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Paralegal Job Description

paralegal job description

Paralegals also are referred to as legal secretaries or legal assistants. They assist lawyers by preserving, drafting, and organizing files, summoning legal witnesses, and managing a legal library, among other tasks. These individuals usually work for a real estate attorney, a personal injury attorney, in-house counsel for a company, a corporate legal department, a family law firm, or various other professionals.

Are you looking to apply for a Paralegal position?

Then, you will need to know how to use Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word, if you want to be successful in this position. In a fast-paced and team-oriented work setting, you will also need to multitask successfully and efficiently.

Job Description of Paralegal

A paralegal is needed to join the team of legal researchers at the law firm by preparing documentation such as legal correspondence affidavits, maintaining, and organizing files, assisting the company’s practices. You are also expected to file pleadings with court clerks and assist with trial preparation by arranging exhibits and other activities as needed.

Responsibilities of Paralegal

  • Paralegals are responsible for preparing legal communications, affidavits, and other documentation for attorneys.
  • They should also use an electronic filing system or paper to organize and maintain documents.
  • Paralegals should also meet attorneys, clients, and other professionals to discuss the specifics of the case.
  • They must also file pleadings with the court clerk.
  • They are also responsible for arranging exhibits and aiding with additional duties as needed to help prepare for trial.
  • Paralegals also prepare appeals, pleadings, real estate closing statements, contracts, wills, briefs, and other legal documents.
  • To prepare cases and find causes of action, investigators also look into the facts and laws of patients and search public documents and other resources.
  • They also coordinate and direct law office activity, consisting of subpoenas.
  • Paralegals evaluate and compile documents, codes, legal articles, decisions, statutes, and other data.
  • During hearings, they call witnesses to testify.
  • These candidates should monitor legal volumes to keep the law library up to date.

Requirements for Paralegal

  • An associate degree in paralegal studies or a completion certificate from an ABA-approved paralegal certification program of training and education gets required for a Paralegal role.
  • They should also hold an Associate degree.
  • Microsoft Office is a must-have, especially Excel, Word, andOutlook.
  • They should have strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • Exceptional organizational skills get preferred for the Paralegal job position.
  • They should also have exceptional organizational abilities.
  • In a fast-paced or busy work setting, the candidates must multitask efficiently, have great organizational skills, and manage time-sensitive papers.
  • Paralegals should perform effectively in team-oriented and fast-paced work settings.
  • These candidates should have experience in office administration.

Interview Questions for Paralegal

1 How will you stay calm when you are working under extreme stress? Can you present an overview of a moment when you overcame adversity?

Ans. The answer indicates the success of the candidate in elevated situations, capacity to stay calm when stressed or irritated, and multitasking and prioritization abilities.

2 What would you do if you get confronted by an aggressive or frightening lawyer who demanded work products from you?

Ans. The answer shows the candidate’s ability to detach during verbal pressure, track record of dealing and working with challenging individuals, and diplomacy skills to deal with a crisis.

3 How good are your legal research abilities? Can you provide me an instance of legal research you have executed?

Ans. The answer demonstrates exceptional legal research skills, knowledge on where to look for details, and a proven ability to comprehend legal problems.

4 Cite an example of a regular day in your current role. What are your legal responsibilities?

Ans. It will help employers know the diverse range of job responsibilities, a few complex assignments, and evidence that they can think critically.

5 Please mention a legal aspect of the work where you have difficulty and how you deal with it.

Ans. It shows self-awareness evidence, the candidates’ ability to identify and describe any weaknesses, and their commitment to consistent improvement.

6 In previous roles, what legal duties did you have?

Ans. The candidates mention the list of frequent paralegal responsibilities, a thorough list of the Paralegal’s previous legal duties, and eagerness to study more and broaden their expertise in a particular field.

Future Scope as a Paralegal

The job role as a Paralegal has comprehensive and successful career growth. These individuals can transit from Paralegals to Professional Development and Training Manager, Business Sales or Development for Legal Support Vendor, or Legal Staffing Recruiter.


Paralegals perform a wide range of legal work and private, public, and law firms source them. These candidates can specialize in any specific branch of law, including banking, immigration, corporate, criminal, etc. The primary duty of Paralegals is to support and assist lawyers in their tasks, prepare cases, and during trials. They play a significant role in legal teams.

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