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Omni Hotels & Resorts Application Online: Jobs & Career

Omni Hotels & Resorts Application

Are you planning to break into the hospitality industry?

If you have your sights set on working in a large hotel, a job at Omni Hotels & Resorts could be for you. The company boasts sixty different hotels and resorts in various locations across North America.

Omni Hotels & Resorts employ around 18,000 staff, and various positions regularly become available throughout the year. However, the high profile of this company means that competition for jobs can be rather steep.

So, let’s take a look at the Omni Hotels & Resorts online application process and ways to boost your chances of success in today’s topic, Omni Hotels & Resorts Application Online: Jobs & Career.

omni hotels resorts application

Facts About Working at Omni Hotels & Resorts

You need eighteen years old or more to work at Omni Hotels & Resorts. The hotel and resort chain is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There is a wide range of shift patterns available, as well as full-time and part-time positions.


According to Forbes magazine, Omni Hotels & Resorts is one of the top five travel companies to work for. Working at this prominent chain can open the door to a wide range of other jobs. However, there are also excellent opportunities for promotion within the company.

OmniCare Internship

A unique internship program is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. An internship is available in a wide range of different areas of the hotel or resort. This is a full-time position that provides college students with valuable work experience over the summer months.

An attractive option…

In addition to competitive pay, housing and training are available, while interns receive three free nights at the Omni hotel or resort. Interns are required to work multiple positions, providing them with the opportunity to pick up new skills. After completing the internship, graduated seniors are guaranteed entry into the Leadership-in-Development program.

Omni Hotels & Resorts Job Opportunities

New employees need to pass a ninety-day assessment period before being granted full-time employment. Senior employees are given special privileges, such as the first pick of shifts and paid public holidays. Here’s a list of the most popular jobs at Omni Hotels & Resorts and the average salaries.

Valet Attendant

Valets are usually the first and last people guests have contact with, and strong customer service skills are essential. Valet attendants need to be at least 21 years old and hold a driver’s license, clean driving record, and full insurance. Ideally, valet attendants also need to be able to drive manual and automatic vehicles.

What’s involved?

In addition to safely parking and retrieving vehicles, valet attendants assist guests with their luggage. It is a necessity to be physically fit as lifting heavy bags and long periods of standing are vital requirements. While the salary is generally minimum wage, it is supplemented with tips from guests.

the omni hotels resorts application


This front desk position requires staff to be outgoing and friendly while maintaining a professional attitude. In addition to arranging bookings, meals, and transportation, the role involves handling customer complaints. Concierges need to stand up throughout their shifts and be immaculately dressed and groomed.

Other requirements…

Concierges need to be familiar with Microsoft Office and be comfortable using it. It is also necessary to know about the local attractions and provide guests with information. While the starting salary is typically $9 per hour, it can rise to $15 per hour with experience.


You need to be at least 21 years old to work as a bellman, and you must have strong interpersonal skills. While using a bell cart to transport the guests’ luggage is the primary role, bellmen need to perform a range of other duties. This can include making reservations for guests and making sure that guests have everything they need.

Minimum wage plus tips…

During quiet periods, management may also assign additional tasks to bellmen. The typical salary for a bellman is minimum wage. However, this salary is supplemented with tips from guests.

the omni hotels resorts application tip

Additional Benefits of Working at Omni Hotels & Resorts

A wide range of hospitality benefits is enjoyed by staff at Omni Hotels & Resorts, such as discounted hotel rooms and transportation. Full-time workers are provided with full health insurance as well as generous retirement plans.

Tips for Applying to Work at Omni Hotels & Resorts

The best way to apply to work at Omni Hotels & Resorts is by filling in the online application form. This can be found on the company’s website through the careers section. During the application process, you need to supply a valid email address and upload your resume along with the application form.

Including a strong cover letter is advisable…

There is also the option to upload a cover letter along with your resume. This gives you the chance to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and highlight your strongest relevant skills. Before sending the documents, make sure that all your information is accurate, properly edited, and relevant to the position.

Need Support Writing Your Cover Letter?

If so, please read my guide on How to Write a Letter of Interest, precisely How Long Should a Cover Letter Be, and How to Address a Cover Letter in 2023.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Omni Hotels & Resorts boasts a strong company culture that they are incredibly proud of. Details of the company culture can be found on their website. Before applying for a job, it is good to research the culture and other aspects of the company.

Above all else, the company values employees who have excellent customer service skills and are able to work as a team. Therefore, these are essential skills to emphasize in your resume and cover letter. Working on your interview technique and body language will help to give you the edge at the interview stage.

Good luck with your application!

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