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Quaker Oats Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Quaker Oats was founded by Four Oats Meal in 1901. It is one of the most prominent companies in the United States. It is PepsiCo’s subsidiary. This food manufacturing company offers various career growth options committed to sell and make distinct product lines.

You can scroll down to know the variety of job openings offered by Quaker Oats. Also, go through the online application submitting process with details of schedule timings, duties, responsibilities, benefits, and career advancement opportunities provided by Quaker Oats.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats offers career opportunities to job seekers at least 18 years while submitting their application forms. The shift timings and operational hours at Quaker Oats are for seven days and twenty-four hours.

Career Advancement Options at Quaker Oats

The candidates applying for the post will be getting an entry-level job that is focused basically on producing products. They will find the roles confined to warehouses, delivery, and manufacturing. Along with this, they will also have a chance to explore diverse opportunities in sales, customer service, and distribution. The company is also a subsidiary of Pepsi; opportunities for an expedition to the workers will depend on company structures.

The candidate applying for entry-level posts must work in teams; they must be dedicated and possess the ability to multi-task. It depends on the choice of employees, whether they want to go for full-time jobs or part-time jobs, depending on their operational goals. They must be able to work with flexible schedules, operate in both day and night shifts, and must be able to work in weekend hours too.

The Job Positions Available at Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats opens job offers for Human Resource Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Production Mechanics, Warehouse Persons, Forklift Operators, Administrative Assistants, and Merchandisers positions. The candidates can also apply for Truck Hikers, Maintenance Mechanics, Parts Technicians, General Laborers, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Associate, and Delivery Drivers job roles.

The frequent job openings at Quaker Oats include the following:

Production Associates

  • The responsibilities for this job position include warehouse responsibilities such as packaging and processing employees, inspectors, and sanitation workers.
  • These associates usually need to bend, lift, and perform other repeated physical actions during their shift timings.
  • They should handle various types of warehouse equipment and machinery.
  • Production Associates at Quaker oats earn approximately $16.00 an hour in the beginning.

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  • Drivers at Quaker Oats are responsible for handling different types of vehicles that need CDLs to operate.
  • They should also handle other types of equipment, including hand trucks, pallet jacks, or forklifts.
  • They also need to assist in unloading and loading goods and merchandise.
  • Drivers are also responsible for placing stock, building displays, and filling shelves.
  • Quaker Oats offers a range of wages to its drivers depending on their working hours. They may get a salary scale ranging from $35k to $50k per year.

Sales Associates or Customer Service Associates

  • These Quaker Oats associates respond to the queries associated with potential problems, sales, and products.
  • They should attend appropriate training, collect necessary payments, and interact with distributors.
  • They are also responsible for demonstrating excellent product knowledge, data-entry adeptness, and superior interpersonal skills.
  • Quaker Oats offer approximately $16.00 per hour to its Customer Service or Sales Associates.

The Online Job Application Process of Quaker Oats

The candidates get an open option to apply for the same through online portals. Online portals have their benefits, as it allows people at any corner to search the same and fill out the applications if they fit into the criteria. The interested applicant needs to go for a questionnaire provided by the manufacturing company, and this gets done to check whether they are suitable for the post.

After clearing out the questions, they can fill out all the provided tabs on the forms. The candidate needs to ensure that all the details in the document are filled out accurately and must provide all the necessary information.

Checking Job Application Status for Quaker Oats

The candidates who have filled out application forms with the company need to wait for at least two weeks to hear back from the managers. The company’s big platform attracts plenty of applications for their vacancies, and all concerned information needs to get recognized.

The selected candidate will get a call back from the authorities regarding their selections and other interview processes. But the candidate needs to be dressed formally for the same and must possess a positive attitude. All the job seekers are not likely to receive individual attention from the managerial staff due to several applications. Candidates who find themselves suitable for the post can fill out the application forms for further considerations.

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Benefits and Perks While Working at Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats offers the following job benefits to its employees:

  • Eligible Quaker Oats employees receive disability coverage with vision and dental, and health insurance.
  • It also offers pensions paid and funded completely by the company with 401 (K) retirement plans to its employees.
  • Employees at Quaker Oats also enjoy discounts on entertainment, electronics, and cell phones.
  • They also get commuter reimbursement, education assistance, car discount programs, and parental leave from Quaker Oats.

Additional Details of Quaker Oats

The company’s website is far more than just about its details. It is also an exceptional resource for the meal plan and health information. They are also open to provide the recipes for meals to their customers, including the details from dishes to desserts.

It is also a beneficial platform for the parents to find out the tricks for picky eaters, incorporate kids in the kitchen activities, and the perfect meals for them, full of all the desired nutrition’s. Visitors looking out to include the oatmeals in their daily schedules will also find some interesting options with the website.


The candidates looking for employment at Quaker Oats can visit its job portal and check out the current job positions. The candidates can go through the process and fill up the application form accordingly and avail themselves of the opportunity to be a part of Quaker Oats.

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