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Residential Cleaner Job Description

residential cleaner job description

If you are keen on taking up the residential cleaner job, you must read all the information given here. It would be best to get confused between housekeepers and janitors when reading about residential cleaners. You also need to know that residential cleaners work only in residential areas. They are also mainly responsible for keeping your house clean. If you want to become a residential cleaner, you also need to have some sound knowledge of chemicals or tools used besides the methods applicable to in-house cleaning.

It would be best if you also had your tools. You can indeed find an excellent job through some agencies, or you can choose to work privately. The residential cleanser also needs to perform several duties regarding cleaning and maintenance. You would also be in charge of maintaining the spaces as per the employer’s standards. Responsibilities are also likely to include mopping, vacuuming besides surface cleaning. Besides having an eye for detail, you also need to have a positive attitude. If you feel you are perfect for the job, you must be quick to learn some new things.

residential cleaner job description

Job Description – Residential Cleaner

Being a residential cleaner, you need to ensure that there is the highest level of cleanliness around the residential areas, including bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. You also need to carry out light cleaning to maintain residential areas. To quote, a residential cleaner is the one who is professionally responsible for offering the highest cleaning standard of comfort and hygiene for residential clients.

The residential cleaner would also be responsible for cleaning and maintaining a house and its surrounding. Your responsibilities include scrubbing, sanitizing, sweeping, washing, dusting, mopping, vacuuming all areas besides surfaces.

You should also know how to make beds or ironing while folding laundry. If you want to become a thriving residential cleaner, you must have a fantastic attitude and physical stamina while be dedicated to excellence. Employers look for employees that display efficiency, strength, and respect for the home and its members. While performing the duties, you would be expected to take care of the client’s demands and be aware entirely of their health and safety. It would help if you also considered the building’s security.

The cleaner also needs to maintain all the records of the work completed while the one left. Besides that, you need to take notes of faulty appliances or the ones which need to be repaired. Above all, you need to pay attention to the little details.

Skills Required – Residential Cleaner

To become a thriving residential cleaner, you need to show some fantastic skills like physical fitness. It would help if you had good stamina as a residential cleaner tends to be a tiring job. You must be familiar with sanitary and hygiene regulations as they tend to be a requirement here. Besides that, you need to show reliability skills also.

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Job Responsibilities

  • You need to dust and clean the ceiling vents, countertops, while surface areas.
  • It would help if you the experience of cleaning some windows and doors
  • You need to perform some general sweeping and mopping of hardwood, tiled, or floors.
  • You need to dust, sweep and mop toilets, showers, driveways, and windows.
  • Ensure to vacuum the carpets and other dusty surfaces.
  • You will need to polish furniture while room accessories.
  • Required to making beds while fluffing pillows.
  • Required to scrub and sanitize the relevant surfaces.
  • Need to handle the furniture with utmost care.

Job Requirements

  • Having a high school diploma is a must.
  • It would help if you had relevant certificates.
  • Must have good knowledge of various cleaning supplies besides chemicals.
  • You must have good written and verbal communication.
  • Above all, you need to have a positive attitude.
  • The candidate is required to be polite and adaptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is the role of a residential cleaner a full-time role or a part-time role?

Ans. Mostly, a residential cleaner is expected to work part-time. There are shifts which the companies assign as per the demand from their clients. You could be given anything amongst a morning, afternoon, or night shift, and as per the shift, you will be required to devote the number of hours.

2 Can I work as a residential cleaner independently, or will I register in a company?

Ans. It depends on you, as both the options are open. To give you a reality check, people generally prefer hiring residential cleaners to form a registered company. Hence, it will be a better idea if you get yourself registered with a company.

3 Will it be a manual job, or can I use equipment while performing the job?

Ans. It depends. It will mostly mix you doing a manual job and using some high-end advanced technological equipment to perform the job. This situation varies depending on what the client has asked for.

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