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Real Estate Assistant Job Description

real estate assistant job description

Real Estate Assistants work for more than one Real Estate Agents, They can provide administrative support such as assisting with keeping paperwork in order. They answer telephones and schedule appointments for their supervisors. The Real Estate Assistants are organized in their work and should be able to handle client queries. They can manage telephonic duties. The assistants also order supplies. They distribute marketing materials, documentation, and reports.

real estate assistant job description

Job Description – Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistants answer all telephonic calls for customers, they order the supplies for marketing the various properties. They help in creating promotional material for all properties. The assistants also maintain documentation for tenants. They should always remain confident socially. They should create reports for Real Estate Agents regarding various properties being sold or rented out.

Skills Required – Real Estate Assistant

  • They should have strong literacy and numeracy.
  • They also require basic computer literacy.
  • The assistants also advertise on various social media platforms.
  • They also design real estate brochures.
  • They also advertise a property in online newspapers.
  • The assistants also ensure all properties are put up for sale.
  • They also inspect before selling a property.

Job Responsibilities – Real Estate Assistant

  • They greet clients and make phone calls to do a consistent follow-up.
  • They can also schedule proper meetings between clients and real estate agents.
  • The assistants also make appropriate travel arrangements for real estate agents to travel.
  • They also prepare various forms for real estate and compile valid documentation for the Real Estate Agent.
  • They also coordinate property tours and obtain proper feedback from clients.
  • The assistants also distribute marketing material.
  • They also maintain all files electronically.
  • They also list down all properties on social media.
  • The assistants also assist the proper closing process.

Requirements – Real Estate Assistant

  • They require a high school diploma.
  • They also require a basic education degree.
  • The assistant should also have experience in Real Estate Industry.
  • They also need good communication skills i.e. verbal and written.
  • Proficiency in MS Office is also a must.
  • They must work independently in their job role.
  • They also require strong skills to organize.
  • The assistant also needs critical thinking skills.
  • They pay strong attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What do real estate assistants do?

Ans. They work in the administrative department of a real estate firm. They manage all the administrative tasks for all real estate agents. The assistant can also schedule business appointments, communicate with clients, they promote and market different properties. The Real Estate Assistants with relevant experience can get promoted as licensed real estate agents.

2 What are the top skills for real estate assistants?


  • Communicate with clients.
  • Ability to Negotiate with clients.
  • They have active listening skills.
  • The assistant also requires problem-solving skills.
  • They need calmness and patience to work in real estate.

3 How will a Real estate assistant get recruited?

Ans. This is an entry-level job you can advertise on free job sites and professional networking sites or through an employee referral scheme.

4 How will a Real estate assistant’s JD get customized?

Ans. The job description can be customized as per the requirement of the real estate agent. The JD talks about the skill set required for the position of a real estate assistant, it lets the applicants know what is expected from them in the present job role.

5 How does a real estate assistant assist Real Estate Agents?

Ans. They set up interactions with clients. The assistant also manages all office-related duties, They manage all property touring and the final closure of property deals is coordinated by them. Real estate assistants are a helping hand for Real Estate Agents. Real estate assistants work as a team members with one or more real estate assistants. They ensure all documentation is in order.

6 What kind of interview questions are asked in an interview from Real Estate Assistant?


  • Why do you want to work in a real estate firm?
  • How did you hear about this opening?
  • What are your skills as a real estate assistant?
  • When do you think a purchase closure is successful?
  • How do you screen tenants?

7 What are the success strategies for Real Estate assistants?


  • They should be flexible in your availability.
  • They should assist in achieving goals set by a Real Estate Firm.
  • Create a Marketing Plan in Place.
  • They can build strong relationships.
  • The assistant should also use social media platforms to promote.
  • They focus on selling the properties at the best possible rate.

8 How do Real estate assistants help in developing business?


  • Focus on their strengths.
  • Plan, strategize and execute.
  • They require a mentor in the industry.
  • The assistant also manages the real estate desk.
  • They will work hard and help other team members to grow.
  • The assistant also works with a professional network to manage the development of the real estate business.
  • They help the organization to build a property database.
  • They use their education to grow.
  • The assistant can also build a brand in Real Estate Market.
  • They help real estate agents to grow with the firm.
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