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Real Estate Agent Job Description

real estate agent job description

Real Estate agents are responsible to assist clients in renting, buying, and selling various accommodations across the city. These agents either manage standalone businesses or work for a company. Real estate agents require a specific license to manage their businesses. This also helps them to build new clients in the real estate sector. They make house hunting or commercial property hunting an easy task for clients.

Job Description – Real Estate Agent

All candidates who apply for the position of real estate agent should be responsible to carry out activities like buying and selling properties and generating customer leads to sell such properties. It is their responsibility to counsel clients on various market conditions and develops a list of market prices for real estate which is competitive. Real estate agents are in charge of creating property listings which make it easier for sellers to choose the best property which fits their need.

Real estate agents need to acquire a state license before they desire to work as a real estate agent either with a company or as an individual. They require to be part of a realtor board with vast experience in sales.

Skills Required – Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents should have good communication skills and the ability to negotiate well with clients. They should use their active listening skills to understand client requirements in a better way. Having patience and calmness in this role helps real estate agents to become successful. Real estate agents should be tech-savvy and have complete knowledge about the real estate industry.

Job Responsibilities – Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Agents generate new clients who rent, purchase or sell a property.
  • They should also brief clients about market conditions, real estate prices, and mortgages.
  • They are also responsible to create a list of real estate properties for selling.
  • This list also provides a brief about components like location, features of the property, and square feet area.
  • They are also responsible to show different properties to buyers and renters.
  • A good real estate agent also helps buyers and sellers to negotiate well.
  • They also review purchase contracts and ensure all terms and conditions are met.
  • They also promote properties with the help of advertisements, listings, and open houses.
  • The agents also maintain a real estate license and have complete knowledge about the industry.

Requirements – Real Estate Agent

  • They must hold a valid real estate license to become a real estate agent.
  • They should also have a proper standing on the local realtor board.
  • The agent should also have relevant experience in real estate sales.
  • They should also have strong interpersonal skills to succeed in this role.
  • They should also know the local property market properly to serve clients with the best approach.
  • The agent should also hold a valid license for driving a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the Job Profile of a real estate agent like?

Ans. A real estate agent assists clients to buy, sell and rent accommodations or other commercial properties. They brief clients about leading market conditions, real estate prices and guide them in the process of buying or selling properties. This is the basic job profile for a real estate agent. A real estate agent simplifies the search for a suitable property either commercial or residential which meets the requirement of clients.

2 Can employers customize job descriptions for this position?

Ans. Every real estate company has different requirements as per the properties they cater to. Depending on the business requirement of each company, employers can add or remove job responsibilities from their job descriptions easily. There are many ways to edit or customize job descriptions as per the business requirement of the organization.

3 Where can employers advertise for this position?

Ans. Employers can advertise for this job profile on the free job sites or their career portal of the official website which belongs to their company. Employers also spread the information regarding such job openings in their professional network of real estate agents.

4 What are the different skills required to become a successful real estate agent?


  • Communication Skills are necessary
  • They maintain integrity
  • They can also negotiate well.
  • The agent should also have active listening skills
  • They should also have good problem-solving skills
  • The agent must also have patience and calmness while dealing with clients.
  • They should also have complete knowledge about the real estate industry to serve clients in a better way.
  • They also need to be tech-savvy in today’s world.

5 What is meant by a Real estate agent?

Ans. A real estate agent is someone who can help clients to buy or sell properties and brief them about different aspects of the real estate market. The real estate agents are employed worldwide and they support different clients to get a property of their choice without much hassle of searching properties themselves. Real estate agents help clients to get desirable properties at competitive prices which they can afford and develop assets in their name.

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