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Orange Leaf Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt specializes in frozen delicacies and offers great dessert alternatives at reasonable costs. Managerial and entry-level job roles become available regularly, giving both experienced and novice job searchers viable possibilities. The candidates with enthusiasm and motivation to work in the retail frozen yogurt industry may submit at their nearest Orange Leaf location.

Orange Leaf extends career opportunities to energetic and passionate individuals. It was established in 2008 in Oklahoma City. Besides, it operates in more than 300 stores across China, Australia, and the United States. The candidates need to visit the physical stores of Orange Leaf to submit their job applications in person. However, a few Orange Leaf locations also accept online job application forms through Indeed. The candidates need to check Orange Leaf job roles with the application submission criteria before applying for a job position.

Operational hours and work schedule at Orange Leaf:

Orange Leaf hires individuals at least 18-years old during the hiring procedure. The business hours and duty schedule available at Orange Leaf is as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday to Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Friday to Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Job prospects at Orange Leaf

Getting a job with Orange Leaf is highlighted by several first-time employees. Entry-level workers learn essential customer service skills while earning steady pay from the company. Most employees at Orange Leaf are to maintain self-serve areas stocked and cleaning every store apart from interacting with customers. Entry-level employees usually perform their duties in part-time work settings and must be available on night and weekend shifts, specifically when they first start with Orange Leaf. Employees who work hard and have a talent for leadership are more likely to advance and take on additional duties as assistant managers or shift leaders.

Job Requirements:

Senior-level Orange Leaf employees are responsible for ensuring the company’s locations run and operate at optimum professionalism and efficiency at all times. Management-level employees should have sufficient expertise in customer service and the food industry and the capacity to maintain a lot of information on Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt’s nutritional and tasty features. Managers frequently work full-time schedules and spend significant periods on their feet throughout their shift schedule. Orange Leaf rewards managers with strong training programs and outstanding base pay due to the challenging nature of the position.

The job positions available at Orange Leaf:

The job positions available at Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf opens for various job vacancies, including Manager, Assistant Manager, Team Member, and Cashier positions. The frozen yogurt shop employs new staff regularly to fill up the below-mentioned job roles:

Staff Members:

  • Staff members are responsible for maintaining store cleanliness, offering helpful suggestions, and assisting customers with final transactions,
  • They are also responsible for retaining the capability to lift around 25 pounds during their shift timings.
  • Orange Leaf usually offers approximately $10.00 per hour to its Staff Members.

Shift Leaders:

  • Shift leaders at Orange Leaf are responsible for interacting with customers regularly and cleaning machinery.
  • They are also responsible for counting money in registers while beginning and ending their shifts and opening and closing stores.
  • Orange Leaf offers around $8.00 to $10.00 to its Shift leaders.


  • Store managers are responsible for increasing sales through incentives and promotions.
  • They are also responsible for setting employee schedules, training and recruiting new store associates, arranging repairs when required, and overseeing equipment functionality.
  • Store managers usually earn approximately $30k to $35k at Orange Leaf.

The job application process of Orange Leaf:

The job application process of Orange Leaf includes completing simple paperwork and documents. They should also respond to questions asked by Orange Leaf’s recruiting staff. During each stage of the hiring process, the candidates need to go through casual interactions. Employees can fill out job applications and submit them at Orange Leaf locations in person. The company may contact potential candidates immediately for an interview, or they are informed to wait for a phone call from Orange Leaf. Candidates should arrive at Orange Leaf’s interview prepared with responses to common interview questions.

Checking job application status for Orange Leaf:

The employment and application processes at Orange Leaf, except managerial roles, normally take around a week to complete. A few individuals get employment offers in a few days after completing the application procedure. At Orange Leaf, hiring staff contact potential candidates through a phone call. Suppose job applicants do not get a response from employment managers within 36 to 48 hours after submitting the required employment application forms. In that case, they should use the same way to check on applications, which is pretty encouraging and acceptable.

Benefits and perks while working at Orange Leaf:

Benefits and perks while working at Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf extends the following employee benefits to its worker:

  • Orange Leaf offers flexible scheduling with added hours when required.
  • It also offers free frozen yogurt to employees during their shifts in allotted amounts.
  • Crew Members usually receive career advancement options to rise to management-level roles.

Additional details of Orange Leaf:

Customers can earn points with each purchase and use them to get free or discounted frozen yogurt delights through a program called “Ounce Back.” According to Orange Leaf’s official website, consumers can also get a discount on frozen yogurt on their birthdays and other special days. The specialty foods shop re-posts images taken by customers boasting frozen yogurt sales from platforms such as Twitter and Instagram on the company website, demonstrating how crucial social media is to the Orange Leaf culture. Each store also has a comment and suggestion box where devoted customers may request new flavors and express their concerns.


The only qualification required for first-time job searchers and a job at the frozen yogurt business is a minimum working age of 16. To accomplish all of the duties required by Orange Leaf’s job title, managerial-level job applicants should be a minimum of 18-years-old and have a high school diploma. Entry-level Orange Leaf employees mostly initiate their career with the company earning a minimum wage, with the possibility of advancement based on demonstrated success. Orange Leaf’s job descriptions are straightforward, and entry-level employees gain a thorough understanding of retail operations.

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