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Pharmacist Job Description

pharmacist job description

Dispensing or compounding prescription medications, providing pharmaceutical information to healthcare professionals. They are also responsible for providing pharmaceutical expertise and monitoring customers’ drug therapies to avoid interactions with other medicines. Their expertise help customers with the safe use of medications are all tasks that pharmacists are responsible for.

Job Description of Pharmacist

Various organizations look for a qualified pharmacist who can help consumers by referring them to a suitable physician, delivering immediate treatment, and interpreting or diagnosing symptoms for brief therapy. These candidates also prepare medications by analyzing and reading the physician’s instructions and looking for any therapeutic incompatibilities. Pharmacists should be client-focused and keep up with the emerging advancements in pharmaceutical science to succeed in this profession.

Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  • Pharmacists are in charge of dispensing and also compounding medications that doctors have prescribed.
  • Pharmacists are also responsible for informing clients, advising interventions, and monitoring their drug regimens for any potential side effects.
  • They should also educate consumers on how to take prescribed medications and when to take them.
  • Performing wellness and health examinations is also part of their duty.
  • Pharmacists also offer vaccines and various other medical services such as measuring blood sugar readings, temperature readings, and blood pressure.
  • They also maintain up-to-date consumer records.
  • These candidates must also ensure a clean and safe working environment.
  • Their job duties also include changing and removing expired and damaged drugs from the stock, maintain records of controlled substances, and verify order entries. Pharmacists should complete these tasks.
  • Pharmacists must also adhere to all relevant legal procedures, regulations, and rules that regulate the pharmaceutical practice.
  • When necessary, these individuals should also do other administrative chores or tasks.

Requirement for Pharmacist

  • A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or pharmacology must apply for a job role as Pharmacist.
  • Experience in a similar role gets preferred for this job role.
  • To work as a pharmacist, the candidate must have a valid license.
  • A clear understanding of and pharmaceutical brands, chemical components, administration needs, and dosage is needed to be a Pharmacist.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Office Suite and applications associated with pharmacies, including Mediware and MEDITECH, is an added advantage to get a Pharmacist job position.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills are a must-have for this job post.

Interview Questions for Pharmacist

1 What are your everyday responsibilities as a pharmacist?

Ans. The answer to this question specifies what the work entails.

2 Explain to me about an occasion when you had to dispense medication. How did you confirm the prescription’s accuracy by validating it?

Ans. The answer demonstrates the capacity of the candidate to confirm medical prescriptions.

3 You overheard one of your coworkers giving a customer inaccurate information regarding their prescription. What methods do you follow to handle the circumstances?

Ans. The answer exhibits knowledge and a willingness to help clients and coworkers.

4 How can you make sure that all of your customers’ questions and prescription needs promptly get addressed?

Ans. It shows your customer service abilities to the test.

5 What would you do if you discovered a coworker stealing medications from the pharmacy’s stock?

Ans. The answer clearly shows the ethical and responsible behavior of the candidate.

Future Scope as a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are responsible for empowering patients by boosting their confidence and help them tackle illnesses. They also help patients, motivate them, impart knowledge, and encourage them to help themselves. This job role is the initial port of call in a medical or health crisis and even saves a life. They are highly trained professionals who offer a wide range of services. They also promote the safe utilization of medications and enhance clinical results.

Pharmacists are usually depended on to dispense preventive care, healthcare advice, and medical guidance. Several patients and customers benefit from verbal guidance of Pharmacists, such as potential side effects, best ways to consume medications and advise correct dosage. Pharmacists are responsible and involved in a wide range of activities in the industry. These candidates are involved in management, marketing, clinical trials, formulation of dosage forms, drug safety studies, and discovery process.


Medical professionals and customers can rely on pharmacists to distribute medications, fill prescriptions, and give pharmaceutical and healthcare information. Candidates that are qualified should also demonstrate a high level of responsibility and competence. They also offer excellent education management for severe illnesses, including hypertension, asthma, diabetes, and many more chronic diseases. These candidates help ensure that individuals or patients take their medicine properly and accurately as prescribed by the doctor and avoid any harmful effects.

These candidates usually have sound knowledge about hospitals and doctors due to consistent networking. Hence, they refer their patients and customers to a suitable clinic or doctor for the concerned health situation. These individuals also counsel patients or customers on stress management, mental health, and advice consulting the appropriate professional when required. They can complete patients’ medication regimens, allowing them to suggest effectively and accurately managing illnesses.

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