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Quality Analyst Job Description

the quality analyst job description

Quality Analysts are quality assurance analysts who evaluate different products and services. They also assure the quality of different systems and software that meets the standard of the company. Quality analysts develop and support the design. They can execute test plans. They develop process plans for different projects.

quality analyst job description

Job Description – Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst focuses on maintaining and promoting the quality guidelines for a project within an organization. They conduct different tests for quality. They recommend predetermined changes in a particular project. Analysts also use their analytical skills to analyze a particular project in the best way they can. They also recommend qualitative solutions for the project in the organization.

Skills Required – Quality Analyst

  • They should pay strong attention to detail.
  • They can also use strong analytical skills.
  • Analysts should also use their abilities to ensure quality standards.
  • They should also provide constructive feedback to colleagues.

Job Responsibilities – Quality Analyst

  • They develop and execute test-related plans for various projects.
  • They also assess the functionality of a product.
  • Analysts also assess whether the products can meet quality standards set by the organization.
  • They also check the performance and reliability of the product before it is shipped to the client.
  • They also take corrective actions to ensure the quality of the product or service is met appropriately.
  • Analysts are also responsible to compile statistical data.
  • They also ensure user expectations are met by the products a company offers.
  • They can also investigate complaints of customers.
  • Analysts also ensure all quality standards are compliant with the regulations of the organization.

Job Requirements – Quality Analyst

  • They should have a degree in computer science or a related discipline.
  • They should also audit the products and conduct quality inspections for the organization.
  • Analysts should also have strong communication skills for excelling in this role.
  • They should also have strong analytical skills.
  • They should also have excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Analysts should also be able to pay proper attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Who is a quality analyst?

Ans. A quality analyst is responsible for testing different products during the production process. They also ensure the products should meet the quality standards set by the organization. They should also meet user expectations. Analysts also identify the weaknesses of a program or a website developed by the organization.

2 What is the basic Qualification of a Quality Analyst?

Ans. As a Quality Analyst, the candidate requires a bachelor’s degree in quality assurance so that they understand the quality guidelines while working for an organization. The product quality should also be assured before it is launched in the market. They build customer’s trust in products of various brands.

3 What is the best way to improvise skills related to Quality Assurance?


  • Stay focused on building qualitative standards.
  • Quality analysts must take proper initiative for work.
  • They can undertake additional training.
  • Analysts identify the areas of specific concerns.
  • They schedule specific times for carrying out checks regarding product quality.

4 Make a list of tools a Quality Analyst can use?


5 How does a candidate become a Quality Analyst?


  • They should acquire relevant certifications.
  • They can look for opportunities that offer them a better role so that they can get promoted to the next level.
  • Analysts should pursue a degree in quality assurance.
  • They should be open to continuous learning to grow in this role.

6 How does a candidate begin his career as a Quality Analyst?

Ans. They require proper on-the-job training in quality assurance with proper certifications in quality assurance. The relevant experience they should have to help them to rise above the corporate ladder. They need to be updated with the latest quality processes and technologies to validate product and service quality to excel in this role.

7 How does an employer recruit a Quality Analyst?

Ans.  Employers can advertise on free job sites, hire through the employee referral scheme. They also focus on hiring quality analysts through professional networks or a career fair in the job market. This helps employers to hire the best talent in the job market.

8 What makes an excellent Quality Analyst?

Ans. They should have analytical skills and the ability to solve problems related to the quality of the products. Analysts should also have strong oral and written communication skills to work in this domain. They should have the ability to test the performance of the product quality.

9 Can employers customize the job descriptions for a Quality Analyst?

Ans. As per the business requirement, the job description of a quality analyst can be customized in the best possible manner keeping in mind the business requirement of the organization as a whole. Quality analysts ensure the products meet various requirements of customers and serve their business purpose or complete a personal requirement.

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