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Qatar Airways Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

qatar airways application

Qatar Airways is a renowned airline company headquartered in Doha and has its base at Hamad International Airport. The Airways currently flies to over 150+ international countries and has a fleet of about 200+ plans. Qatar Airways has over 45,000 + employees across the globe.

In a short period, Qatar Airways has managed to gain a huge reputation for itself. It provides unmatched excellent services, which has helped the airlines receive multiple awards and has also helped the airlines become one of the best airlines in the world.

Importance Facts To Know Before Applying at Qatar Airways

Minimum age of the candidate to apply for Qatar Airways: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 21 years of age to apply at Qatar Airways.

Working hours Operations at Qatar Airways: The airline is operational 24*7 and seven days a week. The working timings of the employees vary depending on the business needs.

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Opportunities To Advance The Career at Qatar Airways

Recruiting events at Qatar Airways keep taking place in multiple cities across the globe. Qatar Airways is always on the lookout for diverse employees and a passionate team of employees, which is a proud moment for the airlines. Priority hires are the local Qatari nationals. More than 75% of the employees who are cabin crew are women. The ones who relocate to work at Qatar Airways in Doha are subjected to some very stringent rules in terms of living and working. However, there are plenty of benefits for applying at Qatar Airways, such as high wages on an hourly basis.

the qatar airways application

Qatar Airways airlines encourage bilingual candidates to apply, as the company is very open to their applications. Qatar Airways prefer candidates who are fluent with speaking English and Arabic. Employees who are well versed with various other languages spoken in their hubs are also considered strong contenders.

Candidate Eligibility

The entry-level jobs at Qatar Airways, expect the candidate to be 18 years and above with a valid diploma degree from high school. Candidates who are a minimum of 21 years of age are eligible to apply for the positions of the cabin crew. Although the majority of the jobs are full-time, there are a few jobs that are part times. Regardless of applying for, employees are expected to have a positive attitude, good communication skills, solid command over languages such as English.

The starting salaries of the employees at Qatar Airways primarily depend on the experience and skill-set. The management offers competitive wages to full-time entry-level employees along with other perks.

Career opportunities at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is always on the lookout for passionate individuals. Some of the positions do not require higher qualifications, but most of the positions require the proper experience of the candidate. Here are the different career opportunities available at Qatar Airways:

Cabin Crew

The employees working as cabin crews are the heart of the airlines as they play a crucial role. The cabin crew is responsible for settling down the passengers, provide them all the safety information, help them with their needs during the journey. The cabin crew employees should have a patient and calm personality.

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At the same time, they should be polite to the passengers in the aircraft. Qatar Airways offers great pay rates to the cabin crew members; the salary starts from $24k, and the rest depends on different experiences such as experience, etc.

Customer Service Agent

The work of the customer service agent generally involves looking after the offshore activities. These agents are also responsible for checking in the passengers, checking the baggage, tagging the baggage, and checking the passengers’ documents. Customer service agents are also required to have robust communication skills, efficiency, and patience. The salary package of the customer service agent usually starts from $30 and, based on prior experience, keeps changing.

the qatar airways application tips

Cargo Service Delivery Manager

A cargo service delivery manager will be responsible for checking for the overall performance of all the operational services. The manager is expected to analyze in detail the performance gap and then provide statistical information with a focus on the trends in case of any irregularities.

The key responsibilities of a cargo service delivery manager include:

  • Identification and reporting of network irregularities.
  • Monitoring the ground staff’s performance.
  • Providing accurate and timely updates about the operational activities to the senior management.

Tips For Applying at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways allows interested candidates to apply online or even in person. The application process of Qatar Airways is fairly simple and straightforward. Except for the cabin crew jobs, many of the job offerings are based on the invitation. Interested candidates can refer to the official website of Qatar Airways and check out the ‘Career’ section. Candidates should prepare well for the recruitment process as the competition is tough.

One should always make sure to wear formal clothes while going for the interview process as it helps in giving a good impression. Candidates should crisply answer questions and honestly. Managers also expect candidates to be passionate who are keen on being a part of the organization.

Perks of Working at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a great company to work at as it provides a plethora of benefits. The primary perks that the employees get working at Qatar Airways include large travel discounts, maternity and paternity leave, paid vacations and part-time off health coverage, medical insurance and dental coverage, and retirement plans for the employees. One can surely enjoy a great work-life balance at the company throughout.

Miscellaneous Information about Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways expects the individuals hired to relocate to the area closer to the company headquarters or one of the hubs. As a result, managers prefer candidates who are open to moving to different locations for work purposes. The candidates need to be very adjusting and also open by nature, as the employers at Qatar Airways are always on the lookout for candidates who are not rigid. The hiring team hires candidates who put in the right effort. Being honest during the interview is one of the best ways to impress the hiring team.

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