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Publix Warehouse Jobs for felons

Publix Warehouse Jobs for felons

Working at Publix means becoming a partner in a growing company. Publix has a policy of support of workers in all company areas. Workers in Publix are called partners. Therefore, the company strives to make them grow as the business grows.

Today 200,000 people work at Publix. All of them arrived there with an open selection process with multiple hiring options. Assisting you in your search for a new job at Publix is the goal of this NCESC investigation.

Are Publix’s hiring policies open enough to hire felons?  The answer is: yes, they are.

If you have skills that coincide with a position, do not hesitate to apply at Publix. The key is to apply for the right job.

To Be a Felon And Apply at Publix

Nothing is more important to Publix than your skills for the position, not even that you have committed a crime. They will do a background check, of course. However, if you show in your application and your interview that you have paid your debt to society, there are high chances of being hired.

publix warehouse job

Why are you a potential hire?

1 Publix is a growing company. It daily locates staff for its 1,200 business establishments throughout the United States.

2 They need from stockers to administrative positions. That is to say, there is a wide range of jobs to perform at Publix.

3 Publix´s hiring technicians base the selection on skills. Above all, they ask about your working experience.

4 Publix has stores and warehouses in felon-friendly states.

5 Currently, they have jobs available in the distribution area in 28 warehouses.

Navigating Publix’s Application Platform

Almost no company has a hiring page as friendly and comprehensive as Publix. The website provides specific information about open jobs. In addition, it offers assistance to make the process comfortable. In short, the platform is notably easy to use.

You will find sections for:

  • Choose open jobs for immediate hiring.
  • Choose the type of position to which you could apply according to your abilities.
  • Sign up. Before starting an application you need an account.
  • Make a job search to apply in specific stores.
  • Take a skills test. It will help you to decide which position to apply for.

Try to know all the sections of the site before you apply. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the company’s policies. Secondly, check where their stores and warehouses are. Maybe one of them will become your next job place.

Check the testimonials section. Reading another worker’s experience will inspire you and will give you confidence in the selection process.

Apply for The Indicated Job

When you have decided what type of job interests you, start the application process. We recommend that you go to the distribution and logistics jobs section.

You are much more likely to get hired with a criminal record for a position in a warehouse. Unlike store workers, dealing with the public is limited in a warehouse. So, consequently, selection experts will prioritize your application for a distribution job. Let them know your desire to join the job immediately. Moreover, try not to put time restrictions.

publix warehouse job felons

A successful strategy is to ensure your entry into the company with one of the followings jobs:

  • Warehouse Person: Organize products and warehouse maintenance.
  • Distribution Operator: Manages activities of sending and receiving products from warehouses.
  • Warehouse Selector: Extract products from the warehouse to send them to stores. Use pallets and a motorized pallet jack.
  • Warehouse Administrative Assistant: Manages daily activities, human resources, payroll, and staff administrative functions.
  • Inventory Checker: List and record the products in the warehouse.
  • Stocker: Place products on the warehouse shelf.
  • Forklift Operator: Move cases and pallets with a Forklift.

If you perform satisfactorily in an entry-level position, Publix has another 6 careers for you in the future. There are testimonials from their associates about Publix’s efforts to increase their skills. That is to say, the policy of the company is to train their allies to improve their conditions.

Skills Needed to Qualify for a Warehouse Position

Your criminal record is only one part of your life. It is not all that Publix will evaluate to hire you. To sum up, concentrate on what skills you have.

If you answer positively more than five of these questions, apply for a position in a Publix’s warehouse:

1 Are you able to carry more than 85 pounds (ca. 39 kg)?

2 Can you use chemical cleaning products with protection?

3 Are you available to work at night, on weekends, and on holidays?

4 Are you over 18 years old?

5 Can you operate a pallet truck or a forklift?

6 Are you able to do monotonous work for extended periods?

How a Felon Prepares for an Interview?

Go to the interview with as much information about the company as possible. It’s also helpful to save a few questions to ask your interviewer. Showing interest in the dynamics and working conditions certainly will speak well of your will.

Your resume is your entry letter. Therefore, do not leave out any strength that qualifies you for the position. Try to memorize everything in your resume. The interviewer will use it as a guide in the interview.

publix warehouse job felon

It is your first day in the company: show your best personal skills. Firstly, do not neglect your presence. Show empathy and enthusiasm. In addition, a point of respectful good humor can help reduce tensions.

When you feel calm, you can share your legal status. Confidence is the center of your new working relationship. The recruiter will consider your disposition. Above all, try to give all the information without misleading.


Applying for a warehouse job is an excellent strategy to enter the job market after committing an offense. It is an opportunity to show that you are willing to reverse the situation and work towards reintegration.

Exploring options in companies with equal hiring policies is the first step. In conclusion, if you finally decide to apply at Publix, consider this as a possible entry job. Get as much experience as possible and show your willingness to keep improving. Publix provides benefits to outstanding workers.

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