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PetSmart Fish Return Policy (2023 Guide)

petsmart fish return policy

Are you looking to purchase a new fish for your tank

PetSmart offers a wide range of piscine pets for customers to choose from. These include minnows, angelfish, goldfish, platys, and even sharks. Some fish can be difficult to care for and there is a risk they could get sick or even die. If this happens, you are sure to want to go to the store and get your money back or exchange it.

 So, let’s take an in-depth look at the PetSmart fish return policy and what it involves. 

About The Fish Return Policy at PetSmart

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You can return a fish to the store you bought it from within fourteen days. You will usually have the option of exchanging the pet for another one or receiving a refund. Let’s take a closer look at this procedure and the various conditions. 

What you need to bring

It should go without saying that you have to bring the unwanted piscine pet to the store with you. You will also need to take your receipt and a valid form of photo ID. In some cases, you will need to take a small vial of tank water with you.

If your repayment is approved, you will receive the money in your bank account. This usually takes between three and seven days. Once your compensation has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the company. 

Without a receipt 

It is always best to provide the receipt when you are asking for repayment. However, these tiny pieces of paper can easily get lost if you are not careful. Fortunately, some stores accept other methods as proof of purchase if you have lost the receipt. 

However, you will not need a receipt if you are part of the PetSmart Rewards program. The store is likely to be able to pull up your purchase history and see when you bought the pet. The member of staff may even be able to print off a copy of your receipt for the company’s records. 

What To Do With Your Dead Piscine Pets

What To Do With Your Dead Piscine Pets

If your piscine pet has passed away, you need to take it back to the store within fourteen days of purchase. You need to bring the original receipt with you as well as a form of photo ID. 

It is best to bring a sample of the tank water so that it can be analyzed by a member of staff. You need to make sure that you bring the dead fish to the store in a secure container. After the analysis is complete, you will be informed whether or not you are eligible to receive a refund. You can also choose a new piscine pet of the same value if you wish. 

Water test

If you have several fish in a tank, you may be worried about the water quality. This may be particularly worrying if your pets keep getting sick or dying. A member of staff will test the water for you if you bring a water sample to the store.

The member of staff will perform a simple test and tell you about the safe and unsafe parameters. You may find that you need to improve the quality of the water in your tank before adding new piscine pets. The store staff will be able to provide you with advice on the best way to do this. 

Test results on the spot!

The water testing process is provided free of charge by a member of staff. You will receive the results straight away and be informed whether or not you need to take action. If the water parameters are out of balance, you will be taught what to do to correct this. 

What About Sick Fish?

You can bring back your piscine pet to a store if you are sure that it is sick. However, you must do this within fourteen days of purchase. There are some cases where you may be able to bring back the pet after the fourteen days have passed.

In order to receive a refund, the fish has to have a vet-identified illness. The store staff will carefully examine your pet and determine whether or not it is eligible under the program. You need to be prepared to answer questions about how you have been caring for your pet. 


When bringing the sick piscine pet back to the store, you need to be able to transport it carefully. It is best to place some tank water in a plastic bag or container before placing the fish inside. Filling it with tap water could cause your fish to die on the way to the store. 


You may decide that you want to exchange the sick fish for a healthy one. Once again, you need to do this within fourteen days of the initial purchase. You can then choose a healthy piscine pet that is sold at the same price or slightly less. 

Partially eaten swimmers

Adding new piscine pets to your tank can be tricky at times. Not all swimmers are peaceful, and some tend to attack or even eat each other. Therefore, it is important to research which species can live in harmony before making a purchase. 

If your new fish has been bitten, nipped, attacked, or even eaten, you may be able to receive a refund. You need to have at least part of the fish to take back to the store as well as the receipt. Whether or not you receive a refund will be at the discretion of a member of staff. 

PetSmart Fish Return Policy – What About Used Tanks?

If your piscine pets have passed away, you may no longer need your aquarium. The company’s policy mainly extends to pets, although it is sometimes possible to take back equipment. You need to take back the tank within fourteen days and bring the original receipt with you. 

Thoroughly cleaning the tank is likely to increase your chances of success. Ideally, you should take back the tank in its original packaging. Whether or not you will get your money back will fall to the discretion of the store manager. You may also be able to bring back other types of unwanted equipment. 

These can include filters and tank cleaning equipment. However, you cannot take back packages of food that have already been opened. 

How To Tell If Your Fish Is Dead 

How To Tell If Your Fish Is Dead 

You need to be sure that your piscine pet is really dead and not just pining for the fjords. You may see your pet floating at the top of the tank if it has been overfed or is sleeping. Here are some ways to check whether your piscine pet has departed from the world. 

Check the vitals

The vital signs of these animals can be subtle and are quite different from those of human beings. (But I’m sure you knew that!) You need to look closely at the gills to see if they are moving in and out. If you notice this, you can be sure that your pet is still breathing. If the gills have stopped moving, there is a good chance that you have a dead fish. 

Check the eyes

If you are still not sure, you need to look closely at your swimmer’s eyes. They should be clear and slightly bulbous. If the eyes are sunken in or completely cloudy, it might be time to bury your fishy friend. 

Scoop it up

The last step is using a net, such as the DAGUANZHI Nylon Fishing Net, to gently scoop up your piscine pet. Pay close attention while doing this to see if it twitches slightly. Even the smallest sign of movement is cause to celebrate, as this shows that it was just sleeping. Scooping up your pet also allows you to get a closer look at the eyes and gills. 

What Does PetSmart Do With Your Returned Fish

All live pets that are brought back to a store are immediately placed in quarantine for a few days. Members of staff will closely observe the animal during this period to search for signs of illness. If the piscine pet is healthy, it will then be moved into a larger tank with other quarantined swimmers. The last step is moving the animal back to a tank with other similar species so that it can be resold.

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PetSmart Fish Return Policy – Final Thoughts

If you buy a fish from PetSmart, you have fourteen days to decide whether or not you want it. 

This allows you to decide if the pet is the right fit for your home environment and lifestyle. The company also offers this procedure on other types of animals that they sell. You usually need to bring the original receipt with you as proof of purchase when returning the pet.

It is also a good idea to take a valid form of photo ID with you. If you are returning a dead or sick piscine pet, you need a safe container along with a water sample.

Good luck with your return, and so sorry to hear about your fish!

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