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Powell’s Books Application: Jobs & Careers Online

powells books application

Are you looking for a job where you get to talk about books all day?

If so, your inner bookworm is sure to have fun working at Powell’s Books. This chain of six bookstores can be found in the Portland, Oregon area and was established in 1970.

Although Powell’s Books is a relatively small chain, it holds a prominent place in the community. Vacancies for all levels of employees are advertised throughout the year to meet the growing demand from book lovers.

So, let’s find out how to make sure your Powell’s Books Application: Jobs & Careers Online stands out from the crowd.

powells books application

Facts About Working At Powell’s Books

You can start working at Powell’s Books from the age of eighteen. Powell’s Books stores are usually open daily from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. The weekend and evening shifts are perfect for students who want to gain work experience.

Each Powell’s Books store employs up to two hundred people. There is a range of different roles within the store for employees to take on. Powell’s Books also boasts large warehouses where book orders are filled for shipping.

Powell’s Books Job Opportunities

The entry-level positions at Powell’s Books come with paid training, regular assessments, and promotion opportunities. Career professionals with special skills are also needed to lead different departments. Here are some of the main jobs at Powell’s Books and the kinds of duties that go with them.

Bookseller/Book Buyer

This entry-level position is ideal for anyone who has a love for books. The key duties include organizing books in the store, interacting with customers, and assisting with purchases. Employees need to be very organized and be able to talk about the advantages of different books.

It is also necessary to have strong customer service skills and be able to operate the company computer system. These roles come with the choice of part-time or full-time hours and paid training. Both booksellers and book buyers start at $10 per hour, which rises to $12 per hour over time.

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Customer Service Representative

These employees usually work at one of Powell’s Books call centers. They receive calls from customers and handle online sales and returns. Entry-level candidates receive full training and coaching on sales scripts.

This is usually a part-time role that can sometimes be performed remotely. The starting salary is usually $10 per hour, which can rise slightly over time. People who excel in this role have the chance to make up to $14 per hour.

Divisional Accounting Manager

This is a role for a professional accountant who has a college degree and a certain amount of experience. Division accounting managers oversee insurance claims from employees and accounting reports from stores. It is necessary to have good attention to detail, and experienced employees can make $34 per hour.

Inventory Generalist

They keep track of Powell’s Books store inventory. You need to constantly update the online system when books are received and sold. Inventory generalists start at minimum wage and can earn up to $10 per hour.

Store Manager

This role is open to candidates who have a degree in retail management. Store managers are responsible for making sure that a single store runs smoothly. This includes hiring and training new employees, dealing with customer complaints, and taking care of payroll.

Store managers often need to create promotional campaigns to bring in new customers. They need to create detailed reports on sales to send to the head office. The average salary for a Powell’s Books store manager is $55,000 per year.

the powells books application tips

Warehouse Worker

This job takes place in one of the Powell’s Books huge warehouses. The main duty is fulfilling online book orders for shipping to customers. Warehouse workers need to locate books within the warehouse, pack them, and help load them onto trucks.

It is necessary to follow warehouse safety measures at all times and be physically fit to lift boxes of books. On average, warehouse workers make $12 per hour. Employees who are licensed to operate warehouse machinery can make much more than this.

Additional Benefits of Working at Powell’s Books

All Powell’s Books employees can check books out of the store and receive paid lunches and paid training. There is a scheduled salary increase plan to encourage loyalty as well as paid time off. Full-time managers and professionals receive a special benefits package, including medical insurance plans and enrolment to the company retirement plan.

How To Apply?

There is a careers section on the Powell’s Books website where the latest vacancies are posted. First, you need to create an online profile and click on the email link to complete the process. You can then choose a job opportunity from the list and click on the job title to read the job description.

Make sure your skills and background meet the requirements before clicking on the ‘Apply’ button. It takes just a few minutes to complete the Powell’s Books application form. Make sure that all the supplied information is correct and edited before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

Getting a reference helps…

If you do not live in Oregon, make it clear you are planning to move there. It usually takes hiring managers around a week to contact candidates and arrange an interview. Getting a reference from a current employee can also help you to get a foot in the door.

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Final Thoughts

Powell’s Books hiring managers look for employees who have a passion for books. You should be prepared to talk about your love for reading and books during the interview. Think about a couple of favorite books that you can talk about enthusiastically to break the ice.

If you are applying to work in one of Powell’s Books stores, you need to have strong customer service skills. Proving examples of strong teamwork skills will also help to land you the job. Also, prepare a few questions for the interviewer that shows your interest in Powell’s Books and advancing through the company.

All the very best with your Powell’s Books Online Application!

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