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QVC Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

qvc application

Ideally, QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience, and it is a cable home-shopping network chain owned by Qurate Retail Group. The network mainly connects with the clients through live dialog, expert interviews, and entertaining personalities besides award-winning customer service. The company was established in 1986 by Joseph Segel in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The first live telecast was aired in November 1986 and reached several people across the country. Since then, the company has undergone several rebranding tasks and changes to its format. The company has also expanded in several US states and built global connections to various countries, including UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy. The job seekers love working here.

Additional Information:

The company aims to strike a perfect balance between work and life for their employees, offering career development services. Besides being a shopping channel, the American television network also specializes in television home shopping. The company tends to stand by its motto of quality value convenience.

The company broadcasts in at least seven countries and more than 350 million houses, so it is quite a famous channel in the United States. The company’s initial slogan was “Find what you love, Love what you find. Then it had changed the slogan to “More of what you love.’ Sears was one of the first brands that signed up with the company, and it has signed a two-year brand deal with the company. The free-to-air television network is also a flagship shopping network specialized in televised home shopping.

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements

To get a job here, the applicants need good communication and marketing skills besides good social skills. Being a part of the retail industry, the company led the way in the television niche. The company works with several brands to sell its products both on television and online. In digital commerce, the company tends to lead with more than 17000 employees across the globe. The company regularly hires new employees for various job openings like call-center representatives, retail outlet associates, and managers to run the administrative jobs and supervise the subordinates. Job seekers can apply online.

Important information to know about before applying at QVC:

Minimum age of the candidate required to be eligible to apply at QVC: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at QVC.

Working hours at QVC: The chain operates seven days a week and is open 24*7. The working hours vary depending on the location and the need.

Employment opportunities at QVC:

The home shopping retail chain tends to offer customers the opportunity to make the purchase process through the air programming of the company’s web portal and different retail outlets. The company provides an all-in-one experience, and patrons are likely to preview goods and services without any need to leave their homes. The company also tends to offer popular brands and enjoys license with several sports leagues. The retail positions featuring QVC ideally stem from several stores the national home retailer tends to operate around the nation. The job seekers who care to look for extra income opportunities, first-time employment, or summer vacancies are likely to find it rewarding at their outlet stores.

Applicant Behavior:

The applicants need to show cheerful demeanors, curious relationship behaviors, and genuine interests in retail sales. Ideally, previous experience tends to benefit the candidates, but it isn’t always necessary to get entry-level employment with the organization. The home shopping retail chain mainly regularly hires associates to work in various call center environments in different locations across the United States.

Career opportunities at QVC

The candidates need to be at least 18 years old to get a job here. The candidates need to earn wages besides aligning with industry standards and get perfect work-life balance and chance to get exceptional job benefits.

Retail sales associate

The sales associate tends to help the patrons with all shopping experience elements, ranging from greet shoppers, assisting in buying selections and ringing out final sales, and answering all the client’s needs and queries. Some other responsibilities include creating displays for the products and services and conducting recovery besides restocking the products. The applicants need fantastic communication skills to meet the hiring requirements and have a high school diploma. They can earn $8 per hour.

Call Centre Associate

These employees have to serve the client’s incoming calls; ensure they meet the order’s efficiency and verify the data online. They also have to maintain responsibility for inputting all the client’s information and do the basic data entry. Above all, the employees need to show a positive attitude besides being energetic and warm. They have to work well in the teams and show fantastic attendance. They can earn $11 to $14 per hour.


The stores tend to require assistant store managers besides store managers to offer supervision to support the subordinate employees. They are ideally responsible for making personnel decisions like hiring, training, and motivating employees besides making the work schedules. They can earn $55000 per year.

Tips for applying at QVC:

Tips for applying at QVC

The interested candidates looking forward to applying at QVC can do so by navigating through the official website. The candidates will be asked to build a profile for a seamless application process. Then candidates will be required to upload an updated resume and answer some very basic questions. The entire application process at QVC takes about 30-40 minutes. Also, the candidates should write the correct information at one go, as there won’t be a provision to change it once the form has been submitted.

Perks of working at QVC:

The company offers several benefits to its employees like competitive wages, savings options, and retirement planning besides healthcare insurance plans.

Miscellaneous information about QVC:

The company works for several notable causes to give back to charities, and they organize some special shows known as “FFANY Shoes on Sale.


In this article, we have covered everything from the company information, job roles, salary packages, tips for applying to the perks employees get when they work here. It will make it easier for the interested candidates to get a road map and build on a successful career.

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