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Pharmacy Manager Job Description

pharmacy manager job description

Pharmacy managers are generally in charge of supervising the day-to-day business functions of pharmacies. The responsibilities of these candidates include advising customers and dispensing prescription medicines. Their additional responsibilities include guaranteeing the safe storage of controlled substances and prescription medications. Besides, they are also in charge of reviewing prescription details.

pharmacy manager job description

Job Description of a Pharmacy Manager

Many medical facilities, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, and other work settings need a skilled pharmacy manager to assure smooth and efficient day-day pharmacy operations. The candidates in this job position are responsible for executing shipment and supply orders, controlling pharmacies’ inventory, and managing prescriptions. These candidates must also supervise pharmacy staff.

To succeed in a pharmacy manager job position, the candidates should exhibit experience operating a pharmacy and adherence to the best applicable pharmacy laws and practices. In addition, these candidates are qualified pharmacists with emphasizing on customer-services strategies.

Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Manager

  • To apply as a pharmacy manager, the candidates must oversee shelf stockers, cashiers, sales assistants, cashiers, and several other pharmacy staff.
  • The candidates must execute prescription orders and prepare drugs for delivery or collection.
  • Pharmacy managers must control the inventory and order pharmacy supplies daily.
  • They must enforce best practice protocols while storing controlled substances or prescription medications.
  • When needed, it is their responsibility to verify a prescription with the physician or healthcare specialists who prescribed it.
  • They must also advise clients about the potential side effects, dosage, and usage of medicines.
  • Pharmacy managers should also verify expiry dates and maintain a list of controlled substances and approved drugs.
  • These candidates must monitor product shelves and displays and the general appearance of pharmacies.
  • Pharmacy managers are also in charge of addressing customers’ complaints and requests.
  • Training and appointing new pharmacy staff and maintaining shift schedules is also the duty of a pharmacy manager.

Requirements for a Pharmacy Manager

  • To apply for a pharmacy manager job position, the candidates must hold a PharmD or Doctor of Pharmacy degree accredited by the pharmacy education’s accreditation council.
  • They must also hold a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration, or education in a similar field.
  • A state-approved license is also a must to have to practice as a pharmacist.
  • The candidates should have outstanding experience in managerial settings at pharmacies.
  • Then they must also have a deep understanding of side effects and pharmaceutical uses of controlled substances and prescription drugs.
  • Pharmacy managers should also have an advanced understanding of protocols that regulate the safe storage of controlled substances and prescription drugs.
  • The candidates must also possess outstanding communication abilities in managing staff and advising customers.
  • They must also have dynamic skills or following up on any abnormalities with scripts issued at pharmacies.
  • Pharmacy managers should also have the capability in pharmacy management software, including RxMaster Pharmacy System.
  • The applicants applying for a pharmacy manager job position should also hold verbal and written communication abilities.

Interview Questions for Pharmacy Manager

1 Which required abilities do you hold that make you a successful pharmacy manager?

Ans. This response from the candidates displays their abilities matched with the position’s needs.

2 Describe a moment when you thought of fraud in a customer’s prescription.

Ans. This answer tests the applicant’s awareness and experience of ethical conduct associated with prescription drugs.

3 Can you explain about a recently withdrawn prescription drug from the market?

Ans. The candidate’s response illustrates whether they monitor controlled substances or approved medicines.

4 What would be your response when a customer claims about receiving expired medicines?

Ans. This answer exhibits the applicant’s interpersonal and problem-solving abilities.

5 Are you familiar with any electronic pharmacy management system?

Ans. This response from the candidates assesses their readiness to use pharmacy management software.

Future Scope as a Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy managers usually work in various shift settings, including full-time, holidays, weekends, and nights. These candidates are generally responsible for reporting to the store manager, operations manager, and pharmacy staff. They also infrequently travel to pick up inventories for the pharmacy and should be available to advise patients and handle emergencies at the pharmacy.

The specific duties of pharmacy managers vary according to the number of customers served, the number of staff, and pharmacy size. However, their everyday tasks and primary duties are the same across almost all pharmacies.

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Pharmacy managers are usually responsible for ensuring smooth operations of pharmacies under regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. These candidates also advise and assist pharmacy customers professionally. They must also order supplies, perform inventory checks, and supervise pharmacy staff.

While interviewing the candidates for a pharmacy manager job position, the recruiting managers usually prefer individuals with demonstrable experience in pharmacy management. They also hire those who prioritize customer-oriented attitudes. Besides, the interviewers generally avoid the applicants who fail to follow up with amendments to controlled substances and approved drug lists or latest pharmaceuticals products. You may go through the guide above and know pharmacy managers’ job positions’ requirements, roles, and responsibilities.

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