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Rack Room Shoes Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

rack room shoes application

Ideally, Rack Room shoes is a retail footwear chain in the United States specializing in shoes for men, women, and kids. The best part is that the company offers exclusive shoes at cost-effective prices. The jobseekers can head to the company’s official web portal and apply for the job openings.

In 1920, the company was established by Phil Levinson in Salisbury, North Carolina. In 1984when the company had at least 22 stores, Levinson sold to Mort Lerner. Ideally, Mort Lerner is a Deichmann Schuhe which is a privately owned company in Germany.

The company now owns at least 720000 square foot stores, and it has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company mainly specializes in bags and shoes. Thanks to its staff training programs and employee support measures, the employees love working here. Communication is relatively accessible between management and personnel regarding work and ethics concerns.

Important Information To Know about Rack Room Shoes Before Applying Here

Minimum eligible age of the candidate to apply at Rack Room Shoes: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Rack Room Shoes.

Working duration at Rack Room Shoes: The working hours are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Saturday: The working duration is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • B: Sunday: The working hours are from 11:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Rack Room Shoes

There are various job opportunities available here as new employees are likely to be in the workforce. They seek employment at the retail sales level that constantly involves comfortable and practical service to various patrons like men, women, and kids, including infants. Besides the retail positions, the experienced professionals are also seeking corporate career options, which find lucrative full-time jobs featuring footwear chains.

Available Positions

The company offices staff marketing, human resources, and finance positions to ensure the business is profitable. The regular job vacancies are likely to include shipping and receiving areas. The company is available in more than 30 locations, and the network of Rack room shoes creates excellent avenues to find jobs.

the rack room shoes application

The company also hires onboard new associates to replace employees lost through turnover or staff new stores as the business expands. The footwear retail chain also offers a competitive salary and career advancement opportunities besides unique perks. The company mainly hires employees that seek fashion-conscious employment job seekers to staff stores during the hiring process.

Career Opportunities at Rack Room Shoes

The company hires both full-time and part-time employees. The retailer mainly hires applicants that stand true to the company’s vision and mission besides offering high-quality service. The applicants need to be at least 18 years old.

Sales Associate

They need to provide vital customer service being the entry-level employees. The job duties include setting up the stock displays and stocking shelves, helping patrons locate desired footwear and suggesting footwear. The workers need to carry cashier duties, including processing payments and bank card transactions, making changes and bagging goods.

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They can earn minimum wages per hour when hired. The company regularly employs employees with minimum work experience, and there is no formal education background. Above all, candidates can earn priority or better wages during the hiring process if they have working experience in the retail or shoe store industry.


The drivers need to load and unload the store’s merchandise for sale. They work together with third-party shoe companies when they consign various products to the store. The drivers also need to deliver the orders to patrons at their doorstep on the routes assigned, and they also need to communicate with the route dispatcher. Besides that, they need to maintain the vehicle regularly and report some mechanisms.


Besides checking the store, the cashiers need to scan the item and receive payment from patrons. They also need to issue changes, refunds, or receipts as per sale. The cashier balances the account and counts the money before or after each sale. They also need to wrap and box products after the sale.

rack room shoes application tips

Management professionals are ideally assistant managers who work under store managers to lead patrons regarding employee teams in designated stores. Some primary responsibilities include offering customer service in a fast-paced environment, training and disclosing workers, maintaining staff productivity, and promoting teamwork among employees. They mainly hire employees with at least two years of experience in the retail chain. The cashier also needs to possess high school diplomas or GED. They can earn $10.5 per hour and may receive more pay over time.

Tips For Applying at Rack Room Shoes

Interested candidates who are very motivated and passionate should apply for Rack Room Shoes. There are multiple ways of applying, including emails, in-person visits to the store, telephone calls. When vising the outlet, candidates should be dressed up formally, as it portrays a good impression.

Also, the company stays very busy during the holiday season, so the applicant must mention the availability accordingly. Basically, the candidates need to exhibit the quality of adjusting, as the company is on the lookout for individuals who have a dynamic personality and would make the company their first priority.

Perks of Working at Rack Room Shoes

The employees can get several perks like a flexible schedule, healthcare plans like life and health insurance. They can also get 401k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information at Rack Room Shoes

The Rack Room shoes tend to make corporate giving a considerable priority. Besides local community fundraising, the retail chain supports disaster relief, military, and scholarship campaigns.


In this thread, we have covered all the important topics, which will help candidates sail through the recruitment process at Rack Room Shoes. We have touched upon topics like the background of the company, the ways in which individuals can apply for the company, the perks for applying at the company, the salary expectations on the basis of the different roles, etc.

Overall Rack Room Shoes is a great company to work at, which provides a plethora of opportunities to its staff. There are also various opportunities where the candidate can look forward to future growth within the organization.

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