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P.F. Chang’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

P.F. Chang’s Application

Are you thinking of beginning a new career in the food industry?

Or maybe you are already a skilled executive chef?

Whether you are an experienced restaurant manager or you have never had a job in a restaurant before, at P.F. Chang’s, there might be an opportunity waiting for you.

But what is the best part about working for P.F Chang’s?

With hundreds of locations in the USA and several other countries, you don’t have to travel a lot to find your new workplace.

Ok, let’s find out more about P.F. Chang’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info…

p f changs application

About The Company

P.F. Chang’s is a casual dining restaurant chain founded in Arizona in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. The first restaurant was opened in Scottsdale, AZ, and over the years, the company has continuously expanded and now has more than 300 locations worldwide.

The menu…

Their menu offers a wide selection of American Asian cuisine, with a special focus on Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. Indeed, according to the official website, every dish is made from scratch daily in every restaurant.

However, in 2010, Chang’s launched a line of signature meals to be sold in the frozen food section of supermarkets. The brand goes under the name of Chang’s China Bistro Home Menu.

Interestingly, as of 2018, the number of employees working in the company exceeded 26,000, and the entire network generates $900 million in annual revenue.

Impressive right?

With these staggering numbers, it becomes easier to understand why they’re always looking for motivated and passionate new staff. Or at least, that’s what they state!

Let’s find out what the reality is…

Jobs & Career Opportunities

The career section of the official website is where you will find all the information that you need about job descriptions, career opportunities, vacancies, requirements, and benefits. Simply click Jobs at PF Changs to be directed to the main page.

What you’ll find…

The website is pleasant, well organized, and easy to navigate. Moreover, browsing through the different job postings for P.J Chang’s, the first impression is highly positive. As a result, you get the feeling that Chang’s is really a company that aims for its employee’s satisfaction.

Special attention is given to career advancement, which is confirmed by numerous employee reviews that I found on Glassdoor.

Even better…

It looks like whoever is willing to put in the work can quickly climb the career ladder. This is exactly what it takes to motivate people with no previous experience in the food industry. Even if you start as a delivery driver, you will be given a chance to acquire the necessary skills to grow within the company.

The available jobs are divided into three categories. So, let’s take a look at them…

the p f changs application guide

Restaurant Team Member

Here, all the jobs that require minimal or no experience at all are listed.

Among the 170 positions available at the moment, you will find roles such as server, bartender, driver, line cook, shift supervisor, and much more.

When you click on the job of your interest, you will get access to a role description, a requirements list, and a detailed explanation of the benefits.

Chang’s Employee Referral Program…

For any of these entry-level positions, Chang’s offers an interesting Employee Referral Program through which you will get a bonus anytime that a person that you recommend gets hired.

Restaurant Management

Under this section, all the managerial roles are grouped, and here again, the number of vacancies at Chang’s is quite extensive.

For most of the positions, three or more years in a management role are required in addition to any skills specific to the job. Again, precise details and explanations are given in the job posting.

Many opportunities…

Regardless of if you’re an executive chef, a sous chef, or a restaurant manager, you will surely find the opportunity to apply for a new job.

The benefits package includes everything you would expect for a management role. However, for obvious reasons, since you might be in charge of recruiting new staff, the referral program is not available.

p f changs application guide

Global Support Center

If you’re interested in working at Chang’s, but customer service isn’t your biggest strength, this last category is where you might find the right opportunity for you.

These are highly specialized jobs with a long list of requirements. For example, to apply as a Sr. Enterprise Solution Architect, you need to have 15+ years of experience in software development, architecture, integration of IS leadership.

Scottsdale offices…

Keep in mind that you will have to relocate to Scottsdale for the majority of these positions, where the company has its headquarters.

However, and this is where things get a little more interesting, there are quite a few jobs that provide the opportunity to work remotely.

Online Application Process

The whole process is exactly the same for any job. This means that after you register with a username and password, you will have the choice to autofill the application. Starting with your CV or you can manually insert all the information.

A relatively quick process…

If you’ve already applied for other positions, your data will be saved, and everything will be much easier.

Overall, if you have your CV on hand, the application doesn’t take more than 10 minutes from start to finish.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

While I was researching the company to collect information for this article, I have to admit that I was genuinely impressed by what I found. Lots of positive employee reviews, a well-designed career page, plenty of useful information on any specific position, and special attention to career development within the company.

Moreover, the abundance of vacancies is a good indicator of how P.F. Chang is willing to invest in human resources and wants to keep growing even during difficult times.

Now that you know more about P.F. Chang’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info, you’re ready to take the next step.

The very best of luck with your application!

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