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O’Reilly Auto Parts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

o'reilly auto parts application

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a renowned auto parts retailer with 4000 stores in over 42 states. The company aims for ultimate customer satisfaction, and for that, they always hire enthusiastic young people in their stores and also their warehouses.

Job Opportunities by O’Reilly

O’Reilly hires many young candidates in different positions for their stores over other states. It would help if you were versatile and friendly to work for O’Reilly. To get an appointment under this leading auto parts retailer, you have to be at least 18 years old, and for a manager post, you have to be 21 years old.

The stores are open from 7.30 am to 10 pm on weekdays and Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm. You can apply for full-time or part-time jobs in O’Reilly. But no printable applications are available. You have to apply online.

Develop Your Job -oriented Skills with O’Reilly

O’Reilly hires many individuals in their stores as well as warehouses. For entry-level jobs, you don’t need any experience. All you need is to complete your high school education. If you have awareness about different auto parts, it may be a positive trait to get hired.

If you have supervisory experience and degrees with certifications, you can also get hired for managerial positions or specialized positions. Managers should have leadership quality, manage day-to-day operations, and handling a team in the best possible manner. You have to be a minimum of 21 years old to get hired in managerial posts.

the oreilly auto parts application tip

Excellent communication skills, honesty, and prior experience can help you get hired by O’Reilly.

Vacant positions in O’Reilly Auto Parts

This largest auto parts retailer always seeks for aspiring candidates to hire in different positions.

Store Cashier

  • He should be responsible for welcoming customers, mailing the sales floor, keeping the products ready. They also maintain the floor clean and deliver the products.
  • Store cashier must have excellent communication skills with elementary math aptitude and also possess organizational abilities.
  • The average salary of a store cashier is around $8.00 per hour.

the oreilly auto parts application

Counter Sales

  • A store clerk’s job responsibilities are providing customer assistance, from choosing the product from wide varieties to giving professional advice. They are also responsible for taking calls, answer queries, offer price quotes, and promote service programs.
  • He must be familiar with mechanics and auto parts to guide a customer in the best possible manner. He needs to interact with the public and share information with them in easy-to-understand language.
  • The starting salary of a counter sales representative is $9.00 per hour, and if he works overtime, he can get up to $13.00 per hour.

Store Machine Shop

  • Store machine shop staff is responsible for repairing different auto parts such as engine heads, brake drums, rotors, etc.
  • He must have prior experience and comprehensive knowledge about the engine and other components.
  • He needs to have expertise in handling different tools to carry out his duties and maintain the quality of service that the company assures to its customers.
  • Store machine shop staff must need some professional certifications and training.
  • The average salary of the Store Machine Shop employees is $12.00 per hour.


  • The managers in this company need to have professional skills as they are responsible for handling different tasks. There are various positions in the management department.
  • The managers’ responsibilities are supervising subordinates, providing training to new staff, and assisting in merchandising efforts. They also help in customer assistance.

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  • Store managers are responsible for generating profitability, creating a good work culture, maintaining teams, and inspiring the company to achieve the corporate goals.
  • Supervisors support in outside sales calls so that the company can maintain effective customer service.
  • But to get appointed in managerial posts, you need to have a degree over schooling, prior experience, and ASE certification. The candidates who apply for administrative positions must have to be 21 years.
  • The annual salary of assistant managers starts from $24,000 to $28000. Store managers can expect $40000 per year.

Benefits to Working for O’Reilly

Employees at O’Reilly enjoy different perks along with competitive salaries and flexible timing.

  • Paid training
  • Retirement plans
  • Medical insurance with disability coverage
  • Paid vacation and sick leave

More Information about O’Reilly

Customers will sign up for the company’s O’Rewards service through the store. Customers can earn points for any purchase they make with the rewards card. Points accumulate, and shoppers may use them to get discounts for up to $5.00 off their next purchase. Customers can also earn points by referring friends, building profiles on ORewards.com, and taking advantage of members-only deals and in-store promotions.

Review of Applicants

Candidates can apply for jobs at O’Reilly Auto Parts online using a simple and easy-to-use application form. Applicants must fill in general details, transfer priorities, academic and job history after selecting the desired role. Potential employees must also show that they have valid driver’s licenses and have no criminal records.

Candidates should take the time to double-check that the information they send is correct, complete, and also free of spelling errors. Candidates that fail to provide accurate information can also get disqualified from applying for jobs in the future.

the oreilly auto parts application guide

Once recruiting staff receives the hiring forms, applicants may receive an email confirmation of their submission. Applicants who apply in person can get interviewed right away, although this is not always the case.

Candidates who have not been contacted within a week of applying may wish to contact store managers directly, either by phone or in person. Hiring managers usually schedule interviews with the most skilled candidates and pass quickly through the recruiting process for most entry-level positions.

How To Apply at O’Reilly?

  • Browse through the official website of O’Reilly
  • Select the position you want to apply
  • Put all the general information, including education and ID.
  • Put the information about the last job, transfer priorities.
  • Prospective hires must also show that they have valid driver’s licenses and have no criminal records.
  • Candidates should take the time to double-check that the information they send is correct, complete, and free of spelling errors.
  • Then click on submit to complete the application process.
  • If any of the information you provide found wrong, you may get disqualified.

So, join the renowned auto parts retailer and become successful.

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