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PetSmart Grooming Prices (2023 Updated)

petsmart grooming prices

Does your precious pooch need a bit of a trim? 

Maybe the fur on your favorite feline is getting a little long and straggly. Keeping pets with long fur and hair cool and comfortable can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, the expert groomers at PetSmart are available to help you. Most of the company’s pet stores come with grooming parlors, which offer a range of special services. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the PetSmart Grooming prices and other related services.

PetSmart Services

PetSmart Services

The company’s parlors offer much more than a simple trim. These services are generally considered to be very professional and affordable. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular services and how much they cost. 

Free consultations

You can talk to a pet groomer specialist to work out exactly what your cat or dog needs. This is a walk-in service and is available free of charge. If you are lucky, you may even be able to arrange a treatment straight away. 

Dog Bath

This special service includes a large number of treatments such as an oxygen-infused bath, a shampoo, and blow dry. Your pooch will receive a fifteen-minute brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, feet scissoring, pad shaving, and anal gland cleaning. The cost of this service varies depending on several factors. 

Puppy Bath

This bathing service is available for puppies up to the age of five months and usually costs $10.99. Your puppy will be treated to fifteen minutes of brushing, an oxygen-infused bath, a shampoo, and blow dry. 

Their nails will be cleaned and trimmed, their feet scissored, and their pads shaved. After a sanitary trim and anal gland cleaning, they will be finished with a cute bandana or bow. 

Top Dog

Your dog’s fur will be cleansed with your choice of premium shampoo and a milk bath conditioner. They will receive a scented cologne spritz, teeth brushing, and a breath freshener, plus a bow or bandana. This special package usually costs $16. 

Top Dog Plus

This service includes all of the treatments in the Top Dog package. Your pooch will also receive a nail grind. The package usually costs $21. 

Top Dog SPAW

This service includes all of the treatments in the Top Dog Plus package and the Very Berry face wash. Your pampered pooch will also receive nose and pad cream and a relaxing paw massage. This package usually costs $27.

Top Pup

Puppies up to five months old can enjoy their choice of premium shampoo and a milk bath conditioner. They will receive a scented cologne spritz, teeth brushing, and a breath freshener, plus a bow or bandana. This special package usually costs $10.  

Top Pup Plus 

This service includes all of the treatments in the Top Pup package. Your puppy will also receive a nail grind. The package usually costs $15.

Dog Flea and Tick Package 

You can banish fleas and ticks with this special treatment package. The package includes anti-itch relief spray, flea and tick medicated shampoo, and K9 Advantix 2 Solution. The cost of this package is usually between $27 and $29. 


Your stinky pooch will be transformed into a fragrant prince or princess with this package. It includes a special de-skunking solution, deodorizing shampoo, and freshening spray. The usual cost of this package is $21.


This package is designed to make your pooch look fantastic from top to tail. It features a nail trim and nail grind, followed by ear cleaning and hair removal. After a scented cologne spritz, you can choose a bow or bandana for your favorite furry friend. This special package usually costs $20. 

PAWdicure Plus

This package includes all the PAWdicure as well as teeth brushing and breath freshener. The package will usually set you back $26. 

Ear Cleaning with Nail Trim

This package features your choice of nail grind or nail trim followed by a scented cologne spritz. It also includes ear cleaning and hair removal, and a special breath freshener. The cost of this package is usually $14. 

Touch Up

This package is perfect for pooches who need to look good for a special event. It features fifteen minutes of trimming or brushing, a nail trim, ear cleaning, and hair removal. Teeth brushing and a breath fresher are also included, and the package costs $21. 

Cat Bath

Your favorite feline can enjoy an oxygen-infused bath, a shampoo, and blow dry. They will then receive a fifteen-minute brushing, a nail trim, ear cleaning, feet scissoring, and pad shaving. The price for this service is $41 for long hair and $31 for short hair. 

Cat Groom

This service is only available for cats with long hair and usually costs $61. It includes all of the Cat Bath package plus a de-matting face, feet, and tail haircut. You can also opt for extra brushing or scissoring clipping when you choose this package. 

Other individual grooming services include:

Other individual grooming services include:

  • Whitening & Brightening Shampoo
  • Ultra Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Milk Bath Conditioner
  • Apricot Exfoliating Scrub
  • Very Berry Face Wash
  • FURminator
  • Low-shed shampoo
  • FURminator de Shedding solution
  • FURminator Plus
  • Chalking
  • Stenciling
  • Feathering
  • Nail Polish

Pet Boarding

The company’s PetsHotel is open around the clock and is ideal for when you have to leave home. You can drop your dog off and know that they will be well-cared for while you are away. In addition to being fed and exercised, your dog will receive the attention they need. 

Vet Services

The company has partnered with the excellent Banfield Pet Hospital to provide care for your sick pets. You can take advantage of vet services in your nearest PetSmart store, saving you from having to head to a clinic. Among the services offered are check-ups and pet vaccines. 

Dog Training

Training a dog is a skill, and it can take a lot of patience. If you need a little extra help, this special service is sure to deliver. The service includes everything from potty training to leash and collar training and includes tips and advice.

PetSmart Grooming Prices – Factors That Affect The Cost

PetSmart Grooming Prices - Factors That Affect The Cost

The company charges a range of prices for certain services. The costs are calculated based on a range of different factors. Here are the main factors that will affect the cost of the service. 

The type of service

PetSmart offers a wide range of treatments for pet lovers to choose from. Naturally, each of these treatments is available at a slightly different price. You can also purchase packages that include a number of different treatments. 

The size of your pet

The larger and heavier your pet is, the longer it will take to care for them. More product will be needed if you opt for fur washing and conditioning. As a result, the cost for large pets is likely to be slightly higher than for medium pets. 

The coat condition and type

If your pet’s fur is very dirty and tangled, the treatment process will take longer. This time will be reflected in the cost of the treatment. You can also choose to pay for extra brushing at the end of the treatment. 

Haircut style

Opting for a fancy haircut is sure to cost you a little extra. Some groomers can work their magic to provide a special pattern cut. However, a simple trim and shaping are sure to cost a little less. 

The products used

Some pet care products cost more than others, and you have to pay more if you want the best. Some groomers only use the highest quality products, while others offer a range of options. 

Hours Of Operation

Hours Of Operation

Trying to plan to get your pet groomed can be tricky. You need to make sure they are in the right mood for the attention that will be lavished on them. Of course, you also need to make sure the grooming parlor is open so that you don’t waste your time. 

Grooming hours

It is generally best to make an appointment to make sure your furry friend can be cared for. The usual Petsmart hours of service are from 07:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday. The operating hours on Sundays are usually from 08:00 to 21:00. However, operating hours can vary slightly between locations. 

Store hours

The company’s pet stores are usually open from 09:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday. Most stores close an hour earlier on Sundays. However, the operating hours can vary, especially for stores located in shopping malls.

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PetSmart Grooming Prices – Final Thoughts

PetSmart is best known for offering pet adoption services and a wide range of products for animals.

Most of the company’s stores also offer special beauty parlors that boast a wide range of services. They are staffed with talented professionals who offer a wide range of special treatments for dogs and cats.

The exact cost of these services will depend on many different factors. However, the company is known for offering very affordable rates and high-quality services. It is also possible to pick up a special money-saving coupon through the company’s website or official mobile app.

Enjoy spoiling your four-legged friends at PetSmart!

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