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Picker Job Description

A picker is a job position where the candidate selects things off shelves and prepares them for transportation. Pickers usually get hired for manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. Pickers also get referred to as Warehouse Picker, Order Picker, and Picker Packer.

Potential candidates will need to execute at a high level of accuracy to be successful in this profession. In addition, strong applicants would be ethical, well-organized, and capable of working in pressure and fast-paced work settings.

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Job Description of Picker

Companies and organizations frequently look for a motivated Picker to help the company prepare items for shipping. They are usually responsible for picking a wide variety of products. They are also in charge of arranging and placing items in bins and containers according to particular directions. Pickers use order sheets and requisitions to set and place containers on pallets in the delivery waiting area.

The Picker will also inspect containers for damage and double-check that the correct quantities and products get chosen. These candidates usually follow standard operating procedures and also verify that all outbound and inbound shipments are defect-free and accurate. These candidates will also report quality discrepancies, conduct physical inventory, perform essential maintenance on equipment, and use a forklift.

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Responsibilities of a Picker

  • Pickers have to ensure that they organize and clean all the work areas.
  • They’re also responsible for reporting shortages, taking inventory, and packaging away incoming merchandise.
  • These candidates are also in charge of keeping track of outbound and inbound shipments.
  • They are also usually in charge of picking orders as directed by management.
  • Pickers’ responsibilities also include validating pick tickets, confirming order accuracy, and sealing and labeling containers.
  • The candidates have to also ensure that completed orders have the relevant shipping information. They must also move them to the shipping area.
  • A Picker’s job also entails strapping, shrink wrapping, and securing containers on pallets with stretch wrap.
  • A Picker’s responsibilities also include unloading and loading vehicles using forklifts, jacks, and totes.
  • It is also their job to follow OSHA and safety regulations.
  • They should also contribute to the warehouse’s security.

Requirements for Picker

  • To apply for a Picker job, you must have a GED, a high school diploma, or similar education or certification.
  • The hiring team looks for a minimum of one year of work experience in a similar capacity.
  • Candidates should also be capable of efficient verbal communication.
  • They should also be able to collaborate effectively with a broad spectrum of people.
  • The candidates should also use the necessary tools for this position.
  • Candidates for the Picker position must be physically strong and graceful.
  • The job applicants must have excellent organizing abilities for this job role.

Interview questions for Picker

1 Would you describe yourself as physically agile and nimble, and why?

Ans. The response of the prospective employee will indicate these critical abilities of the candidate in a Picker role.

2 Can you provide a few instances of how you have structured things over the years to make them more accessible?

Ans. The individual must exhibit their capacity to work efficiently and effectively.

3 In past jobs, what procedures did you employ to clean and maintain your equipment and work environment?

Ans. The candidate must pay close attention to the question as to by the hiring personnel. The potential candidate must prove the ability to preserve their assets to save money in the long term.

4 Do you consider yourself a people person, and if so, why?

Ans. Pickers operate in groups or teams with people from all walks of life. The prospective employee must demonstrate their capacity to work well with others.

5 How would you ensure that orders at our warehouse are accurate?

Ans. A Picker’s ability to perform accurately is vital. The candidate’s response will prove the capacity to perform accurately.

Future Scope as a Picker

Being a Packing is an excellent job alternative for individuals who want to earn but don’t have much experience or higher education or training. The duties and responsibilities assigned to the Pickers are simple to learn. The candidates who seek a flexible job alternative to suit their hectic schedules would benefit from working as a Picker. The growth nature of the job can help individuals work as a Picker in part-time, entry-level, or full-time work capacities.


A Picker selects products for customers and verifies that the appropriate orders are shipped and loaded. The job applicants capable of performing precisely, safety-conscious, and accountable are usually ideal and often considered for the Picker job position.

The hiring team rejects sluggish and dishonest candidates. Hence, the job applicants should pay close attention to their appearance, skills required for the job, and the questions asked by the recruiting staff. Besides, check out the details above and learn about Picker’s job responsibilities, roles, eligibility criteria, and common questions for the interview session.

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