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Public Storage Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

public storage application

The company rents large and small units besides offering secret storage places for personal property in indoor and outdoor facilities. Job seekers can find careers available in both entry and managerial positions. The company tends to promote an easily accessible online application process.

One of the largest self-storage companies tends to be one of the kinds in the United States. The company mainly deals in the manufacturing of flexible storage units. Currently, the business has stores across 2600 locations in the United States. To run these stores, the company employs at least 5500 employees.

Important Information To Know about Before Joining Public Storage

Minimum age required to work at Public Storage: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Public Storage.

Working hours at Public Storage: The working hours of Public Storage vary from location and store wisely.

Employment Opportunities at Public Storage Application

The company was established in 1972 by Wayne Hughes and Ken Volk. Over the past few years, the company had expanded in no time. The company mainly needs qualified storage professionals. The positions tend to range from various opportunities in property management and call centers.

public storage application tips

Besides that, the company also offers jobs in technology and corporate jobs. As the mornings tend to be varied, the candidates can find careers per their objectives and abilities. The team members need to use their expertise to help in the prosperity of the business. A company tends to build on creative ideas, and the employees need to uphold some values and share ideas to be a better group.

Job Requirements

Public Storage workers tend to make a world of difference to the corporate world. The best part about working here is that the storage company embraces diversity and hires employees with unique potential and hail from different backgrounds. The employees mainly contribute to creative thinking and share inventive concepts. The staff members need to connect with the community of sustainable, down-to-earth attitudes. The company’s spirit tends to shine mainly through team friendship, and it goes with new employees and training processes especially.

Career Opportunities at Public Storage Applications

The company mainly works for at least 363 days in a year, and it needs employees who are willing to work even during flexible working hours. The positions are only filled with hardworking applicants eager to please the patrons to buy the company’s merchandise.

Ideally, the previous work experience is a boon to get the job here as it surely impresses the job hires and allows candidates to get the interviews in no time. The candidates show fantastic communication skills, and the majority of the job openings tend to request general knowledge about computers, and some applicants should also have professional software skills.

Customer Service Representatives

The employees need to understand the patron’s needs and offer fantastic customer service besides recommending proper storage. They also need to help the clients by explaining the terms and conditions of the lease and clarifying the fees related to it and insurance terms.

the public storage application

The employees also need to consult and sell the essential products to store the products ideally, including boxes and tape. The property appearances should welcome the potential patrons and might require cleaning the units. Besides that, they have to sweep, mop, and wipe the windows and other tasks. They can earn $9 to $9.5 per year. The job seekers should show energetic and outgoing personalities.

Administrative Assistant

The employees need to support the high-level management, and they can earn $12 per hour and increase the payment if they have prerequisite skills. Candidates with previous job experience tend to have a better chance of being hired. The employees must be comfortable with computers.

They have to update outlook calendars besides coordinating travel arrangements, keeping an eye on budget, preparing the PowerPoint presentations, and creating Microsoft excel reports. The employees need to show professionalism and high confidentiality levels. Successful employees also tend to manage time in the best possible way and estimate the needs of executives. Ideally, they have to fulfill some essential duties, including copying, filing, and answering the calls when necessary.

Call Centre Sales Agent

These employees tend to be the first point of contact for patrons, and sales agents tend to handle all inquires in professional and positive manners. The employees need to highlight excellent communication skills and help candidates in getting a job with Public Storage.

Working in the call center environment mainly includes evenings and holidays; employees need to explain and sell products and services. The employees need to exceed call quotas set by production managers. The applicants need to receive paid training for at least six weeks with one-to-one instruction from professionals. They can earn $13 per hour.

Tips For Applying at Public Storage

The company allows interested candidates to apply both online as well as offline. In the case of online, the candidate needs to visit the official website and make their account. After that, they would be expected to choose the location and the role they look forward to working. The candidates should have the relevant documents ready with themselves, such as an updated CV, personal verification documents, and educational background proofs. The candidates should also apply timely as there is cut-throat competition.

the public storage application tips

Perks of Working at Public Storage

The employees can avail several benefits when they work here. They can enjoy paid holidays and training. The eligible employees can avail themselves of health retirement plans. Overall, the company offers excellent working conditions and work-life balance.

Miscellaneous Information about Public Storage

The self-storage mainly engages in some auctions to recoup the losses after patrons fall months behind. The state laws especially allow the company to recuperate owed amounts.


Public Storage is a great company to work at, where the employees are thoroughly pampered and given a plethora of perks. In this article, we have tried to briefly cover all the points starting from the company’s background, the roles offered, tips for applying process of applying, etc. Candidates should make note of these pointers and build a successful career here.

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