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Popular Careers in the Fashion Industry


The term “glitz and glamor” is synonymous with fashion, and this trillion-dollar industry provides many opportunities for fashion enthusiasts. 

Popular careers in the fashion industry range from being in the public eye to working behind the cameras. You need creativity for some of these jobs, while logic is a dominant trait for others. Some careers require specific qualifications. So, I’ve decided to help nudge you in the right direction with my Fashion breakdown, making it easier to navigate your way around career choices.

Let’s get started with…

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

With a degree in Fashion Design and Management, you will not only design trending or high-end clothes, but you can pursue a career in entrepreneurship. As a fashion designer, you get to work with fabrics, colors, and patterns. The runway is your playground as you conceptualize designs into tangible products.

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Fashion Stylist

Piecing together different items to make the perfect outfit is a job on its own. Fashion stylists bring aesthetics to outfits. They are a favorite with designers, photographers, agencies, and entertainment artists. You can double as a personal stylist, and to get this career right, you could read practical advice and inspiration from an award-winning stylist. 

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Makeup Artist

Better known as “MUA,” this career opens one door after the other for the right candidate. A makeup artist can collaborate with clients in a studio, on a set, or in homes for private appointments. They can extend their services at art workshops. A professional makeup artist usually owns a high-quality rolling lockable makeup train case.

Need more info? It’s all in our comprehensive Makeup Artist Job Description.

Retail Buyer

If being part of a planning and budgeting process tickles you, then this is the right job. Want to know the best part? You get to sit front row at fashion shows, attend trending events, and travel around the world. If you’re going to attend this many events, it’s important to know how to get dressed using this comprehensive style guide. Having a Bachelor of Commerce degree won’t hurt either.

Fashion Merchandiser

The fashion industry has room for everyone, including strategized and immaculate planners. A fashion merchandiser participates in skillful advertising, stock planning, and pricing. Simply put: they make sure a design’s lifecycle doesn’t fade out before the end of the season. Planning is made easier when using an Organicer Smart Planner and App, which comes with a digital synchronization feature. 

Fashion Visual Merchandiser

A combination of excellent communication skills and eye-catching store layout designs could land you this job. The goal is to influence people to walk into a store and walk out with merchandise. This job allows you to make the most of your creativity.

Public Relations Officer

Every brand needs to build and maintain its public reputation. A public relations officer or specialist oversees all communications, public relations, and public affairs. Having adequate knowledge in advertising, journalism, or a related field will be advantageous.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators pay attention to producing print or digital work suitable for promotional purposes and advertising. And how does that work? The illustrator will work closely with designers to create concept sketches which will be developed using computer tech. A design tutorial on fashion design and illustration can help perfect your skill if you choose this career.

Fashion Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have become popular in many fields, and fashion is no exception. You must experiment with dyes and print techniques. Designers are required to have software program skills. You can master these if you have access to a complete suite of professional graphics applications.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers enjoy posting photos and editing captions. Managing a fashion brand’s social platforms includes responding to clients’ comments and suggestions. Basic knowledge of designing posts and editing simple videos comes in handy. Your job is to keep the brand’s presence prominent on digital platforms. 

Textile Designer

We already know that fashion trends are about patterns and prints. To achieve these looks, a textile designer creates designs that are printed, woven, or knitted into the desired fabric. This can be done using hand illustrations or the designer’s choice of suitable software. Trend analysis forecasting is an essential skill that can be developed through reading aid on fashion concepts.

Garment Technologists

A garment technologist engages in the production of clothing, from the initial designs to the development of fabrics. So, here is the magic: garment fitting and performance testing are done under the watchful eye of this technologist. You need to know about body types, shapes, and fabric performances. Should you choose this career, you influence the labeling and sizing of the final products.

Pattern Cutter

One of the most popular careers in the fashion industry involves cutting fabric patterns. Working alongside garment technologists, a pattern cutter creates pattern templates using mannequins. Being able to use a computer-aided program (CAD) helps with the creation and refinement of patterns. 

Inventory Planner

An inventory planner’s job is to forecast inventory and create purchase orders. If you love analyzing and crunching numbers, it gets better! You’ll review the geographical data needed for product performance evaluations. A Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management, Operations, or Business Administration is beneficial.

Fashion Photographer

Are you keen on photoshoot concepts, filmmaking, and meeting up with designers? Then photography would suit you perfectly. Check this out: you would also have opportunities to travel depending on the photoshoot concept. A fashion photographer’s job is made easier when using a high-quality 4K Optical Zoom Camcorder.


While this seems like an obvious mention, take note that there are different types of model careers to pursue. Not every model has to walk down the runway. There is room for hand models, fitness models, and print models. Commercial models are becoming popular because they’re not restricted by age, height, or size. 

For The Love Of Fashion!

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For some fantastic inspiration, I highly recommend the Illustrated World of CoutureCoco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon, and Stupell Industries High Fashion Black Book, or how about Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury Updated Edition, or Dior: The Collections, all available online today.

Popular Careers in the Fashion Industry – Final Thoughts

The fashion industry has advanced its talent pool. Popular fashion industry careers are well diversified and include different sectors, from graphic designs to social media strategies. This industry is made up of about 3.3 million individuals, which corresponds to 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

Fashion careers meld work, opportunities, friends, family, education, and social life. This industry is constantly evolving and making room for more innovations. With the right qualifications and understanding of your intended career, the fashion industry will be an experience like no other. 

All the best with whichever job in the fashion industry you choose.

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