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Pier 1 Imports Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Pier 1 Imports Application

If you are passionate about home décor and interior design, then you must apply for Pier 1 Imports job without any second thoughts. The company mainly specializes in décor items that are ideally unique for homes and allow your rooms to make a statement.

The company needs people who have unique personalities to help the patrons discover trendy products. They mainly need to offer unparalleled customer support besides driving sales. The company was established in 1962, and it hires several employees at least 1000 locations through the United States and Canada.

Important Information to Know Before Joining Pier 1 Imports

Minimum age required to be allowed to apply for Pier 1 Imports: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for Pier 1 Imports.

Working Hours at Pier 1 Imports: The working hours at Pier 1 Imports are as follows:

Monday to Saturday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday: The working hours are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Employment Opportunities Available at Pier 1 Imports

In the furnishings industry, the company tends to take a favorable position and keep up with the ever-increasing demand; the company constantly hires new employees. You can work with Pier 1 imports if you are interested in fine marketing furnishings.

The company specializes in retailing different and artisans-made merchandise from across the globe. The candidates that are motivated with a passion for sales and design sensibilities make perfect employees for the job in the retail chain. The company tends to work in different capacities.

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The retail chain constantly hires employees to offer superior customer service. At boutique locations, the management positions tend to be obtainable. Career options including job options, including merchandising, legal, and human resource fields at the corporate offices, are available besides employment opportunities through the company’s call centers.

Career Opportunities Available at Pier 1 Imports

Some of the most common positions available at Pier 1 include entry-level positions and managerial-level positions. A majority of the hiring locations, both full-time and part-time, are available readily. On a steady basis, the employees can expect a pleasant job environment, industry-competitive pay, and discounts on some merchandise options.

To get employment here, the applicants need to be at least 18 years old. They must also read the job description carefully before applying for a job. Candidates should take up jobs they can handle easily. While the work environment is fun, the management expects results as well.


The sales associate mainly earns a minimum wage, and their main aim is to help the patrons to make a purchase. They also need to consider the shelves, handle cash and bank transactions, help clients make the final payment, and direct departments. The sales associate must have some knowledge about the merchandise besides their price to help the clients.

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The company mainly hires employees who have at least six months of job experience to keep the teams staffed with capable and confident people. They also need to have customer service experience. The entry-level employees can advance to sales-level positions with plenty of work performance. The leads can help the associates close sales and contribute to the overall functioning of the store’s function. They can earn $11 per hour.


The store managers are responsible for directing all the elements of the business at Pier 1 imports. Some of the duties include conducting interviews, implementing new promotional strategies, and helping challenging customers. The applicants need to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree in the relevant industries, including marketing, finance, and other fields. If the store managers are absent, then the assistant store managers can perform all other duties. The associate managers can earn $13 per hour. This is a highly responsible position and Pier 1 ensures they pick the best candidates for it.

Tips for Applying at Pier 1 Imports

When applying for Pier 1 Imports, the candidates need to make sure that they have the right qualities which the employer is looking for. Employer Pier 1 Imports is inclined towards hiring employees having experience in retail and the ones who can really fit in a very dynamic and fast-paced environment. The candidates while filling in the online form need to be extra careful about what they enter, as once the information cannot get reversed. Candidates need to be ready with their updated resumes and cover letter while applying.

Pier 1 Imports allows the candidates to apply both online and offline, which means they can visit stores to submit their applications.

Review The Application Status at Pier 1 Imports

The applicants can hear from the hiring managers within two weeks of submitting the application form. The applicants can also follow up before buying a mail or calling or even by visiting the store. When applicants personally visit the store, the hiring managers might feel that they are genuinely interested in the company, and it is an accepted method of inquiring professionally. But applicants need to consider the critical studies of the hiring managers and avoid follow-ups during peak hours.

Perks of Working at Pier 1 Imports

The Pier 1 imports tend to offer unique benefits for qualified employees. The insurance cover provided by the company includes medical, vision, dental, and other business travel plans. Besides that, the eligible employees can also get 401k plans and stock purchase options. On the company’s merchandise, the employees can avail 25% discount. If the applicants need to be hired, they must clear and correct details. The applicants can apply online and fill in their details, but they need to check if the information is correct before submitting the form.

Miscellaneous Information about Pier 1 Imports

The famous retail chain Pier 1 imports tend to launch outstanding campaigns to promote corporate philanthropy. The company does it generously on both national and international levels. The retailer has also joined hands with organizations, including UNICEF, that help in improving the hazards for the needy people across the globe. The local program focuses on the Fort Worth, TX, area.

It is primarily because the headquarters of the company are located at the chain. The company also tends to contribute to children’s apparel. The employees love working in the Pier 1 environment.

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