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PetSmart Interview Questions

petsmart interview question

Getting a call from Petsmart for an interview is undoubtedly a considerable achievement, and if you have got one, then many congratulations. But getting an interview call isn’t enough, as cracking the interview is everything. Don’t worry, here are some tips which will help you get your dream job. Preparation is the key.

petsmart interview questions

Important Interview Tips

When it comes to the interview, you should never take it lightly. Many times, people feel so accomplished just after receiving an interview call that they just put a halt there and feel getting into the company will be a cake-walk. However, this doesn’t seem right.

One should always be rather over-prepared than under-prepared. There is cut-throat competition in the market, and for one seat, hundreds of people are eyeing them. To outshine others and get a sure-shot seat, the individual needs to prepare well for the interview in advance.

Here we have compiled a list of few basic and standard questions along with the answers and how you can approach them to make your lives easier. Keep reading and you will land your dream job with ease.

1 Say Something About Yourself

The deal starts here; you have to tell the interviewer that you hold some experience provided you want that job. For instance, if you have handled cash-related things earlier, you have experience as a cashier. Don’t stress even if you don’t have any occasion because it also hires a plethora of freshers. Instead, you share some volunteer experience that you might have had in your school or college days. Also, you have to say that you wish to prove yourself with your best potential in the workspace.

The crux of the question ‘Tell me something about yourself is simple – Firstly, you have to be honest and not fake it. Secondly, they already have your resume, so you do not have to repeat your education qualifications and degrees; instead, you have to tell them something that is not in your resume. Make sure you prepare this answer well because this is generally the first question that is asked, and it becomes the basis of how your interview proceeds gradually.

2 Things You Might Know About The Company

When you are going for an interview, you must know the company in and out. You should know details about the company, especially the current happenings.

Here are a few things you must know about PetSmart:

  • PetSmart is a colossal company specializing in pet retailers of services and solutions for almost all pets’ needs. The company operates at least 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Back in 1987, the company only had two stores in Arizona and was known as PetFood warehouse.
  • The company then decided to change both of its logo and name from PetFood Warehouse to that of PetsMart in the year 1989. Again, in the year 2005, the company decided to change the name from PetsMart to the new name – PetSmart. The main idea was to tell the buyers that they sell way more than just pet food. PetSmart launched its Buy a Bag, Give a meal campaign in March 2017 to mark its 30th birthday celebration. In 2017, the company had sponsored meals for pets who were in need.

3 Reasons You Need To Work With The Company

As you know by now that it was PetSmart that formed PetSmart Charities Inc., which is an NGO has aims to help homeless pets find a home. You should show your passion for the company so that the interviewer feels that you would be proud to join the company. Hence, you would take pride in boosting your retail career and learning a plethora of things from the company’s work culture.

Also, say that you know how the company has come so far, and today it is way more than just a pet supply store. It is a solution-oriented company that deals in many things, including dog training, pet grooming, and pet adoption. Make sure you complete your research about the company before the interview.

4 The Reasons To Hire You

Generally, people would just reread the job description and find critical skills that the company is keen on and ensure that you hold all of them. For instance, if you are on the interview and description tells cashiers to play a crucial role in creating some fantastic communications with pet parents and offer the best customer service to greet the customers when they arrive. So being a cashier is way more than just making payments as the company wants personnel who holds extensive knowledge of our products and services and ensure active customer service.

petsmart interview questions tips

The personnel needs to have fantastic communication skills, so you need to be the same when dealing with customers. The potential employees need to know about the services and products that require the ability to learn in no time. Suppose you want to become a cashier here. In that case, you must say that you hold fantastic communication skills that will help you work well with the pet parents visiting the store and say that you can learn quickly to learn everything about the PetSmart products and answer any queries the customer might raise. Lastly, say that you are pretty energetic so you won’t face any issues even when you have to work under pressure.

5 The Place You See Yourself In The Next Five Years

It would be best to answer all the questions as it highlights a plethora of things, including your goals and ambitions, so don’t refrain. Look for jobs that you would enjoy doing five years down the line if you don’t know what you would love doing. Consider looking for a career in the retail sector or the marketing, veterinarian, or veterinarian technician niche and see what job interests you.

6 Tips For Applying For The Position

For instance, if you wish to apply for the cashier interview, you must be a pro with the communication skills to keep the clients hooked. Also, as a person, you must enjoy working with Pets. Even if you find it challenging, give it a try because everything new is the first time.

7 Do You Have Any Experience Of Working With Pets?

Even if you don’t have any experience working with pets, why not disclose your personal experience, enhancing your chance to land up the job. Even if you are afraid of working with any pet, don’t stress openly. Tell the interviewer and be transparent about it. Lastly, say that if you get some training, you might feel comfortable with the pet.

petsmart interview questions tip

8 Tips For Dealing With An Upset Or Unhappy Experience

First, you need to control and allow the customer to vent out no matter what and show that you care for them. Avoid blaming the client or the company. Instead, solve the problems or look for someone who can solve the same. Above all, never take things personally as if you are upset with one client. You are most likely to be upset with potential clients too.

9 Tips For Dealing With Stress

You have to remind yourself that staying cool-headed is everything, and then you must prioritize the problems. Additionally, even if they are critical, deal with the ones you can complete quickly. Whenever available, don’t be afraid to ask for help, so there are no issues. Also, tell the interviewer why you left the previous job.

Interview Attire

  • You must dress business casually if you plan to interview for the position of entry-level, including that of the associate of bather of pet care.
  • You must dress formally if you plan to go for a management-level interview.
  • Never over-dress and always make sure your clothes are ironed and shoes are polished.
  • Don’t forget that drug testing is mandatory here as per the company protocols as the company wants to maintain a free workplace free of drug and alcohol abuse.


Ensure you learn the maximum about the company and all the products and services it deals in. Above all, consider reading the annual reports also. Arrive early for the interview but never late. Avoid speaking too fast, or else you might sound nervous. You must maintain eye contact throughout the interview and sit straight as the first impression is always the last impression. You must any questions if the interviewer gives you a hint to clear all your doubts.

Confidence is the key to everything. Even when you are thoroughly prepared, there could be times when you would not know the answers to a few technical questions and that is perfectly alright. However, if you remain calm and confident, then surely the interview would get impressed by you.

Also, try and answer questions honestly. In case if there is something you do not know, you should definitely try to answer, but if you get stuck then you can be honest and communicate that you do not know the answer. The interviews always prefer honestly over answering something that totally lacks logic. At every step, you must exhibit your passion for the role you have applied for and the company as well.

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