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Restaurant General Manager Job Description

restaurant general manager job description

Restaurant General Managers are in charge of hiring and training workers, ordering ingredients for kitchen staff, and communicating with patrons to assure that they are satisfied with the services.

If you are quality and customer-focused, manage profitability with management and verbal communication proficiency, you are most likely to be considered for the job role of Restaurant General Manager. The skills required also include strategic planning, process improvement, financial strategy and planning, developing budgets, and cost accounting.

The specific talents necessary for the position of Restaurant General Manager can vary. For example, they may need a broad skillset if they work for a small restaurant with a single location, but they will be expected to function at a low frequency. On the other hand, they could have a more narrow and specific area of competence if they work for a national or global organization or brand, but they have duties on a broader scale.

Job Description of Restaurant General Manager

Several restaurants in the food and beverage industry seek goal-oriented and well-organized Restaurant General Managers to oversee our operations. The restaurant general manager is in charge of developing a menu with the kitchen staff, hiring and training new employees, and keeping track of all revenue and expenses. A candidate for the restaurant general manager position should have strong communication skills and a desire to provide excellent customer service to succeed in their career paths. While managing back-of-house priorities, a competent restaurant general manager ensures that guests are satisfied.

They have the overall responsibility to direct daily schedule and operations, ensuring compliance with the restaurant’s standards. Restaurant General Managers’ areas include team, management, recruitment, inventory management, restaurant repair and maintenance, customer relations, product delivery, and preparation.

These candidates also hold financial accountability and ensure delivery of the highest quality services and products. Restaurant General Managers also have supervisory responsibilities of shift managers, shift leaders, crew members, or team members.

Responsibilities of Restaurant General Manager

  • Restaurant General Managers generally train and hire staff.
  • They are responsible for creating and editing menus.
  • These individuals are also in charge of placing orders for beverages and ingredients.
  • They must keep track of their earnings and expenses.
  • They should also speak with clients to obtain feedback on their service.
  • Restaurant General Managers are also in charge of closing and opening the restaurant daily.
  • Motivate employees during busy shifts is another one of their responsibilities.
  • They make sure that employees are available for the shifts.

Requirements for Restaurant General Manager

  • To apply for a position as a Restaurant General Manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration.
  • To apply for this position, the job applicant must have prior experience in the restaurant business.
  • Excellent communication skills are required of the candidate.
  • They must also be able to work extended shifts.
  • For this employment, experience with bookkeeping software is also a plus.
  • The General Manager of a restaurant must have excellent customer service abilities.

Interview Questions for Restaurant General Manager

1 Explain a time when you had to cope with a problematic coworker.

Ans. This response demonstrates the candidate’s management skills and capacity to discipline staff.

2 You have a supply constraint, and you have anticipated a large group of diners. What would be your outlook to the situation?

Ans. It assesses the candidate’s ability to solve problems.

3 What are the most critical kitchen safety measures in place to keep the kitchen crew safe?

Ans. The response emphasizes the candidate’s understanding of health and safety rules.

4 What would you do if you discovered that your team was failing to reach the company’s strategic objectives?

Ans. The answer showcases the candidate’s problem-solving abilities.

5 How would you keep your employees motivated throughout long shifts?

Ans. This is the response where the hiring team tests the candidate’s management and leadership abilities.

Future Scope as a Restaurant General Manager

Successful Restaurant General Managers prosper in a high-pressure environment. They are the ones for operating a profitable company with staff, clients, and vendors. Customers frequently request to talk with a manager when they have a concern, yet most of their responsibilities are administrative. The candidate is usually in charge of the entire operational organization and planning to maintain the restaurant optimally.

Restaurant General Managers have a bright career path. They can grow in their career and obtain various roles, including Project Manager, Sales Manager, Vice President, Assistant Manager, Operations Manager, Manager, Operations Director, and many more.


Restaurant general managers usually train and hire restaurant employees and assure that the kitchen is stocked according to the requirement. The general manager of a restaurant is also in charge of connecting with guests to enhance their eating experience. These candidates deliver profits and revenues by managing staff, appealing restaurant services, financing, marketing, and developing overall areas of the restaurant.

When interviewing Restaurant General Managers, employers usually look for the right applicant with strong knowledge and interpersonal skills in business management. The candidates with inadequate organizational abilities and the inability to lead staff members are generally avoided.

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