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Optician Job Description

optician job description

If you are looking forward to applying for a role of an optician, then you need to have full in-depth knowledge about everything. Learn about the job roles, key requirements, duties and responsibilities, and various skill-sets required to ace the job of an optician.

As many of us known, an optician must help people with the overall fitting of their eyewear. These could also include glasses or lenses; post they obtain a prescription from their ophthalmologists. Opticians are now allowed to prescribe eyewear without an official prescription.

Opticians are also known as dispensing opticians, as the advice the individuals about the different characters of the eyewear’s and which style or color would best suit the person who is going to wear it. They also answer some basic queries about eyes.

optician job description

Job Description – Optician

The role of an optician is not very complex. Hospitals or institutions mainly look for individuals who have in-depth knowledge about eyes and can answer the varied questions of people buying eyewear.

The optician should also be friendly and social and should be able to build a strong rapport with its clients. One of the biggest challenge’s individuals face is to look for the right eyewear keeping all the factors in mind, and this is also where the biggest role of an optician comes into the picture.

It is the daily task of the opticians to be involved in suggesting and recommending specific eyewear to their clients. This is done by taking proper measurements and fitting and adjust the glasses accordingly.

Opticians are also required to give customers a demo on wearing lenses or taking care of the glasses and lenses. Opticians should also be able to repair the glasses when required.

Skills Required – Optician

Individuals who want to make successful opticians should possess a few simple skills. These skills include very strong interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills. In addition, Opticians should possess knowledge about the eye number and recommend them special eyewear or lenses accordingly.

When individuals want eyewear for some special use, such as for occupational, sports, or work, then also opticians should be able to recommend the correct one. In addition, they should be informed about the different features and anti-reflective or tint coatings, etc.

Moreover, the individual should be very polite and welcoming in nature. The optician should make customers feel warm and resolve all their issues. Lastly, the optician should stay updated about the latest designs and eyewear and lens brands. This will help them suggest the right product to customers without any hesitation.

Job Responsibilities

  • Obtaining the patient prescriptions from both ophthalmologists and optometrists.
  • They should also take all the information from the customers, including the measurements of the ocular area of an individual.
  • The main job is to recommend the style, frames, color, and lenses, which suits the individual’s face and style.
  • An optician should also fit and adjust the frames as per the clients’ specifications and prescriptions. At the same time, they should also give their personal suggestions when needed.
  • Preparation of orders for the on-the-job optical technicians and guide them on the manufacture of the lenses.
  • They should also ensure that there is enough inventory of the frames and contact lenses and provide a variety to their clients.
  • Educating the customers who visit them about how to wear lenses and how glasses can be maintained.
  • Keeping up with the trend of latest designs and making sure to get them timely.
  • Performing various administrative duties such as managing customer records, insurance, prescriptions, etc.

Job Requirements

  • Must have an associate’s degree or certification for being an optician.
  • Have experience of on-the-job training and also experience in clinical work
  • A certification or a state license to legally practice as an optician.
  • Ability to operate with specialized equipment.
  • Have excelled in communication, sales, and customer service skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Mention the minimum work experience for the role of an optician.

Ans. An optician does not need any specific work experience before applying for this role. It depends on where they are applying. However, an optician should have on-the-job training experience as hospitals or institutes do ask for practical experience in advance.

2 What are the legal requirements to become an optician?

Ans. The requirements to become an optician are very straightforward. The candidate should at least have an associate degree and an optician certification, reflecting their practice. Also, an optician requires a license from the state before beginning practice as an optician.

3 Mention the required skills-set for this role.

Ans. An optician should be an individual who is very polite and humble by nature. They should also have great convincing powers, as their everyday tasks would involve suggesting and convincing clients about the different eyewear or lenses. An ideal optician is organized and proactive and this is what sets them apart.

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