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Olive Garden Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

olive garden application

Ideally, Olive Garden is one of the most casual restaurants serving Italian dishes. The prominent franchise mainly offers fine dining besides family dining services to its clients. The company primarily aims to provide the best quality food to its patrons who wish to get an excellent dining experience.

In 1982, Bill Darden had started the restaurant. Initially, it began as a small restaurant franchise, and it is currently one of the most famous restaurant chains across the country. The restaurant chain has at least 800 branches across the globe, and the number is ever-growing as the chain tends to expand its business in more locations.

olive garden application

The company has gained a lot of popularity in the United States as they offer fantastic menu options to patrons and excellent service at a budget-friendly rate. Thanks to its ever-growing popularity, the parent company Darden restaurants to open various restaurants across different locations. The Olive Garden has contributed a lot to the Darden restaurant’s earnings. As Olive green has maintained a loyal fan base for years now, the restaurant mainly hires people who can provide excellent food besides excellent customer service.

More Information About Olive Garden

If you wish to work, ensure that you submit your application in time. The first restaurant was opened in 1982 in Orlando and its most famous restaurant. It is located in New York City. Although the restaurant is comparatively new, it has been doing really well since its inception. Especially when Marilyn Hagerty went on to write a column about the restaurant, it did get tremendous focus on it.

Despite being a sensation on the internet, the restaurant chain hasn’t revised any prices, and it serves fantastic food at a reasonable cost. The menu includes chicken, pasta, salad, and seafood, and they have branded themselves as one of the best salads serving restaurants.

the olive garden application

The restaurant tends to provide top-tier quality service to all its patrons, and its target audience includes health-conscious consumers. Olive Garden’s slogan is Good times, great salad. The restaurant loves to visit here because of its top-quality service and food. Over the past few years, the restaurant has been established as a loyal clientele. To retain its position in the restaurant chain industry, the company is always hiring talented and motivated employees to join the team.

Vital Information to Know Before Applying for Olive Garden

Minimum age needed to work at Olive Garden: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to apply to Olive Garden.

Working hours of operation: The work timings at Olive Garden are as follows:

A: Sunday to Thursday: The working hours are from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

B: Friday to Saturday: The working hours are from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Olive Garden

The Olive Garden employees can work in a friendly atmosphere, and there are various programs to reward employees and teams. All the employees can get the job benefits including working flexible hours and meal discounts besides other advantages. No matter what experience employees hold, all employees have an equal chance of getting hired. Both entry-level and full-time jobs are available at Olive Garden. The chain also helps students gain a position on the official web portal; one can fill the application form and bag the job.

Career Opportunities at Olive Garden

Olive Garden provides a plethora of career opportunities to individuals who are looking forward to entering the F&B Industry. For host or back house positions, the hiring managers mainly hire at least 18 years old. For available jobs, the candidates must be at least 16 years old.

olive garden application guide


They mainly need to interact with patrons that are friendly and non -friendly and align with their needs with politeness and speed. Basic work includes navigating the customers to their tables, booking reservations, answering phone calls, and helping clients make the right choice of the dishes, etc. Employees can get hired if they are happy to work in the customer-centric environment and handle the fast-paced hours.


The restaurant chain hires cooks that can prepare meals besides maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace. The job duties include preparing ingredients and answering customer queries, and aligning with safety and health codes.

the olive garden application tip

Even if you don’t have experience, you can still get hired. All you need to do is be ready to get trained, and the best part is that the menu items are pretty easy to learn. You must be willing to work during flexible hours and also be ready to learn new things. They can earn $11 per hour.


The company’s philosophy is to offer the best possible customer experience to patrons, and the job is both challenging and rewarding. The servers need to take drink and food orders from the patrons and interact with clients besides running the registers.


Besides entry-level jobs, managerial-level jobs are also available, and the managers need to motivate subordinates to work correctly.

Essential Tips While Applying for Olive Garden

Olive Garden gives interested candidates an option to apply both online and offline. Either the candidates can navigate through the official website, check at the latest openings and then apply, or they can directly visit the restaurant as per their location and submit their physical copy of the application.

the olive garden application guide

Since Olive Garden is a reputed establishment, there are many individuals who eye on applying here, which means there is cut-throat competition. A tip for the candidates is that they should make sure to be well-prepared, know about the firm and the industry in detail while applying.

Perks of Working at Olive Garden

Olive Garden’s company culture motivates the management to take care of its team, and also employees are free to voice their issues. It leads to an open channel of communication. It also ensures that there is minimum unrest among works. The aim is to offer a good working environment.

Benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Education opportunities
  • Gift Discounts& coupons
  • Retirement plans

Miscellaneous information about Olive Garden

The company offers internship opportunities to college students, and applicants can apply online and get a job.

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