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Resume Accomplishments Examples To Illuminate Your Strengths

resume accomplishments examples

When you apply for a job, your resume represents you. So, having a great one should get you some extra points with recruiters. 

Listing your accomplishments can help illuminate your strengths. It also shows your history of success and growth to potential employers. This is a better approach rather than listing previous job responsibilities. A responsibility list shows one’s potential, but an accomplishment list is evidence of your capabilities and the impact that you’ve made. 

If you want to learn how to write resume accomplishments regardless of your career field, or perhaps, you need a refresher course on how to impress recruiters, here’s my guide to help you improve your resume using resume accomplishments examples.

Where Do I List My Accomplishments?

Where Do I List My Accomplishments?

Accomplishments can be briefly mentioned in a resume summary. A different section can have a list of the accomplishments supported by relative statistics. Depending on the job vacancy, more accomplishments can be mentioned in the Projects and Volunteering section.

Resume Summary Statement

Resumes are often customized to suit each candidate’s career perspectives. Any good resume starts with a summary statement. This short paragraph highlights a job seeker’s skills and experiences. It gives recruiters an insight into your professionalism and unique value. 

Writing a Summary Statement

Writing a Summary Statement

Before you write down your statement, write down your strengths, experiences, and achievements. Use this list to structure a summary that’s tailored for the job you are applying for. Now that you have a hang of what to put on your resume, it’s time to prioritize your accomplishments section.

Benefits of Listing Resume Accomplishments

In case you needed more convincing to list your resume accomplishments, check this out! Your list shows your contribution to an organization. It also makes you stand out because numbers and statistics speak volumes. These accomplishments are normally accompanied by data. They consist of statistics, facts, and information in the form of numbers. 

Forming the List

To form your list, you can use the “Challenge, Action, Result” format. While this format is self-explanatory, some people would benefit from understanding it in detail. 

The “Challenge, Action, Results” Format

The “Challenge, Action, Results” Format

Outlining the challenges you tackled and the action you took to resolve these challenges are two of the three steps of this format. Your list also highlights the results of your actions. In one or two sentences, you show all three components and, where necessary, provide statistics. 

Ask Yourself Questions About Your Achievements

Another approach used is to ask yourself questions. Your achievements should highlight what’s most relevant to the job being applied for. A good start is, “How is this company going to be better off because of me?”

Quantify Your Achievements

This is ideal for a candidate with more work experience. Statistics and numeral figures can be used to show the impact made by the individual. If you’re scouting for a job in a finance-related field, you will make use of percentages and dollars. For example, “I saved $50K after reducing the annual operations budget by 37%, and increased workers’ 401K benefits.”

Non-quantifiable Accomplishments

Fresh graduates or entry-level candidates might not have the advantage of using data figures for their accomplishments. Here’s the truth. It’s not every role that gives employees measurable accomplishments. Well-worded non-quantifiable accomplishments are valuable. For example, “I managed the front desk for three years, and guests gave satisfactory reviews.”

Outline Used

Accomplishments are best noted in bullet point form. It’s precise and easy for employers to follow. For some accomplishments, there can be a relatively noticeable connection between them. This gives the job seeker credibility and authenticity. 

Resume Accomplishments Examples (the right way)

Here are two examples of accomplishments. The more detailed the list is, the more you’ll stand out. 

  • Increased sales by 35% quarterly, from $37,000 to $49,950 after probation period (three months).
  • Managed a reception team of four people for five years, with overall satisfaction from customers.

Resume Accomplishments Example (the wrong way)

  • Increased sales by 35%.
  • Managed a small reception team.

Tips on Writing Resume Accomplishments

Tips on Writing Resume Accomplishments

After comparing the examples above, it’s essential to highlight a timeframe for your accomplishment. Also, include a scale showing the results if possible. 

Listing Accomplishments as a Fresh Graduate

With little to no work experience, fresh graduates might feel stuck when it’s time to list their accomplishments. Here’s where the magic happens! The list can include achievements based on education. For example, “Received a 75% scholarship and maintained a 3.81 GPA while working part-time as a student librarian.”

Listing Accomplishments as a Fresh Graduate

Accomplishments can include details on scholarships, awards if they are relevant to the job’s responsibilities, and grants. Adding information on projects and voluntary work is acceptable as non-quantifiable accomplishments. 

Professional Resume Templates

Have you ever found yourself struggling with designing your resume? Well, look no further. At the tip of your fingers, you can use professional resume templates. Each template is expertly designed for different fields. 

More Professional Resume Templates

More Professional Resume Templates

Canva is another tool used for professional resumes. Choose from hundreds of templates that are customizable, from the font to the colors. It is a tool designed for the non-designer. Get this! A number of these templates are free!

Benefits of Using Resume Templates

These templates are readily available to customize. The cherry on top? You can tweak them to tailor suit job requirements for the positions you are after. You can copy and save as many edited versions of your resume as needed.

A Few Interview Tips

A Few Interview Tips

Once you land an interview, you might want to remember one or two pointers before the big day. The good thing is that I’ve got your back. Firstly, preparation is everything. Do some research about the company’s objectives and mission. 

First Impressions

Even though a revamped resume contributed to scoring an interview, first physical impressions count. You must dress appropriately: not too revealing, and no obscene messages or images on outfits. An impressive look can be paired with a waterproof leather laptop briefcase. You can’t go wrong when you smell good, too, with a dash of Romance by Ralph Lauren

Body Language

Body Language

On top of looking good and smelling good, being confident is a bonus. Your body language and behavior make an impression too. Crossing your arms or burying your head while talking exudes insecurities. Smile, and sit up straight during the interview. 

“Do You Have Any Questions?”

This has become a protocol way of summing up an interview. Candidates should take advantage of this question. You can ask about the company’s goals, mission, corporate behavior, and more! It also shows that you’re interested in the organization. 

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One More Look at Your Resume

Your resume accomplishments should be relevant, impactful, and impressive. Whether they are quantifiable or not, this list shows employers that you produce results for a company. It also shows how impactful you are in a work environment. 

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Resume Accomplishments Examples – Final Thoughts

Listing your accomplishments helps an employer feel confident that you would be the right fit for their team. The list is an ideal way to tell a compelling story of one’s career trajectory. 

In addition to your resume, your body language will make you stand out from other candidates. With thousands of free resume templates available, you can easily customize your resume to suit job vacancies. Using keywords that match the job’s responsibilities and the company’s core values is a very smart approach. It moves you up a few spots in the applicant tracking system (ATS). 

Good luck with editing your resume!

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