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Process Technician Job Description (What You Need To Know)

Has a new process technician job caught your eye? 

This career path is perfect for people who enjoy monitoring and improving manufacturing processes. You need to have strong attention to detail to do this job, as well as a deep knowledge of machine parameters. Of course, there are certain skills, training, and experience that you need to apply for this role. 

It is important to read the job description carefully to make sure you meet the requirements. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at a typical day in the life of a process technician and ways to make your application stand out from the rest. 

Process Technician Job Description

Process Technician Job Description

A job description for this position should begin with an overview of the company that you would be working for. The working environment should be clearly defined as well as your typical daily duties. There should also be information about the working hours, type of contract, and the base salary that is being offered.

The job description should provide details of the education and experience that candidates need to have to apply. The skills that are needed to do this job should also be outlined in the job description. There is also likely to be information on additional qualities that the hiring manager is looking for. 

The Working Environment

The Working Environment

Process engineers usually spend most of their time on the factory floor of a company. In addition to monitoring the machinery, they also operate equipment and document the results. They often work within a clean-room environment when they are testing different processes. 

You are likely to work with harsh chemicals to blend ingredients and test chemical reactions. It is important to follow safety protocols to the letter to ensure personal safety and maintain a safe working environment. You need to be comfortable working in a noisy environment to do this job. It is also essential to be able to stand for extended periods and work quickly and accurately.

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

Several duties and responsibilities go with process technician roles. Showing your experience with these duties is the best way to demonstrate that you can do the job well. Here is an overview of the main duties that process technicians are likely to be charged with. 

Monitoring and adjusting machine parameters

Monitoring and adjusting machine parameters

You need to have a deep understanding of the different types of machinery you are responsible for. This includes knowing the right digital setting for every piece of equipment. You need to be able to make the correct adjustments to the machinery when necessary. 

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Maintaining the cleanliness of the process equipment area

It is essential to keep all equipment and equipment areas clean and sanitized at all times. If contamination occurs in the environment you are working in, it is likely to ruin the batch of chemicals. Therefore, it is important to highlight your experience with this duty on your resume. 

Product or test batch quality

You will be responsible for testing the quality of the products that are manufactured. Keep the set quality standards firmly in mind when testing different batches. You will need to keep detailed and accurate test logs and closely follow the company’s quality assurance procedures. 

Maintaining equipment and batch logbooks

Maintaining equipment and batch logbooks

It is important to keep maintenance logbooks for every piece of equipment you work with. You will also keep detailed batch-test logbooks. This will help you to generate detailed productivity reports for the company.

Escalating equipment malfunction to the supervisor

When there is an issue with a piece of equipment, you need to inform a supervisor. You will have to create a clear and detailed report on the nature of the malfunction. This will help the supervisor form the right method of solving the issue. 

Process Technician Job Description – Valuable Skills And Attributes

It is essential to have a blend of technical knowledge and soft skills to do this job well. Hiring managers will be scanning your resume for the required skills to make sure you have what it takes. Here are the key skills and attributes you should highlight when applying for this role. 

Linear thinking skills

It is important to understand how each of the steps of a process relates to the others. This gives you an insight into the overall process and allows you to make adjustments. Highlighting this skill shows the hiring manager that you have a good understanding of the job. 

Observational skills

Observational skills

It is your job to notice and analyze the tiniest differences and flaws in the manufacturing process. You will then use deductive reasoning to work out what has caused the discrepancy. Observation skills, as well as attention to detail, are important attributes to highlight on your resume. 

Organizational skills

It is important to keep all quality testing logbooks and equipment perfectly organized. This role also involves juggling a number of different tasks at the same time. Highlighting organizational skills is a good way to show that you can rise to this particular challenge. 

Proficiency in employer-specific equipment

Proficiency in employer-specific equipment

It is important to do a little research into the types of equipment used at the company you want to work for. Try to work your experience with using this equipment into your resume in a natural way. This will help show the hiring manager that you have the necessary skill and experience.

Verbal and written communication

It is essential to be able to explain important safety and technical information to your coworkers clearly. You need to have strong, active listening skills to understand and interpret the needs of different tasks. As well as have strong written communication skills to create clear and detailed reports on various tests. 

Education And Experience

It is usually necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to work as a process technician. Most employers expect candidates to have at least three years of practical experience, especially if they are applying for an advanced process technician role. They must also complete on-the-job training to provide knowledge of industrial machines and mechanical processes. 

Valuable Process Technician Certifications

Valuable Process Technician Certifications

Earning certification helps to identify you as an expert in your field. This is a good way to show that you have certain skills and will give you access to advanced positions. Here are some of the certifications that will help to boost your career prospects. 

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) 

Earning this certification through the National Healthcareer Association demonstrates your experience with drawing blood and working with samples. You need to have at least two years of work experience to meet the criteria. After sitting and passing the set exam, you need to renew this certification every two years. 

Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) 

Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) 

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board offers a special program that is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

 During this program, you will learn how to work safely and effectively in different types of environments. After completing the program, you need to pass an oral and written exam. The certification has to be renewed every two years to show that your skills are up to date. 

Certified Mold Professional (CMP)

This advanced certification program is offered by the Restoration Industry Association and shows you deep knowledge of different types of mold. Gaining this certification shows that you understand how to prevent mold from growing on process equipment. You will be awarded the certification after passing a written exam and need to renew it every three years. 

Certified Instrumentation Specialist (CIS)

Certified Instrumentation Specialist (CIS)

This certification shows that you have detailed and current knowledge of medical technology and equipment. You will be tested on your instrumentation practice skills as well as your knowledge of medical instruments. Once you have been awarded this certification, you need to renew it every year. 

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Process Technician Job Description – Final Thoughts

The secret to landing a process technician role you have set your sights on is doing your homework. You should find out as much about the company as possible, including the items that they manufacture. It is also a good idea to research the company’s mission statement and other things that they are known for.

Make sure that you read the job description carefully and understand the duties and requirements. You then need to reflect on as many of these elements as possible in your resume. 

This will show the hiring manager that you understand the nature of the job and can meet the challenge.

All the very best working as a Process Technician!

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