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Petco Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

petco application

About Petco Application

Petco is a national leader in the sale of pet care products and services. It has 1400 locations and the company focuses on hiring new employees every season. Petco focuses on animal welfare and finds homes for 4 lakh pets every year. It has an adoption program and various initiatives for pets and people who enjoy the company of pets. Petco looks for employees who are passionate about animals and have good people management skills. The company offers various seasonal and full-time employment opportunities to people who are passionate about animals. They should have comprehensive knowledge about pet food, toys, and treats along with pet care products.

Application Process for Petco

The Petco application process has various stages before they hire any applicant. These stages include passing the assessment test and filling in details in the online application form. Applicants can fill up the online application form of Petco through their website. They can select the location of their choice before applying. Employees will receive access to the personal information section within the online application form.

The personal information section has very simple and straightforward questions regarding personal details, work experience, availability of the applicant, and professional references the applicant can choose. Applicants need to undergo the Petco assessment test which assesses their personality and situational-based skills which helps Petco to decide whether to shortlist the applicants for further rounds of interviews or not.

Performance in every stage of the interview is helpful to advance to the next level in the interview and secure a job of their choice. Applicants need to clear the assessment test so that they can qualify for any job of their choice at Petco.

Essential Requirements at Petco

What is the minimum age requirement to work for Petco?

The minimum age requirement to work at Petco is 18 years of age.

What are the hours of operation for Petco?

The hours of operation at Petco are Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm and on Sundays, the store is open from 10 am to 7 pm.

What are the different positions offered by Petco?

The various positions offered by Petco are aquatics specialists, cashier, dog trainer, groomer, merchandise operation specialist, sales associate, and stocker.

What is the best way to apply for a job at Petco?

Applicants can print a physical copy of the Petco Application Form or fill the online application on the career portal of Petco.

Job Opportunities for Petco:

Petco hires employees who are passionate about animals and their well-being. They should have excellent people skills so that they can grow in their career and secure better positions in the store. The kind of opportunities offered includes full–time, part-time and seasonal opportunities. The organization focuses on hiring workers who work towards providing genuine satisfaction to customers and build relationships with their courteous and friendly attitude. The employees focus on developing comprehensive knowledge about food, toys, treats, and other pet care products.

Career Positions and Salary Information about Petco:

Career Positions

Applicants should be 18 years old and a high school graduate to apply for positions at Petco. Every candidate should be proficient in maths and should have decent communication skills for entry-level positions.

Sales Associate:

  • They are responsible for guiding customers about products and services offered by Petco.
  • The sales associates also handle activities like sales, returns, and exchanges of products and services.
  • They are also responsible for taking care of animal health and well–being in every store they work for.
  • The sales associate earns an hourly wage of 9 dollars per hour.

Merchandise Operation Specialist:

  • They focus on managing stock inventory at the store.
  • They assist in unloading, stocking merchandise, and also pricing it appropriately.
  • These specialists are also responsible to lift heavy items and stand for long durations of time.
  • They earn 13 dollars each hour.
  • Petco employees are also detail-oriented.
  • They manage complete inventory and also the paperwork at the store.


  • Petco cashiers work on providing customer service to various customers.
  • They also operate computerized cash registers and take account of all purchases within a day.
  • They also collect payments related to the purchase.
  • The cashier also processes returns and exchanges at the store.
  • They answer customer queries at Petco.
  • They keep workstations clean and stock merchandise as per necessity.

Essential Tips to Apply for A Job with Petco:

  • Job seekers must fill the application form online.
  • Every store hosts monthly hiring events frequently.
  • The applicants can observe the store activities in detail to understand how the store operates.
  • They can also apply for available opportunities after attending career events at the store.
  • Applicants can visit my Job Page on the career website to check the status of their application.
  • This helps applicants to stay updated about whether they have been shortlisted for interviews or job roles at Petco.

Career Benefits offered by Petco:

Employees enjoy various ongoing career opportunities offered by Petco. They can also focus on seeking professional skills through on–the–job training offered by Petco. The employees also receive other benefits like paid time off, medical insurance, dental and vision insurance. They also receive retirement benefits and store discounts on various merchandise products offered by the store.

Miscellaneous Information about Petco:

Miscellaneous Information about Petco

Petco focuses on offering animal welfare and helps animals to find shelter in different homes. Every year approximately 4 lakh pets receive permanent accommodations through Petco. This organization promotes programs like adoption programs and improves the lives of pets by introducing joint initiatives for pets and people who wish to adopt these pets.

Bottom Line:

Petco offers a very simple and straightforward application process. It also hires passionate employees who are passionate about providing genuine care to pets of all kinds. They are also well versed with customer service skills and people management skills which are core skills to excel in this store. Petco also offers various job opportunities to those who are looking for a rewarding career with the store. Petco focuses on nurturing their employees by providing them proper on–the–job training and many career benefits, which provide them financial assistance and health care assistance in the long run.

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