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OshKosh Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

oshkosh application

Are you looking for a role in the retail industry where you will have the chance to develop new skills?

Both entry-level employees and career professionals are sure to enjoy working at OshKosh. The company is committed to continuously training employees. And encourage those who excel to advance.

OshKosh was founded back in 1985. It is best known for its bib overalls for children and baby clothing. Today, there are more than six hundred OshKosh retail stores across the United States, and new stores are regularly opened.

To ensure that your OshKosh Application Online: Jobs & Career Info is well received by hiring managers, check out the following information.

oshkosh application

Facts About Working At OshKosh

It is possible to start working at OshKosh from the age of sixteen. The company’s stores are open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sundays. The weekend and evening shifts are ideal for college students who want to gain skills and work experience.

OshKosh Job Opportunities

Entry-level employees with good customer service skills are needed to work in various store locations. Talented and experienced managers are also needed to supervise staff. And fulfill administrative duties. Here are some of the most common job opportunities at OshKosh and the duties that go with them.

Customer Service Associate

These employees work in a single location and are charged with developing customer relations. They sign customers up for the OshKosh reward program to build loyalty and deliver special cash wrap experiences. The starting salary for this role is typically around $8 per hour, which can vary by location.

Sales Support Associate

These sales associates are charged with making sure that all SKUs and products are available in the store. They need to conduct regular inventory checks and order new products as required. Duties include organizing the sales floor, receiving shipments, processing shipments, and meeting UPH goals.

Sales support associates report directly to the merchandise flow supervisor. They need to have excellent customer service and organizational skills. The typical starting salary for this role is $8 per hour.

oshkosh application guide

Merchandise Flow Supervisor

This leadership role requires employees to liaise with other store employees and customers. Sales support associates who excel are often allowed to advance to this role. The main focus is on maximizing sales and profits, and the average salary for this role is $10 per hour.

Loss Prevention Customer Associate

This is primarily a security role that involves keeping a watchful eye over the store, customers, and merchandise. Loss prevention customer associates need to monitor all transactions as unobtrusively as possible. They circulate through the store and provide a visible presence to deter theft.

Loss prevention customer associates work with store managers to resolve issues. They utilize in-store resources like mirrors and CCTV to deter theft and need to have strong communication skills. You must be physically fit. The average salary is $10 per hour.


This low-level managerial role at OshKosh is ideal for people who have strong leadership skills. And the ability to delegate tasks. Supervisors usually have sales experience and need to be able to step into sales roles as needed. They supervise the work of all store employees and provide additional training if needed.

The role of the supervisor is available on either a part-time or full-time basis. It is important to have a good understanding of retail and deep knowledge of company policy. Supervisors need to be available to work a range of shift patterns and typically make around $11 per hour.

the oshkosh application guide

Store Manager

These employees are responsible for making sure that a single store runs smoothly at all times. Store managers interview, hire, and train new employees as needed and process the payroll. They answer queries from customers. And skillfully smooth over any issues.

Store managers also design special promotional activities for the store and install company protocol. It is usually necessary to have a certain amount of sales and managerial experience to secure this role. The starting salary for a store manager is around $40,000 per year, which goes up after certain assessments are completed.

Additional Benefits of Working at OshKosh

All OshKosh employees are provided with paid training, discounts on company merchandise, and paid holidays. Eligible full-time professionals are provided with a range of additional benefits, including retirement plans and life insurance. Other benefits include dental and vision plans, paid annual vacation days, and service recognition programs.

How To Apply?

Your career at OshKosh begins by visiting the careers section of the company’s website. This section provides a wealth of information about the company culture, work ethic, and company history. After taking the time to check out this information, click on the ‘current openings’ tab.

This will reveal a wide range of current OshKosh job vacancies. There are several filters on the side of the page that can be used to narrow the search. Clicking on different job titles will reveal the full job description along with the key duties and education requirements.

Pre-employment questions…

Once you have found the perfect job opportunity, click on the ‘Apply’ button to complete the OshKosh application online. Fill out all of the sections, upload your resume, and answer the basic pre-employment questions. A hiring manager will review your application form and email you if you match the requirements to arrange an interview.

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Final Thoughts

OshKosh hiring managers actively seek ambitious candidates who have the drive to advance through the company. While the company sells children’s clothes, having an interest in fashion would be a bonus.

Candidates of all types should also have good customer service and leadership skills. Before the interview, it is a good idea to spend time checking out the OshKosh product range. Pick out a couple of products that you can talk about enthusiastically.

Preparing questions for the interviewer. This demonstrates your knowledge of the company and ace the interview.

All the very best with your OshKosh Online Application!

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