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Panera Bread Interview Questions

panera bread interview questions

Interview with Panera Bread

Congratulations, you have finally got an opportunity for an interview with Panera Bread. Stop treating an interview as a stressful activity rather treat it as a stress-busting skill. You should focus on putting your best foot forward and make the interview a meaningful conversation.

It is also a good learning opportunity to learn about a new company and its career goals which will benefit you in the time to come. An interview provides you the best opportunity to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your hiring managers and demonstrate your best skills to secure a career opportunity with Panera bread.

Lead The Way with Interview Questions by Panera Bread

Q – 1. What Can You Explain about Panera Bread?


  • Panera Bread is a well-known organization that is popular for baked bread, pastries, and sweets.
  • Soups, salads, pasta, and sandwiches along with soft beverages are other items on the menu.
  • It facilitates customers to place food orders and pick them up from the takeaway counter.
  • Panera Bread offers a program for rewards called “My Panera”.
  • Panera Bread sponsors various charities to serve society with a thought to remove hunger.
  • The first Panera Bread store was opened in 1981.

Q – 2. Why Would You Choose to Work at Panera Bread?

Ans: You can use relevant and real-life examples to structure your answer and proudly talk about the qualitative product Panera Bread offers to its customers. You can also state working with Panera Bread is a fantastic learning opportunity and you can grow when the company grows with you.

the panera bread interview questions guide

Q – 3. Why Do You Think You Are The Best Candidate for This Job?


  • Be confident and positively talk about your abilities.
  • Use specific reasons to convince your hiring managers that you are the best choice.
  • Be enthusiastic and state-specific reasons for delivering results in this job.
  • Use hard work and dedication as your ability to gain success at Panera Bread.

Questions on Prior Experience

Q – 1. Can You Elaborate On Your Prior Experience In This Industry?

Ans: Talk about your relevant experience which matches the current role you have applied for. Talk about the experience in customer service or handling cash at the restaurant. Be open to new learning opportunities and showcase team spirit by demonstrating team skills that help you use your skills to achieve success.

Q – 2. Are You Comfortable Working in Fixed Shift Timings?

Ans: You should be flexible to work in early shifts to get a fair chance to work with Panera Bread since the shift timings are 6 am to 9 pm. You must be open and show flexibility to work with Panera Bread as your employer.

Q – 3. According To You, What is The Suitable Career Path for You With Panera Bread?

Ans: You can complete basic research by evaluating different career opportunities offered by Panera Bread. This gives you a better opportunity to talk about your future career path with Panera Bread.  You can also identify the qualities of top performers so that you can develop these qualities and achieve your desired career goals with Panera Bread.

the panera bread interview questions

Q – 4. How Will You Tackle The Second Round of Interviews With Panera Bread?

Ans: If you qualify for the second round of interview complete a detailed study to know more about the products offered by Panera Breads and also gather some information about policies which allow you to tackle the second interview round in a logical flow.

Questions Based on Job Positions Offered by Panera Bread

Q – 1. Why Should Panera Bread Hire You as an Hourly Associate?


  • You must understand food safety practices.
  • Try and understand the expectation of customers and deliver accordingly.
  • You also require communication skills and teamwork to excel at Panera Bread
  • Also, talk about how well do you handle pressure and deliver a fast service.
  • Service has to be customer friendly and accuracy should also be maintained.
  • Be a good team player with good communication skills

Q – 2. What Are The Skills You Require to Become a Cashier at Panera Bread?


  • You need to be a good communicator and have good people management skills.
  • Relevant experience in either the food industry or retail industry is preferred.
  • You must be aware of food safety practices
  • Your minimum age must be 16 years and above.

the panera bread interview questions guide

Q – 3. Why Would You Choose Cashier as a Career Choice?


  • You enjoy dealing with customers and communicating with them.
  • Also mention that you enjoy working as a team member.
  • You pay specific attention to small aspects of work and therefore you are suitable for this role.

Q – 4. Do You Have Basic Math Skills?

Ans: It is a good idea to have basic knowledge of math to become a cashier with Panera Bread. This is an important skill to complete this job requirement. You must talk about some basic knowledge of math skills during your interview if you have applied for the role of cashier.

Q – 5. Do You Think Panera Bread is An Equal Opportunity Employer?

Ans: Panera Bread hires people with relevant experience in the retail and food industry, you must have a basic understanding of food safety measures and practices, the complete Panera Bread menu should be at your fingertips. You must demonstrate skills for being a team player. All these are essential aspects that make Panera Bread an employer that provides equal opportunity.

Questions for Interview and Attire

Q – 1. What Are The Basic Tips to Keep in Mind before Panera Bread Interview?


1 You can arrive a few minutes early before your interview.

2 Avoid sounding nervous by speaking fast

3 Speak in a clear voice at a moderate speed.

4 Make proper eye contact during the interview.

5 Don’t use your smartphone during your interview

panera bread interview question

Q – 2. What Kind of Questions You Can Ask The Interviewing Panel?

Ans: You can ask the following questions to the interviewer:

1 What are the best things about working with Panera Bread?

2 What qualities does your ideal candidate have?

3 Describe the importance of the particular job position?

4 How would you rate my success and your expectations during the job?

5 What kind of learning curve should I adopt?

6 What are the learning opportunities available for your growth?

Q – 3. What is The Best Interview Attire for Panera Bread?

Ans: The customer service staff and the cashier must be dressed in business casuals. The managerial staff must be formally dressed. Be confident and presentable during the interview.

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Panera Bread offers a friendly work environment that equips new hires to use their skills and knowledge to deliver the best to customers at all times. Hiring Managers at Panera Bread provide support and guidance to you when you appear for an interview.

You need to demonstrate a positive approach and product knowledge to handle real-life situations given to you during the interview. The presence of mind and product knowledge play a critical role in delivering the best to customers at Panera Bread.

This interview guide helps potential candidates to prepare well for the interview and use practical skills and knowledge to qualify for both rounds of interviews. Panera Bread offers equal opportunities to employees to grow and nurture themselves so that they can contribute to the success of the organization. Make the most of this opportunity and build your career in one of the most lucrative industries today.

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