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Publix Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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The company was established in the 1930s, and since then, it has at least 1000 grocery stores. Since inception it has been a private and employee-owned retail chain operates in various parts of the south-eastern U.S. The departments under the store include floral, bakery, and meat. It is ideally a prominent employee-owned American retail chain working in the United States of America.

The chain is said to deliver services including event planning, money services and online shopping and home delivery, and real estate. George W. Jenkins established Publix and the headquarters are located in Lakeland, Florida, United States. The branches of the stores are located in Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, besides Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina. It is the largest retail chain in the United States and features at least 197,000 employees.

Important Information to Know Before Applying for Publix

The required age needed to work or apply at Publix is as follows: The candidate needs to be at least 14 years and above, to be eligible to either apply or work at Publix.

The working hours operation: The working hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Sunday: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Primary Opportunities of Job at Publix

The prospective candidates can find jobs amid all the experience levels in Publix. The part-time jobs help the candidates to learn new skills. While the leaders and trained applicants can also apply for full-time positions at Publix and with salary options, the skilled entry-level employees can be transferred to management-level places.

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A career with Publix is most likely to be way more than just retail. The applicants interested in being working under in logistics department can work as distribution employees. If you are looking to work in corporate offices, then you must look for business careers. Manufacturing plants also have positions open for production. Candidates must pursue a career at Publix if they wish to have a lasting job. The employer tends to keep the workers well by giving them competitive pay besides employment perks. They also provide incentives for the employees, including bonuses and increment in salary.

Career Opportunities Available at Publix

There is no online application process for Publix. If you want to work at Publix, you must visit the store. Publix is considered to be a great place for working, as the environment here is very warm and fast pace. Publix is on the lookout for individuals who are motivated, passionate, driven, and at the same time have the thrust to learn and achieve great success. If you are someone who is highly passionate in life, and looking forward to enter this industry, then Publix can be your first choice indeed.

Also, Publix offers multiple career opportunities, which have been discussed here:

Entry-level Publix Jobs

For the entry-level Publix positions, the company claims to give an automated application process completed mainly in-store kiosks. The Kiosks tend to operate under Job application centre, and they occupy the locations at the front of the sites.

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The entry-level applicants especially spend at least 45 minutes completing the job application process at Publix. That includes a normal personal information part besides a questionnaire. The candidates need to offer their contact details and availability under the personal information besides their interests and passion.

Management Level Jobs at Publix

Publix claims to offer an online application process that is mainly reserved for internal management hires. The applicants have to meet the minimum requirements to be employed at the managerial level. If the outsiders need to be hired for the management level, they have to go through the online process.


  • Some of the primary duties of the cashier include helping the clients and maintain the registers.
  • The cashier also needs to bag goods and also be ready to lift some heavy stuff.
  • The hires have to work in close shifts and help with returns and also clean up the store.
  • Publix pays these applicants around $8 per hour.

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Stock Clerk

  • The applicants under this job have to unload the deliveries and keep the shelves stocked with the products.
  • Additionally, the stock clerks ensure that the products align with the guidelines of the presentation.
  • The employees have to do things besides cleaning like check the expiry dates of the products and help the patrons.
  • Publix pays these employees around $9 per hour.

Status of Application Review

If you are qualified for the job at Publix, you can hear from the hiring managers within a week. The supermarket ideally hires part-time entry-level candidates. The eligible can complete the process on-site, and the applicants need to ensure that they set aside some time to check all the prompts carefully. Candidates must also ensure they do not follow up a lot. This may upset the management and they may also lose their chance at getting a job.

Perks Received Working at Publix

The company tends to offer several fantastic employment benefits to retain the employees for a longer time. The candidates can take advantage of the competitive salaries besides flexible working hours, paid training, and mentoring programs. The eligible candidates can also access some core employment perks like health and dental insurance, healthcare prescription drug cover, long-term disability cover, and free flu injections. Besides that, job benefits also include service rewards and awards. But before applying to the company, the applicants must be aware of the company and gather some of the knowledge to crack the interview.

There is a huge positive side for the individuals to work at Publix, as the company has always been an employee’s company, and makes sure to cater to their needs over anything else. Hence, loads of perks coming your way if you get to join the company.

Miscellaneous Information Related to Publix

Every year, the company surveys employees to know their opinions about the organization. The brand has also developed an NGO to improve the lives of the people that it serves. The Apron program by the company claims to distribute free samples to the clients. It includes the dishes that can be prepared in no time.

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