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RaceTrac Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About RaceTrac Application

RaceTrac manages many refueling stations and retail stores for convenience. These stores are located in the southern part of the USA. They hire job seekers with abundant employment opportunities at the entry-level or the managerial level. Applicants work in a fast-paced work environment and consistently interact with guests at RaceTrac to get jobs of their choice. Every day a large number of customers come for refueling day and night.

During steady business hours, employees serve customers to fill their tanks and purchase items from the food counter. A total of 370 stores operate from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. There are several work opportunities which exist in this company. The customers enjoy nearly 4000 food and beverage items across the retail outlet while they fuel their vehicles.

Application Process for RaceTrac

RaceTrac permits its applicants to apply online. They create free accounts with a username and password. The process takes 1 hour to complete. Applicants must truthfully fill all job application questions. They should highlight their experience at gas stations so that they get a suitable opportunity to work with RaceTrac. RaceTrac offers flexible shifts for candidates to work. The friendly job description permits many part-time and full-time employments at RaceTrac.

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The employees pay attention while getting interviewed and respond confidently to all answers which helps them to secure jobs well. They can follow up through telephone calls or store visits. RaceTrac offers a competitive pay scale for experienced candidates and they offer employments inflexible schedules. Employees should be open to work for night shifts and show flexibility to work for a long number of hours whenever required. The location remains open for 24 hours and 365 days.

Essential Requirements for RaceTrac

What is the specific age requirement to work at RaceTrac?

The applicants should be 18 years old so that they can work with RaceTrac.

What is the work shift for RaceTrac?

RaceTrac operates throughout the week for 24 hours.

List down the available positions at RaceTrac?

Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Associate, and Store Support Associate are the available positions at RaceTrac.

How will you apply for a job at RaceTrac?

Applicants can apply online for the available positions at RaceTrac.

Job Opportunities at RaceTrac

RaceTrac hires a talented workforce to work in a fast-paced environment. The workforce handles a large customer base day in and day out. RaceTrac hires 6000 employees for various positions. All employees are customer-oriented and meet customer demands effectively. Many job opportunities are offered as customer service associates or pump attendants.

There are many job opportunities available in the corporate office. Capable team members work effectively through the retail outlet by serving customers over 4000 food and beverage items. The store offers both part-time and full-time employment to many job seekers. The store offers competitive salaries and many suitable work options for employees to perform in an environment which is 24 hours.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Store Associate

  • Store associates work in customer service roles.
  • They also work as cashiers, stock clerks, and food service employees.
  • Their responsibilities also include handling cash, replenishing the shelf, and managing hot and cold items at the store.
  • They maintain cleanliness at the store and sweep and mop floors accordingly.
  • The store associates also ensure restrooms are neat and tidy and parking lots are clean.
  • They also ensure all customer queries get resolved timely with proper answers.
  • The hourly pay of the store associates is 9 dollars per hour.
  • This hourly wage increases with experience.

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  • Shift managers are responsible to drive sales, create labor schedules and also oversee the store inventory.
  • They train new workers and develop current staff members also prove prominent for other job duties.
  • They also handle maintenance, cash registers, and stock responsibilities to ensure the productivity of the station.
  • Previous work experience is also essential for this role.
  • Managers earn 11 dollars to 15 dollars hourly and make 49,000 dollars annually.
  • They also lead teams so that customers receive exceptional customer service.

Work Benefits for working at RaceTrac

RaceTrac offers an extensive range of health insurance coverage and vacation pay at the company. Vacation pay is generally given to tenured employees. Managers receive retirement plans from RaceTrac. Entry-level employees receive competitive salaries and lucrative opportunities for career advancement which provides them financial stability at work. Employees get paid in hours because breaks are generally not a mandate at the fuel station. Complimentary beverages are provided to employees during the shift.

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Additional Monetary Benefits

The company also offers opportunities to share profits with employees. Employees also roll in a pension plan. The other insurance includes temporary disability insurance and long-term disability. It offers paid sick leaves and holidays as a benefit. Employees can work in an open and casual work environment.

At RaceTrac, employees receive insurance for accidents or long-term illnesses. They also secure cash flow when they become dependable on this source of income. With a definite source of income, employees can invest for their retirement easily.

Additional Information

RaceTrac was found in the year 1934. It supports education and development for various employees. The scholarship funds in the company add to one million dollars for students working in the fuel business. All employees are eligible for online application forms. The company offers an internship program for 10 weeks. These programs add experience to the career of young job seekers. RaceTrac is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


RaceTrac offers both online and offline application processes at the store. Applicants can also apply for various job opportunities through the store or via the online channel. Applicants must follow up with their employees so that applicants can get a suitable opportunity of their choice at work. Work benefits also add more financial support to employees along with their competitive pay scales.

They are also expected to work for long working hours to serve customers in the best way. They provide scholarship programs to uplift employees to the best of their abilities. Employees avail career opportunities to grow in their careers. Career opportunities do not focus on giving the employees benefits which they cannot use to uplift their financial position.

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