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Quiznos Application: Jobs & Careers Online

quiznos application

Are you ready to sink your teeth into a tasty new job?

This popular international sub sandwich chain is famous for its fresh and tasty menu options. Quiznos was founded in Denver in 1981 and remains popular with sandwich lovers. Today, there are more than eight hundred branches of Quiznos in the United States alone. The company posts vacancies throughout the year for employees of all types.

So, if you want to work at Quiznos, make sure your Quiznos Application: Jobs & Careers Online is as fresh and tasty as the company’s subs by using the following information.

quiznos application

Facts About Working At Quiznos

You can apply for a job at Quiznos when you hit sixteen years old. The company’s restaurants are usually open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. If you are a student, you can gain work experience by taking on part-time evening and weekend shifts.

There are more than two hundred branches of Quiznos in thirty countries around the world. These include Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. If you are looking for a fresh challenge, transferring to an international branch could be a step in the right direction.

Quiznos Job Opportunities

Quiznos is the perfect place for entry-level candidates to gain work experience. If you have special skills and experience, you could take on a managerial role or work in the corporate office. Here are some of the main roles you can apply for at Quiznos and the types of duties that go with them.

Restaurant Crew Member

This is one of the most easily accessible jobs for new employees. This includes greeting customers, showing them to their tables, and operating cash registers. Restaurant crew members are also responsible for helping to keep the restaurant clean and tidy.

You need to be fairly physically fit to do this job and be able to work well with other people. Restaurant crew members can choose part-time or full-time hours and are often needed during busy periods. If you have no work experience, you will usually start at minimum wage, and the salary increases slightly over time.

Shift Leaders

If you have little experience in the foodservice industry, you could take on this role. Shift leaders perform most of the same tasks as team members. However, they are also provided with extra responsibilities and a slightly higher salary.

When new team members join the restaurant, shift leaders are responsible for training them. They help to make sure shifts run smoothly and report any issues to the manager. The starting salary for a shift manager is usually $10 per hour.

the quiznos application guide

Delivery Driver

If you want to get paid for driving, this job is a good option. This job mainly involves picking up orders and delivering them to customers at their homes. You need to make sure that all orders are correct and delivered as quickly as possible.

You will naturally need to hold a full driver’s license to do this job. During quiet periods, you may be assigned a range of other tasks like organizing the stockroom. Delivery drivers usually start at minimum wage and also earn tips from satisfied customers.

Catering Manager

Quiznos offers special catering menus for customers to enjoy at home or the venue of their choice. If you choose to be a catering manager, you would be in charge of managing these events. This includes working with customers to find out exactly what they want and how they want it.

You need to have strong communication skills to be a catering manager. You need to be able to lead a team of people and make sure that catering events run smoothly. The salary for this role depends on a range of factors but is typically around $40,000 per year.

Restaurant Manager

If you can work well under pressure and have strong leadership skills, consider being a restaurant manager. You need to be comfortable assigning tasks to employees and be able to smoothly handle customer issues. You also need to make hiring decisions and take care of a range of admin tasks to keep the restaurant running smoothly.

It is necessary to have previous experience in the restaurant industry to land this role. The starting salary for a restaurant manager is usually $35,000 per year. Restaurant managers also receive regular performance bonuses to reward good work and keep them motivated.

the quiznos application tips

Extra Benefits of Working at Quiznos

New Quiznos employees are provided with free uniforms, paid training, and free meals during their shifts. People who take on a full-time managerial role are provided with a special benefits package that includes plan time off. Other benefits include profit-sharing, medical, dental, life, and vision insurance, and enrollment in company retirement plans.

How To Apply?

If you are looking for a job in a Quiznos restaurant, you can print out the online application form. This gives you the time to find a place to unwind and complete the Quiznos application at your own pace. Make sure you complete all areas of the application form and check it for errors.

When you are ready, head to your nearest branch to hand in the application form. If you are lucky, the manager may be available to see you straight away. Otherwise, they will usually call you within a week to arrange an interview.

What about a corporate role?

If you have your sights set on a corporate role, you should contact the company through their website. Make sure you edit your resume to highlight your most valuable skills. You should also write a cover letter that shows the HR team why you are the perfect fit for them.

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Final Thoughts

One of the most important skills a Quiznos employee should have is being able to work in a team. Quiznos employees need to be able to trust each other and work well together in a busy environment.

Therefore, hiring managers tend to focus on making sure candidates are friendly and have strong communication skills. Make sure you review the job description carefully to see which other skills and attributes you should highlight.

It is also a good idea to visit a Quiznos branch before the interview and order something from the menu. Talking about this experience with the interviewer is a great way to break the ice.

All the very best with your Quiznos Online Application!

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