  • Direct Import Warehouse Manager
  • Regional Investigator
  • Territory Developer
  • Store Manager
  • Store Manager Trainee
  • Territory Development Manager

How will you apply for a job with Office Depot?

Search for job openings online through the official website and then apply through the online process.

Job Opportunities at Office Depot

This company provides new opportunities to entry-level employees and managers. It focuses on rewarding the hard work and dedication of such employees. Every individual gets promoted to a managerial role from the entry level. They require leadership skills and organizational skills to manage the store. The minimum age to work with Office Depot is 16 years.

the office depot application

Entry-level positions do not require the best educational qualifications. However, for managerial roles, educational qualification helps. Entry-level employees should be sales-oriented to work well with the company. Entry-level has a high level of turnover at the store and to meet this requirement new talent gets hired whenever job opportunities open.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Retail Sales Associate

  • They are quick learners and customer-oriented.
  • The retail sales associate also interacts with customers to answer their queries and provide product suggestions to customers.
  • They should also have a friendly attitude to handle customers.
  • It is also an added advantage if they have complete knowledge about the items being sold by Office Depot.
  • It is their job to replenish items on the shelf and clean the store when needed.
  • The pay scale is the minimum wage rate and they earn 12 dollars per hour with experience.

the office depot application tip

Sales Consultant / Print Services

  • The applicant requires a high school diploma or relevant experience in sales.
  • They should also have relevant experience in handling printing machines or copier machines.
  • This position earns 8 dollars to 9 dollars per hour.
  • Their basic duties are providing friendly customer service and also completing orders in a specified time frame.
  • They also suggest complementary products and services that meet customer requirements.
  • They also maintain the equipment by cleaning it properly.
  • Maintenance of equipment is also their responsibility.

Work Benefits at Office Depot

Office Depot offers full-time and also part-time employment opportunities with work benefits that support the livelihood of employees at Office Depot. Office Depot also offers healthcare coverage. This includes dental, vision, life insurance, and disability insurance to all employees. The flexible spending accounts are also an added benefit. Retirement benefits, stock options, sick time off, paid holidays, and also vacation time is some other benefits. Employee discounts are also available.

Additional Information for Office Depot

Office Depot implements environment-friendly practices. The green policy of office depot has 3 elements to it; Buy Greener, Sell Greener, and Promote Greener Practices all over the world. Buying Greener Constitutes means you can manufacture sustainable paper and wood products.

This means Office Depot uses fewer trees in manufacturing such products. This office supplier remains committed to recycling products and reduces packing material which results in a reduction of the carbon footprint of the company. To sell a greener line of paper products made out of recycled material, Office Depot is a well-known brand doing this practice.


Office Depot has a very simple application process that allows applicants to apply for various positions through the online process. Applicants can also apply in person at the store for any of the job roles. The work benefits support employees to do better at work so that they can support their families. The application process carefully explains all aspects of the way applicants need to apply for each position at Office Depot.

Applicants can also undergo training programs or take one on one sessions to understand the basic operations of the store. This is the best place to work for someone that does not have a lot of experience. Office Depot is a fun place to start a new career.

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