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Radiology Technician Job Description

radiology technician job description

The job of radiology technician needs immense technical knowledge as well as experience. The position of a radiology technician includes diagnosis and subsequent treatment with diagnostic image examinations like CT scans, X-ray scans, and MRI scans. In addition, they prepare patients for the tests and get the equipment ready and maintain it, required for the general procedures of radiological tests.

radiology technician job description

Radiology Technician – Job Description

Radiology technicians include specific fields of expertise like MRI Technician, CT Scan Technician or Mammography Technician. They must work closely with patients and instruct them on the procedures. At the same time, the examination is conducted, along with diagnosing problems, developing and maintaining films, maintaining and operations of radiological equipment.

They also need to take proper preventive measures with the patients and secure them from unnecessary exposure to radio waves detrimental to their health.

Radiology Technician – Skills Required

To succeed as a radiology technician, you need to have proper technical and communicative skills to deal with patients. They should have enough will and physical strength to lift heavy equipment and disabled patients along with empathetic communication with them. They should know their subjects properly and make the correct diagnosis for patients with various impairments.

A radiology technician should be very patient in listening to all the problems and make decisions accordingly. They should be quick in assessing and provide services immediately to emergency cases.

You need to be a technically sound individual if you apply for a job as a radiology technician. You should have proper empathetic and communication skills to succeed in your career. The technician also needs to be fully dedicated to the job assigned to you.

Radiology Technician – Job Responsibilities

  • They need to take and assess a patient’s medical history, diagnose the problems eventually, and adequately educate and get them ready for all the examination procedures included in a radiological test.
  • Consulting the doctor’s instructions and running tests accordingly, and maintain the patient’s record before and after the test is conducted.
  • They also have to prepare and devise proper radiopharmaceuticals to contrast the resulting images of the diagnosis.
  • They should also ensure proper positioning of the patients and the equipment for correct imaging and diagnosis prevent excess damage to the patient.
  • The technician should also monitor and educate the patient about the procedure while testing and safeguard them from unnecessary exposure to the rays.
  • They should also follow the doctor’s instruction to calibrate and maintain the position of the equipment to get a proper and clear image which can be helpful in further diagnosis.
  • They also need to ensure that all radiological equipment is properly sterilized and cleaned for other use.
  • The technician also needs to maintain a list of all the regularly used components and report any equipment failure immediately to the authority.
  • Communicating with the radiology departmental authorities to schedule and complete all radiological tests within the stipulated time and work hours is also part of the job.
  • Being knowledgeable about the current updates in the world of radiological examinations and their related equipment is also important.

Radiology Technician – Job Requirements

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree specializing in radiography or radiologic technology.
  • The state authorities and radiological associations provide a license or certification for legal practice.
  • Immense skills in communicating, being empathetic, and dealing with patients.
  • Excellent and quick analysis and decision-making skills to solve grave problems in minimum time.
  • The knowledge to handle, operate and maintain all equipment related to radiological tests and diagnosis.
  • The physical strength and stamina to stand for unlimited hours and carry heavy machines and equipment and take physically disabled patients.
  • Flexible hours for work and serving to emergencies at sudden hours of the day irrespective of personal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 To apply for the role of a radiology technician, do I need to have strong technical skills?

Ans. Absolutely yes. The job role of radiology technician involves the individual to be technically very sound and robust. You should also operate all the relevant equipment and carry out the tests and diagnosis as per the requirements. During their working hours, the technician checks out reports and draws inferences.

2 Do I need to have the experience to apply for radiology technician?

Ans. It depends from company to company. Generally, radiology technicians start from the fundamental right post their education. So, many companies focus more on the education aspect and not on the experience. However, the candidates who have the relevant expertise indeed get the upper hand.

3 What are the ways through which I can apply for the role?

Ans. In the world of technology, you can apply through multiple ways, such as by using the internet and researching about companies hiring, or even through offline measures by actually visiting the company to present your resume along with the application form details.

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