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Pinkberry Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Pinkberry operates a vast network of more than 170 frozen yogurt retail locations. It serves its customers with dozen flavors working primarily in the ice cream industry.

Pinkberry successfully runs its retail frozen yogurt retail locations with high sales volumes across the world. The candidates looking to join the ice cream industry can easily find many job roles available at Pinkberry.

If you want to join Pinkberry, you can explore its official website and view the current job vacancies. You can also go through the details below and know the most readily job positions at Pinkberry with the salary, benefits, duties, shift schedule, and career advancement opportunities it offers.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Pinkberry

Pinkberry seeks individuals a minimum of 16 years to join its frozen yogurt retail chain. Pinkberry operates and offers shift schedules as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11:30 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Friday to Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Pinkberry

Pinkberry offers job roles to vibrant, dedicated, energetic, and motivated individuals. The candidates should demonstrate a positive attitude to get a job position offer at Pinkberry. Part-time job roles at this frozen yogurt chain do not require previous employment.

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Management positions at Pinkberry receive job benefits packages and comprehensive salary opportunities. Each applicant should be a minimum of 16 years while applying for a vacant position. Other employment needs may vary by Pinkberry’s franchisee’s hiring managers.

The Job Positions Available at Pinkberry

Pinkberry offers multiple job positions at its frozen yogurt retail chain locations, including General Managers, Assistant Managers, and Team Members. The job description of its few job positions with duties and responsibilities, and salaries offered are as follows:

Team Members

  • Their responsibilities at yogurt retail chain locations include refilling or changing food trays and also dispensers.
  • They should also lift moderate or heavy-weighted objects during their duty hours at Pinkberry.
  • They earn minimum wages initially and may rise to make $10.00 an hour at Pinkberry.

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  • Management-level employees are responsible for reporting sales data, marketing initiatives, gaining knowledge about more flavors, and also talking to corporate offices directly to order merchandise.
  • High school diplomas are also necessary to get employed for managerial-level positions.
  • Assistant Managers usually earn around $10.00 per hour at Pinkberry and may rise by reaching approximately $13.00 to $14.00 per hour.
  • General Managers are also offered annual salary options of earning around $40k with this frozen yogurt retail chain. A few candidates make up to $50k per annum at Pinkberry.

The Online Job Application Process of Pinkberry

Pinkberry provides the online job application process to help candidates fill up the forms quickly and easily. Pinkberry offers various job roles that candidates can check and apply for according to their qualifications and eligibility.

They can check the job description of the job role they want to apply for at Pinkberry before submitting the job application for the frozen yogurt retail chain locations. The online job submission process is explained in the step below that you can follow and fill up your form accordingly.

pinkberry application guide

  • Check out the official website of Pinkberry and check for “Be a part of team Pinkberry.”
  • Scroll down this career page and tap on the “Find your local Pinkberry” tab outlined here.
  • Explore Pinkberry’s retail store locations in your preferred area by selecting your ZIP code or store’s address.
  • Tap on the “Find Locations” tab to view the updated job listings as per your preference.
  • Tap on the “Website” tab under your required area, ZIP code, or location that you want to apply for at Pinkberry.
  • You will view the address and contact details of the Pinkberry store location that appeared here.
  • The candidate can also call the contact number of your required location and request a brief talk with the hiring manager.
  • You can download Pinkberry’s job application form through the link provided at the top.
  • Fill up the details of previous employment, contact details, address, age, references, educational information, and other information required by Pinkberry.
  • Submit your job application to Pinkberry after reading and correcting the errors.

Checking Job Application Status for Pinkberry

Pinkberry usually takes one to five days to complete the employment process. It initiates the application to review the interview scheduling within a few days of receiving job application forms. Employee referrals usually take a little time to complete the hiring process at Pinkberry.

However, at times, the hiring process is completed the same day there are immediate staff requirements. Pinkberry reaches qualified applicants through a phone call to offer them the interview schedule. The candidates may follow up with Pinkberry using the employment documents and know their job application status.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Pinkberry

Pinkberry offers unique employment perks and benefits to the workers due to franchising. Various employee benefits provided to Pinkberry’s workers are as follows:

  • Pinkberry provides discounted prices on complementary offerings and yogurt to its employees.
  • Corporate and managerial-level employees benefit from paid time off, 401 (K) retirement plans, and healthcare coverage as their additional employee benefits.

Additional Details of Pinkberry

Pinkberry also provides catering services apart from its signature flavors. Customers looking for unparalleled events may contact Pinkberry to set up gatherings or events featuring Pinkberry’s toppings and signature flavors.

If you want to set up an event at Pinkberry, you need to inform them a minimum of 48 hours before intending events at this frozen yogurt retail chain. Pinkberry also delivers frozen yogurt and toppings personally to the customers or at their required locations. Besides, customers can place their events or catering requests at Pinkberry through a phone call or by sending an e-mail.


The American dessert and frozen yogurt retail chain, Pinkberry, operates more than 250 store locations throughout the globe. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was founded in 2005. Job applicants willing to join the frozen yogurt retail chain can go through Pinkberry’s official career portal and explore current available job roles.

Besides, job applicants can download and print Pinkberry’s job application form and submit it at its retail locations after filling it up correctly. They can also follow the instructions presented in this article above to go through the online job application filling and submitting process.

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