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Receiving Clerk Job Description

receiving clerk job description

The job of a receiving clerk is essential in every way in the company. Read the job description to learn more about the roles and responsibilities, job role, duties, and the skillset for this job role. This will also help you understand the job before applying for it.

A receiving clerk is responsible for managing and recording all the goods delivered to a shipment warehouse. They need to verify and sign all documents before stocking all the goods. In addition, they are responsible for unloading and storing all the delivered goods received through shipment and processing any return requested by the customers through the parent company or authority.

A receiving clerk needs to meet and communicate with all the procurement personnel employed at a separate warehouse to list all the expected deliveries and proper storage. An eye for accurate listing and timely response to the inventory that goes in and out is a unique skill every receiving clerk must possess.

receiving clerk job description

Receiving Clerk – Job Description

A receiving clerk should accept, verify and process all the deliveries via a shipment to a warehouse. First, every item needs to be appropriately verified, and then the truck should be unloaded. Verification of the items includes checking whether the correct item has been delivered, the thing is in proper condition, the valid quantity is given, and much more.

The receiving clerk also needs to check whether the items are stored correctly and in the right place. They also need to verify all the returns initiated by customers and process them properly. The receiving clerk must record all the incoming and storage of inventory and report that accurately to the authorities.

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Receiving Clerk – Skills Required

To be a successful receiving clerk, you need an excellent capacity to handle a lot of information. You should thoroughly inspect all items delivered daily and provide attention to detail to keep track of the shipment and create a report accordingly.

The receiving clerk should be fit and strong. This helps them lift and move heavy goods regularly. Finally, to be a successful receiving clerk, you should also have immense decision-making skills to solve all issues and discrepancies. It would help if you were prompt enough to ensure that all tasks are correctly done and spot-on to make the whole process efficient and free from loopholes.

Job Responsibilities

  • Checking and comparing all purchase orders with their subsequent invoices and supporting products lists.
  • The receiving clerk also inspects all the delivered items and matches them with the received product list.
  • Verifying and receiving all the products after signing them.
  • Unloading and stocking the delivery items from the trucks or vehicles.
  • The receiving clerk also verifies and processes all the requested returns for incorrect or unsatisfactory orders.
  • Loading and storing the delivered items in designated places for easy clearance.
  • The receiving clerk also updates the inventory lists on the computer after receiving every delivery.
  • Communicating and talking to vendors and delivery people about the delay in item delivery and wrong delivery of products.
  • The receiving clerk also maintains the records constantly for orders, shipment, inventory details, and much more.

Job Requirements

  • A minimum diploma from high school or GED (General Educational Development) degree.
  • At least a year of experience in a warehouse.
  • Excellent skills for communication with vendors and organizational skills to tackle large deliveries.
  • Proper understanding of how warehouse functions and its safety policies to safeguards items are worth a lot.
  • Physical strength and fitness, along with experience in operating and using a commercial forklift for heavy goods.
  • Basic skills in managing a computer and knowledge in data entry and inventory management through computer software and programs.
  • Essential mathematical ability to calculate costs on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How important it is to be technically sound for the role of a receiving clerk?

Ans. Individuals looking forward to the role of receiving clerk need to be decent with their technical skills. The receiving clerk should also have computer knowledge for data entry and inventory management. They should use it using multiple computer programs and software. In addition, receiving clerks should update the inventory regularly. This helps the organization keep track of inventory.

2 Is physical fitness a prerequisite to apply for this role?

Ans. The receiving clerk should also be physically fit and have proper stamina. There could be times when you might be required to lift heavy objects, hence in such a case; you must have the strength to do so, which comes through being physically fit.

3 Mention the experience required to apply for this role.

Ans. The candidate should have a minimum experience of one year to be eligible to apply for this role. Anything more than that will be an add on surely. However, the number of years of experience required does depend on which company you are applying for.

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