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Petland Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Petland, an animal and pet store adoption service, is always looking for animal-loving individuals. The pet supply company, which has a global presence, is a source of entry-level jobs for individuals worldwide. The corporation has nearly 200 store locations and is headquartered in Chillicothe, Ohio.

If you want to be a part of Petland, you can visit its career portal and check the open job roles. It constantly updates the vacant positions that candidates can check out and apply if found suitable. Besides, we have described Petland’s complete employment process with salary, benefits plans and packages, flexible schedules, career advancement and growth options, duties, responsibilities, and a lot more offered to the employees.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Petland

Petland provides career opportunities to people with a minimum of 16 years while recruiting. The shift and business schedule of Petland is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Petland

Petland depends on motivated people to help promote the brand by launching franchised outlets as a rapidly expanding company. Motivated businesses can enjoy the benefits of deals and offer worldwide, with various store locations in Mexico, Canada, China, South Africa, Japan, and the United States. New Petland store openings need the hiring of new staff and seek long-term career and entry-level candidates.

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Hence, prospects may easily find work with the specialty retailer. Potential hires should have a passion and knowledge for animals and provide excellent sales-oriented drive and customer service. Candidates who can demonstrate these abilities are frequently given first consideration by Petland’s hiring managers.

Application Requirement

Applicants with complete knowledge of animal care are frequently given a second look throughout the hiring process at Petland. However, career-minded individuals can begin as store workers, move up to managerial positions, or directly apply for supervisory positions. To be thoroughly qualified, store manager applicants need one year of past relevant experience to qualify for the job position.

The Job Positions Available at Petland

Petland offers multiple job positions, including Aquatic Counselor, Kennel Manager, Sales Manager, Inventory Control Manager, and Inventory Control Manager. It also provides Kennel Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Tropical Fish Care Specialist, Groomer, and Kennel Technician. The job hopefuls can also apply as Head Pet Care Technician, Inventory Control Manager, Fish Department Manager, and Sales Manager.

A few more job options available at Petland include Pet Counselor, Animal Care Technician, Assistant Manager, Sales Associate, and Cashier positions. Besides, job hopefuls can apply for the following frequently open positions at Petland:

Kennel Technicians

  • Kennel Technicians are responsible for cleaning cages and crates regularly, answering customers’ questions, and supervising pet and customer interactions.
  • They are also responsible for assisting customers in pet selection, exercising animals, and feeding according to health and dietary needs.
  • Petland usually offers a minimum hourly wage to Kennel Technicians as initial compensation at the company.

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Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates are responsible for providing a satisfactory experience to the customers visiting Petland’s store locations.
  • They are also responsible for keeping the overall cleanliness of Petland’s stores, operating cash registers, and replenishing products.
  • Their duties also include offering recommendations and answering customers’ questions during an assigned shift at Petland.
  • Petland provides around $08.00 to $09.00 per hour to its Sales Associates.

The Online Job Application Process of Petland

Applicants willing to join Petland can visit its job portal and find available positions to apply for the required job title.

Below-mentioned is Petland’s online job application process:

  • Job hopefuls should explore Petland’s official online platform and go to its primary employment page.
  • Tap on the “Store Locator” tab to fill in your required state, city, or ZIP code in the input field, and then tap on the “Submit” tab.
  • Your search results will appear on the left of this webpage.
  • Tap on the location’s web link if you find it suitable to apply for a job role at Petland.
  • Check out the career or employment webpage of the location’s site to fill up the job application.
  • Fill up the necessary fields required by Petland and complete your job application.

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Besides, you may download Petland’s printable application form to fill out and submit at your preferred store location.

Checking Job Application Status for Petland

Candidates should hear about job offers within one to two weeks of submitting their applications to Petland. If the required time has passed and no communication has been made from Petland, job seekers might call, visit, or e-mail the store location.

During off-peak hours, the candidates may visit Petland to meet the recruiter and wear appropriately to show genuine interest To ensure the most efficient impact. The candidates should always communicate professionally and politely while reviewing the status of their job application at Petland.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Petland

The employee benefits offered by Petland are as follows:

Additional Details of Petland

Petland educates its employees about animals and enriching their lives. Petland also participates in marketing to support pet neutering and breeding and hosts fundraisers for local animal welfare organizations. In addition, the pet supplies business collaborates with a Make-A-Wish Foundation affiliate, the Safari Stan’s Children’s Charities that may grant any pet-related requests. Petland also takes store animals to nursing homes and hospitals regularly.


The American animal and pet supply chain, Petland, is based out in Chillicothe, Ohio. It franchises and operates over 150 retail store locations globally, with most locations in the United States.

Every Petland location represents a blend of the retail, veterinarian, and sanitation businesses. Individuals with sales experience paid work, volunteer with clinics or shelters, and know how to keep animals and cages clean are all excellent choices as employees for in-store job roles. Petland provides new employees with substantial and continuous paid training, making animal expertise a preference rather than a prerequisite for employment. Please also go through the description above and learn more about Petland’s job application process.

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