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Peter Piper Pizza Application: Jobs & Careers Online

peter piper pizza application

Are you thinking about applying for a job at Peter Piper Pizza?

This popular pizza restaurant chain was established in Arizona in 1973. Today, there are more than 150 Peter Piper Pizza restaurants in different parts of North America.

The company is constantly expanding, and vacancies for employees of all types are advertised throughout the year. However, the popularity of Peter Piper Pizza means the competition for certain positions can be high.

So, increase your chances of success with your Peter Piper Pizza Application: Jobs & Careers Online by checking out the following information.

peter piper pizza application

Facts About Working At Peter Piper Pizza

You can start working at Peter Piper Pizza when you are sixteen. The pizza restaurants are usually open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, or 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. Students who want to gain work experience can take on part-time hours on weekends and evenings.

A large number of Peter Piper Pizza restaurants can be found in Texas and Mexico. Being fluent in both Spanish and English will help employees to advance throughout the country. Employees of all levels are given full paid training and regular chances to take on senior roles.

Peter Piper Pizza Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of entry-level positions at Peter Piper Pizza, and new employees receive paid training. People who have prior work experience are also needed to lead different parts of the restaurant. Let’s take a look at the types of jobs you can apply for at Peter Piper Pizza and the typical duties.

Team Member

This entry-level role comes with full training and a wide range of tasks. This includes greeting customers, taking their orders, and making sure they are fully satisfied. Team members also clean tables after use and help to keep the restaurant tidy.

Team members work closely with other employees to make sure service runs smoothly and efficiently. People who are sixteen can take on this role and are given part-time hours to start with. Team members who have completed their training can make up to $9 per hour.

the peter piper pizza application tip


This role involves operating the restaurant cash register. Clerks need to organize and process receipts and handle payments from customers. It is necessary to have basic math skills to provide the correct change. Clerks receive up to $10 per hour.

Shift Leader

This is an advancement opportunity for employees who have been with Peter Piper Pizza for at least a year. Shift leaders are in charge of training new employees and making sure they work efficiently. They also open and close the restaurant and assist with basic admin tasks and make around $10 per hour.


This role mainly involves cooking dishes from the Peter Piper Pizza menu to order. You will need to be familiar with company recipes and be able to follow them to the letter. Cooks also keep all kitchen equipment clean and sanitized and monitor inventory. The average salary for a cook at Peter Piper Pizza is $11 per hour.

Party Host

This role is perfect for people who enjoy organizing events. Peter Piper Pizza customers can schedule and plan social events through the company’s website. The party host works with customers to make sure their event is fun and runs smoothly.

This involves working out the menu for the event and organizing decorations and other elements. Party hosts need to stick to the specified budget and be able to work well under pressure. Party hosts with experience can earn up to $15 per hour at Peter Piper Pizza.

the peter piper pizza application guide

Restaurant Manager

These professional-level employees are in charge of a single Peter Piper Pizza restaurant. The main tasks are maximizing profits and making sure the restaurant runs smoothly. This includes designing promotional campaigns and handling customer complaints.

Restaurant managers also interview new employees when needed and make hiring decisions. It is usually necessary to have several years of experience in the foodservice industry to land this role. Experienced restaurant managers at Peter Piper Pizza can make up to $50,000 per year.

Extra Benefits of Working at Peter Piper Pizza

All Peter Piper Pizza employees are provided with free uniforms, discounts on food and drink, and career advancement opportunities. Full-time career professionals receive a special benefits package that includes vision, medical, and dental insurance plans.

After working for Peter Piper Pizza for a year, employees receive paid vacation days, paid sick leave, and enrolment in company retirement plans.

peter piper pizza application tips

How To Apply?

You can find a wide range of vacancies in the careers section of the Peter Piper Pizza website. First, select the branch that you want to work at and the type of job you are looking for. Click on a job title that catches your eye to read the full job description and apply.

The Peter Piper Pizza application form is fairly short and simple. Select as many shifts as possible from the availability section and highlight language skills if you have them. Make sure you complete all sections of the application form and edit your information before submitting it.

Take the initiative…

If you are applying for an entry-level job, a hiring manager should reach out within three days to arrange an interview. Getting a recommendation from a Peter Piper Pizza employee can increase your chances of success. Professional-level candidates should take the initiative to send the hiring manager a personalized email.

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Final Thoughts

Most Peter Piper Pizza interviews are fairly short and informal, and entry-level candidates will be notified of the results quickly. Talking about your favorite Peter Piper Pizza menu items is a great way to break the ice. Make sure you highlight your customer service skills and team working abilities when answering behavioral interview questions.

Peter Piper Pizza hiring managers search for employees who are ambitious and committed to advancing. Interview questions are likely to focus on your future plans and commitment to sticking with the company.

Take the time to research the company culture and ask questions that show an interest in Peter Piper Pizza.

All the very best with your Peter Piper Pizza Online Application!

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