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Orchard Supply Hardware Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Orchard Supply Hardware Application

Do you have a passion for customer service and helping people find the perfect products for their needs?

A career at Orchard Supply Hardware could be for you. This popular company was founded in 1931 and boasts many outlets on the West Coast.

Orchard Supply Hardware employs more than five thousand people and is constantly expanding.

So, let’s find out more about the Orchard Supply Hardware Application Online: Jobs & Career Info, as well as tips for applying.

orchard supply hardware application

Facts About Working at Orchard Supply Hardware

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Orchard Supply Hardware. The company’s hours of operation are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays. Employees are expected to work a range of shift patterns, including on weekends and in the evening.

The headquarters of Orchard Supply Hardware is in San Jose, and many of the administration jobs take place there. Skilled tradespeople are also employed to work as part of the Workbench team and are provided with additional training to perform tasks such as sharpening tools, pipe threading, lock rekeying, and window rescreening.

Orchard Supply Hardware Job Opportunities

There are lots of positions for entry-level employees who have strong customer service skills. After working at the company for a few years, these employees are often promoted to roles like store management. Let’s take a look at some of the key job opportunities at Orchard Supply Hardware and the associated duties.


This role involves interacting with customers and establishing a rapport to encourage repeat visits. Cashiers need to be able to handle a range of different payment methods and provide the correct change. Other duties include answering questions from customers and assisting with their purchases, and answering the store phones.

It is also necessary to keep the store clean and tidy and be available to work a range of different shifts. Cashiers usually work part-time hours, and this is a good opportunity for college students. The salary is normally $9 per hour and includes paid training to learn valuable skills while earning money.

the orchard supply hardware application tips

Sales Associate

Sales associates need to be familiar with the full range of Orchard Supply Hardware products. They need to be able to recommend products to customers and assist them with the purchasing process. They also need to restock the shelves as necessary and make sure that products are perfectly presented.

Sales associates typically start on a salary of $10 an hour, which can increase to $15 per hour. Extensive paid training programs are also provided to allow these employees to gain new skills. There are regular promotion opportunities for employees who want to tackle department leadership roles.

Stock Associate

Stock associates work in both stores and the main warehouse to make sure that the store’s needs are fulfilled. It is often necessary to retrieve products from the warehouse and bring them to the store. Other duties include assisting with store inventories, unloading deliveries, and interacting with customers on the sales floor.

It is necessary to be able to lift at least fifty pounds and stand for long periods of time to do this job. It is also important to be able to climb ladders while lifting heavy items to restock shelves. Stock associates can work in either a full-time or part-time capacity and typically make $10 per hour.

Store Manager

The main focus of this job is increasing sales while ensuring that excellent customer service is provided by all employees. Store managers are responsible for hiring new employees, training them, and motivating them. On average, Orchard Supply Hardware store managers make $77,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Orchard Supply Hardware

Employees of all types are treated to discounts on Orchard Supply Hardware merchandise and paid training. Full-time employees are also eligible to get a range of other benefits such as paid time off, holiday pay, and vacation time. Other benefits include access to retirement benefits, paid sick leave, and health insurance coverage.

orchard supply hardware application guide

Tips for Applying to Work at Orchard Supply Hardware

Our Orchard Supply Hardware Application Online: Jobs & Career Info is just a starting point. OSH often runs in-store hiring events throughout the year. This is a good way to meet managers and find out more about the available job positions. Details of upcoming hiring events are published on the company’s website.

You will find the application form in the career section of the company’s website. Before filling out the application form, it is a good idea to read through the list of available positions. You can click on the different job titles to read all about them and discover the required qualifications and skills.

Highlight your skills…

Next, take the time to edit your resume so that it highlights the skills you need for the job. You are now ready to fill out the online application form and upload your resume. You need to fill out each section in as much detail and verify you are eligible to work in the USA.

Jobs at Orchard Supply Hardware are posted on the company’s website throughout the year. Once the position you are looking for becomes available, the application process will be much quicker and easier.

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Final Thoughts

Orchard Supply Hardware hiring managers have a checklist of specific skills and attributes that they look for. Employees need to be hardworking and reliable, enjoy helping people, and be willing to learn new things. Hiring managers also seek employees who want to build a long-term career in the company and advance.

This will guide you to the types of skills and traits you should emphasize during the interview. The hiring manager will ask a series of questions to determine if applicants are the right match for the company. So, keep these desired attributes in mind when answering your questions.

All the very best with your Application!

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