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Organizations That Hire for Remote Non-Profit Jobs

Organizations That Hire for Remote Non-Profit Jobs

It is not always possible to work at your favorite non-profit organization. However, some people have a cardinal need to do good and would like to make a positive difference in the world anyway. Even if you can’t rescue puppies all day, you could perhaps assist with social media management and fundraising to assist those who can.

As more job seekers are looking to apply for remote work, why not combine your ability to work remotely with your endeavors to promote and work for non-profit organizations? They may not be able to pay as much as corporate companies could, but if you are serious about finding a job at a non-profit, this may be the way to go.

Although there are often full-time jobs available, many non-profits require a few hours a day. This will leave you the rest of the day to spend on any other remote work you wish to do or more time with your family.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Organizations That Hire for Remote Non-Profit Jobs…

organizations that hire for remote non profit jobs

New York Public Library – Technology Instructor

The New York Public Library aims to make education, arts, and research available to all. They are currently seeking a Tech Instructor that can upskill the community via virtual classes. However, a few hours of on-site classes per week may be required.

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YMCA – Accounting

If you are a member of the Christian faith, the accounting position at the YMCA may be for you. The YMCA is one of the leading charitable organizations in the US, with a strong focus on community development and support programs to guide the youth of tomorrow.

The Asia Society – Prospect Research Manager

The Asia Society is an international organization that focuses on bringing business, the arts, culture, education, and technology to the world from Asia. Although there are positions available across the globe, they are currently seeking a prospect research manager.

This position will require you to collect and analyze data from prospective donors and then report back to the team. Although operations are based in New York, this position is fully remote.

Mercy Corps – Various

Mercy Corps is a humanitarian organization with employees working on every continent. They aim to partner with governments across the globe to tackle crisis events and disasters. Their current focus is bringing aid and relief to those who are displaced and affected by the current war in Ukraine.

Their career page has dozens of opportunities for various remote jobs; marketing, humanities, engineering, IT, finance, and more.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – Various

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is renowned worldwide for its incredible efforts in wildlife conservation. WWF is based in Washington but is offering the following remote positions:

  • Senior Program Officer / Forest Carbon Accounting – This position will require a degree in ecology, forestry, biology, or relative field to forest carbon accounting, and have three to six years of experience.
  • Payroll Specialist – For this remote position, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree and experience in payroll management.
  • Development Officer, Regional Philanthropy – Essentially, this role will require you to be a prospect manager in charge of obtaining large gift donations and fundraising. A bachelor’s degree with two years of experience in fundraising is the main requirement.

the organizations that hire for remote non profit job

The Trevor Project – Various

The Trevor Project was founded to provide support to LGBTQ+ youths to end suicide among the community. Their goal is to serve 1.8 million contacts in crisis every year and to build a safer, more inclusive society. This non-profit currently has 51 remote vacancies in various fields available.

The Wounded Warrior Project – Various

This non-profit was established in honor of veterans and service members who are injured or suffer mental health decline as a result of their duties. They aim to provide support to them and their families.

As they operate nationwide, many of their vacancies pertaining to office workers are remote. In general, they pride themselves on flexible schedules and competitive salaries with a good range of benefits. There are currently various positions advertised in locations across the country, however many of them have remote options – specifically pertaining to marketing, web development, customer relationship management, fundraising, and more.

NRDC – Various

The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) was established in 1970 to preserve the planet, protect water sources and keep the air clean. This conservation organization is headquartered in New York.

However, since the pandemic, the New York offices have been closed indefinitely, and all positions linked to the New York office are offered as remote, work-from-home opportunities. The positions vary from finance to HR, digital to data; you name it.

IRC – Various

The International Rescue Committee specializes in humanitarian crisis management to help people in need survive and recover from the devastating effects of war, poverty, and natural disasters. They have over 1200 vacancies worldwide, but by selecting the field you wish to work in, you may narrow the search. Many vacancies at this non-profit are offered as remote positions from anywhere in the country.

Charity: Water – Various

Charity: Water operates across 29 countries with the sole aim of making clean water accessible to all. They currently have five remote vacancies available; Senior Software Engineer, Growth Product Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Salesforce Administrator, and Financial Planning and Analysis Manager.

The Nature Conservancy – Marketing and Project Management

The Nature Conservancy’s goal is to move the world into greener methods of doing business, building healthier cities, and conserving the planet in every way possible through means of scientific innovation. They currently have three positions available in marketing and project management. The positions are advertised for Arlington; however, anyone can apply to work remotely from anywhere in the US.

organizations that hire for remote non profit job

Alzheimer’s Association – Various

The Alzheimer’s Association was started to bring awareness, fund research, and support patients with Alzheimer’s as well as their families. There are currently around 20 remote opportunities available from entry-level to senior management in various fields such as marketing, counseling, project management, and health services.

Humane Society – Various

The Humane Society has one goal and one goal only; to end cruelty to animals. This comes in the form of fighting against inhumane practices such as cosmetic and medical testing on animals, trophy hunting, unethical breeding, and curbing the fur industry.

This non-profit has roughly 15 remote vacancies available, including but not limited to marketing, project management, data analysis, fundraising, and research.

ASPCA – Various

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals not only serves to prevent animal cruelty but actually enforces animal rights legislation by bringing those who abuse animals to justice. They currently have around 18 remote vacancies for different positions, including veterinarian consultation services, disaster response management, fundraising, project management, and more.

TFA – Various

Teachers For America was established with their eye on education and offering support to teachers and students that require socio-economic and emotional support. They currently have 18 remote vacancies, including managing director, IT, marketing, and leadership positions.

Save the Children – Various

Save the Children was established to provide education, health services, and proper nutrition to children in need globally and to end child neglect and abuse. They currently have 46 remote vacancies, including but not limited to internships, program management, child protection, social work, legal and finance positions.

organizations that hire for the remote non profit job

How To Apply?

If you follow the hyperlinks provided, you will get instructions on how to apply for each position, along with the requirements to qualify for the job. To increase your odds of being contacted for an interview, make sure that your resume features your best skills pertaining to the job.

You may need to create a few variations of your resume to avoid it being too generic. A well-written cover letter stating why you are interested in the position and why you would like to work at that specific non-profit, as opposed to a corporate environment, will also be beneficial.

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Final Thoughts

Although many of these organizations are well funded and pay competitive salaries, you may need to prepare yourself for the possibility that some can not offer you the same salary you would make in the corporate sphere.

That is the reality of a non-profit, but job satisfaction is one of the many perks of working with them. Knowing that you have truly made a difference in what you do is extremely rewarding at the end of the day.

Thank you for making the world a better place!

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