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Popeyes Chicken Application: Jobs & Career Info

popeyes chicken application

About Popeye’s Chicken Application

In the year 1972, Popeye’s chicken served the fried chicken with a southern flavor. This restaurant has its location in 40 countries worldwide. The restaurant is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Popeye’s chicken menu consists of basic chicken, tenders, seafood, desserts, and beverages. The restaurant was initially called chicken on the run but it was later renamed Popeye’s chicken.

The restaurant is named after a character from a movie called French Connection. The initial branch of the restaurant opened in Toronto, Canada in 1984. Popeye’s chicken opened the first international restaurant in 1984 in Canada. Popeye’s chicken offers catering to many zones. Its parent company is called restaurant brands. Applicants can work with Popeye’s chicken at an entry-level position and advance in their careers shortly.

Application Process for Popeye’s Chicken

All applicants can apply for various career positions through the online application form or by directly applying at the store. The managers conduct interviews for staff members or future applicants on the spot as and when a hiring need arises. Every applicant generally hears back from the hiring team in either 1 or 2 weeks. Every applicant should take a telephonic interview to show their keenness in the job and follow up with the hiring team over a phone call. This shows all applicants are enthusiastic and take initiative to learn and grow as a professional.

Essential Requirement for Popeye’s Chicken

What is the minimum age requirement to work with Popeye’s chicken?

The minimum age requirement is 16 years of age to ensure that Popeye’s chicken hires the right candidates for the right roles.

What are the basic hours of operation for Popeye’s Chicken?

The hours of operation for Popeye’s chicken are Sunday to Thursday 10 am to 10 pm and Friday to Saturday 10 am to 11 pm. These are the basic hours of operation for Popeye’s chicken. All applicants must work under these schedules if they want to develop a rewarding career with Popeye’s chicken.

popeyes chicken application

What are the available positions at Popeye’s Chicken?

  • Crew Member
  • Cashier
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager

How will you apply for a job with Popeye’s chicken?

Applicants can apply through the physical application form at Popeye’s chicken and search for job openings online.

Job Opportunities at Popeye’s Chicken

Job opportunities at Popeye’s chicken require customer service skills and experience in the restaurant. All jobs of Popeye’s chicken are available at the entry-level. This trains new employees to work efficiently at the restaurant with a proper Resume which is shared with the hiring team of the restaurant.

the popeyes chicken application guide

Employees use their product knowledge to develop their professional careers at the restaurant. If applicants are hardworking and dedicated, they can fill the online application easily without an issue. Popeye’s chicken requires applicants to show good communication skills and the ability to stand for long working hours.

Various Options

Restaurants also offer career opportunities to managers with various salary options. Every applicant should show leadership skills while they try and get a promotion for themselves. New hires must avail career advancement opportunities to advance in their careers and full-time careers use employment benefits like medical insurance, paid time off, and an increase in pay rates to avail themselves the right job opportunities for the right individuals.

Popeye’s chicken interviews people for both part-time and full-time employment roles. All applicants fill the application form to begin the application process.

Career Positions & Salary Information At Popeye’s Chicken

Team Member

  • They are entry-level employees who work in part-time roles.
  • All employees should also be courteous and attentive to customers to handle different queries.
  • All team members earn minimum wages per hour.
  • Team members work as cashiers and also work in other roles of the organization.

popeyes chicken application guide


  • Cashiers work as cash registers who also look after processing payments for customers.
  • This is a full-time position.
  • Cashiers engage in a friendly attitude with customers and also complete all sales with customers.
  • The cashier earns 9 dollars an hour.


  • Managers hire and also train workers.
  • Managers handle difficult tasks and also various situations at work.
  • They also streamline all restaurant operations.
  • They also ensure cleanliness at the restaurant is maintained at all times.
  • Managers earn a salary between 35,000 dollars to 40,000 dollars annually.

Tips for Application

Applicants need to visit the store during peak time to observe daily operations easily. The hiring process takes 1 or 2 weeks maximum to complete. Hiring is conducted based on the staffing needs of the restaurant. The restaurant follows on-the-spot offer and interview processes to get desired roles easily and effectively.

Work Benefits at Popeye’s Chicken

All full-time employees are eligible for basic work benefits like healthcare coverage, life insurance, and also retirement plans. The work benefits also allow employees to support their families in a better way. Work benefits help employees to develop rewarding careers with Popeye’s chicken. Every applicant wants to work in a fast-paced work environment to avail maximum work benefits at the restaurant.

the popeyes chicken application tips

Every employee also receives work benefits for years of hard work and dedication towards their career with Popeye’s chicken. Popeye’s chicken also offers paid time off and ensures all employees maintain a healthy lifestyle with various healthcare benefits. They also receive financial security with long-term career opportunities which helps them to grow and develop as professionals.

Additional Information

Popeye’s chicken created a family and friend’s foundation to support scholarships, disaster relief, and also financial assistance for employees. Every employee can also apply for part-time and full-time employment and develop a sustainable career with Popeye’s chicken restaurant. Serving fried chicken is the core business of this restaurant. This business also helps employees to stand on their feet independently.


Popeye’s chicken has a very simple and straightforward application process. It also offers many career advancement opportunities to groom and promote young talent at the workplace. Popeye’s chicken makes delicious fried chicken, sandwiches, and burgers which also open new career opportunities for young and enthusiastic talent.

Popeye’s chicken facilitates educational programs and also scholarships for employees who want to develop a successful career in the restaurant. All employees should also have good customer service skills and dedicated years of experience in the restaurant industry to develop a suitable career.

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