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PriceRite Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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PriceRite seeks candidates across the Mid-Atlantic regions and New England locations. It specializes in providing lower prices to grocery customers every day. PriceRite requires new candidates to stock with inexpensive products, invite, and keep its store locations clean that the patrons look for at these well-known supermarket chain locations. It continuously employs new workers for its expanding network across Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut.

The job hunters can read the information provided in this article to know the work environments at PriceRite. You can also go through PriceRite’s online job application process that we have explained for your convenience. We have also summed up the available job openings, shift timings, job descriptions, salary, employee benefits, and a lot more offered by PriceRite to its employees.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at PriceRite

PriceRite needs candidates continuously to operate its supermarket chain smoothly. Therefore, it looks for candidates with at least 16 years while applying for a job role at PriceRite. The operational hours and shift timings at PriceRite are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at PriceRite

The retail chain is expanding their work and network constantly, and so is the need for new employees is also increasing with this. It allows frequent hiring at the supermarket, either for the new jobs or for the vacant posts. The job options also vary from professional careers to even entry-level posts.

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Full-time careers, professional backgrounds, all such related terms can be scrolled down for this store. Entry-level posts have part-time job vacancies, whereas full-time vacancies are available in managerial posts. Those who want to assist in the growth of this chain can apply for these vacant posts either online or offline.

The Job Positions Available at PriceRite

PriceRite offers multiple job openings for its supermarket chain, including Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Bilingual Sales Associate, Seafood Sales Manager, Forklift Mechanic, and Truck Driver positions. It also hires Cake Decorators, Market Associates, Seafood Associates, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Forklift Operators, Market Sales Managers, Warehouse Shipping Managers, and Warehouse Shipping Representatives positions.

The candidates can apply for Customer Service Manager, Specialty Merchandise Associate, Retail Pricing Coordinator, Customer Service Associate, DSD Receiver, and Head Grocery Associate positions. Many positions are vacant for Grocery Sales Managers, Front End Sales Assistants, Guest Services Associates, Dairy Associates, Frozen Food Associates, Bakery Managers, and Bakery Associates roles. Deli Associates, Deli Associates, Market Team Members, Meat Cutters, Produce Associates, and Sales Associates are also available at PriceRite. However, the most available job titles at PriceRite, include the following:

Stock Clerks

  • Stock Clerks at PriceRite are responsible for general maintenance, organizing and arranging displays, stocking shelves, and loading delivery trucks.
  • They are also responsible for receiving the shipment and breaking down the shipment packaging.
  • The stock clerks should lift heavy objects comfortably and should remain in good health.
  • They also need to perform cashier and sales associates’ duties.
  • Stock Clerks at PriceRite usually earn around $8.00 an hour.

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  • Their duties involve ringing up and scanning at PriceRite.
  • They also need to bag up the guests’ shopping coming through the checkout counters.
  • They are also responsible for handling cash duties and must know to operate electronic checkout systems.
  • PriceRite offers minimum wage to its Cashiers initially and may rise with time and experience.


  • Managers at PriceRite are responsible for carrying out the job duties as entry-level associates at times.
  • They should ensure customer satisfaction, process payroll, set schedules, and supervise entry-level workers.
  • They are also responsible for driving sales, tracking, and maintaining inventory.
  • Managers at PriceRite usually earn around $10.00 an hour initially.
  • Assistant Managers may benefit from getting a base salary of around $25k per annum at PriceRite.
  • Store Managers earn approximately $35k to $40k per annum at PriceRite and may rise to $50k per annum with experience.

The Online Job Application Process of PriceRite

The candidates looking to work with the supermarket chain can check out PriceRite’s job portal. PriceRite’s online job application process is as follows:

  • Job seekers should visit PriceRite’s online platform to head to its employment page titled “Join Our Team.”
  • Tap on the “Apply” tab and then tap on the job title you want to apply for at PriceRite.
  • Tap on the “Choose a Location” tab and choose your preferred location from the drop-down lists.
  • Accept the consent form that appeared here and complete the remaining sections with your personal, educational, employment, and other necessary details.
  • Submit your job application for PriceRite after reviewing it thoroughly.

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Checking Job Application Status for PriceRite

Job applicants may check PriceRite’s career portal to know their application status. The candidates should wait for some time before contacting PriceRite. They may visit PriceRite’s location in a couple of weeks and know the results of their job application forms.

Benefits and Perks While Working at PriceRite

Employees at PriceRite often enjoy multiple job benefits, including the following:

  • PriceRite extends flexible spending accounts, life insurance with vision, dental, and medical coverage to qualified workers.
  • It also offers various financial benefits, including tuition reimbursement, credit union membership, and 401 (K) retirement plans to its employees.
  • They also receive multiple discounts, service awards, wellness, and health programs, and paid time off from this successful supermarket chain.

Additional Details of PriceRite

The company was established back in 1995. They have adopted some unique and beneficial strategies for cutting down on operating costs, which also helps provide low-rated products to the customers. For example, instead of going for advertisements, the store believes in promotion through hardworking employees or word of mouth. These techniques thus opt for increased footfalls and traffic at the store.

Other than this, they are also away from costly interior designs and other such practices. They have thus kept all their stores simple and sober. Even grocery bags also need to be bought in by the customers, beneficial for cost-cutting and the environment.


The American supermarket chain, PriceRite, is based out in Keasbey, New Jersey. It has more than 60 locations across the Northeastern United States and was founded in 1995. The candidates can go to PriceRite’s online portal, check out its current job offers, and be a part of this supermarket chain. You can check PriceRite’s online job application process guided above and submit your job application for the same.

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