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Receptionist Job Description

receptionist job description

Receptionists are usually in charge of various administrative support tasks, including preparing meeting rooms and receiving visitors. They are also responsible for answering phones, distributing and sorting mail, and making travel plans.

Candidates must have strong written and verbal communication skills to get considered for the Receptionist position. Besides, Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, such as Excel and Word, is vital to be successful in this profession. It is also an advantage if the job applicants have worked as a receptionist before.

Job Description of Receptionist

Recruiting personnel usually look for a Receptionist to greet clients and visitors in their office. In addition, they are often responsible for distributing and sorting mail, taking messages, and answering phones. They are also responsible for notifying staff about visitors and directing clients to several areas of the business.

While receptionists provide secretarial or administrative support to the organization, they differ from administrators as they are more concerned with patients, clients, or visitors than with the needs of corporate personnel. Operating as a receptionist is an excellent opportunity to improve your clerical or administrative abilities, make new connections, and learn about a specific business.

Responsibilities of Receptionist:

  • A Receptionist’s primary responsibility is to greet customers and guests with a courteous and helpful attitude.
  • They are in charge of helping clients find their way around the office.
  • They are also in charge of announcing clients when needed.
  • Their duties also include maintaining workplace security by collecting, checking, and issuing badges as required and monitoring visitor logs.
  • Receptionists are generally responsible for helping with several administrative activities such as taking notes, faxing, copying, and making travel arrangements.
  • These individuals should be in charge of setting up training and meeting facilities.
  • Answering phone calls professionally and routing calls as required are also among their duties.
  • These candidates usually distribute and sort mails.
  • Receptionists also help coworkers with administrative duties.
  • They are also in charge of informal administrative tasks.
  • Receptionists are also responsible for screening, forwarding, and answering phone calls.
  • The reception staff is also responsible for developing, managing, and hiring the administrative team’s junior members.
  • Satisfying the customers is also the duty of a Receptionist.
  • These candidates are also in charge of making appointments.

Requirements for Receptionist

  • To apply for a Receptionist position, you must have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a related subject.
  • For consideration, previous experience in a Receptionist role or a similar sector is an advantage.
  • The candidate must be consistent in appearance, attire, and demeanor when applying for the position of receptionist.
  • The prospective Receptionist should have exceptional vocal and written communication abilities.
  • To get the Receptionist position, you must be proficient in Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Excel, and Word.
  • The candidate can get employment if they have time management skills.
  • These job candidates should have previous clerical and administrative experience.
  • They should work well as part of a team, assisting with several responsibilities as needed.

Interview Questions for Receptionist

1 How do you deal with demanding customers?

Ans. This question puts the job applicants’ interpersonal abilities to the test.

2 Describe how you handled administrative responsibilities using technology.

Ans. The answer to this question shows how skilled the candidate is when using a computer.

3 What methods do you use to boost efficiency and accuracy? How do you correct errors?

Ans. The response assesses the prospective applicants’ ability to manage various tasks.

4 How do you arrange travel plans for longer trips when a manager requests you to do that. How will you do that? What inquiries would you need?

Ans. The answer exhibits a significant level of attention to detail of the job aspirant.

5 A customer walks in, the phone rings, and a box arrives as you’re setting up a conference room for a meeting. What method do you use to prioritize these tasks?

Ans. This question puts the individual’s multitasking skills to the test.

Future Scope as a Receptionist

Receptionists can progress to more responsible administrative positions such as administrative assistants and secretaries. Receptionists are frequently the first workers of a company to interact with customers or clients. They are in charge of giving the organization a positive initial impression, which can impact its success.

These candidates usually issue visitor cards, manage entry to the organization, and organize to take visitors to be transported to the appropriate offices. In addition, computers, telephones, and several other office equipments, such as fax machines and scanners, are often used by Receptionists.

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Preparing facilities, directing and welcoming visitors, sorting mails, and answering phone calls is part of the Receptionists duties. In addition, meeting and making travel arrangements are among tasks performed by Receptionists. Therefore, well-organized, pleasant, and attentive candidates are usually considered for the Receptionist job position and are generally successful in their role. However, the job applicants who lack communication and critical thinking skills are often avoided by the recruiters.

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