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Richest Neighborhoods in America

richest neighborhoods in america

Do you dream of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? 

If you love architecture, checking out wealthy neighborhoods when you travel is a fun activity. You might even get the chance to spot a celebrity or two while taking a stroll. Most major cities in the United States have at least one very wealthy area. These are places where you can find mega mansions as well as stunning historic homes that have been carefully restored. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the richest neighborhoods in America.

Billionaires’ Row 

Topping the charts, the first of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America is the appropriately named Billionaire’s Row, which is one of the wealthiest districts in the whole world. Billionaire’s Row is part of Manhattan and is just a short stroll from Central Park. 

This 843-acre green zone houses over 500,000 trees and shrubs. The Central Park Wildlife Conservation Center boasts over 100 species of animals from various climate zones.  

Billionaires’ Row

Only for millionaires and billionaires!

Billionaire’s Row features several luxury buildings that are reserved for millionaires and billionaires. Buildings of note include One57, 520 Park Avenue, 252 East 57th Street, Central Park Tower, and 53W53. Famous residents include Saudi retail magnate Fawaz Al Hokair and Dell Computers founder Michael Dell. 


Tribeca is a trendy district of Lower Manhattan that boasts stylishly restored buildings housing exclusive boutiques and galleries. This area has also been redeveloped with vibrant cafes and restaurants. The average annual income here is $879,000, and Tribeca is home to over 17,000 people. 

Tribeca boasts some of the most expensive homes in the whole world, and most homes have a rustic feel. Some of the area’s most famous residents include Taylor Swift, Billy Crystal, Jessica Biel, and Kelly Ripa. 

Upper East Side 

If you are checking out wealthy parts of New York City, don’t forget about this area. The Upper East Side of Manhattan boasts the highest concentration of museums and art galleries in the city. The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses over two million pieces of art, dating from prehistoric times to the present day. The Guggenheim Museum has one of the most impressive collections of modern art in the world.

Commonly known as the UES, this is the seventh wealthiest part of the United States. The area boasts several beautiful mansions and townhouses, which stretch along Fifth Avenue. The most expensive and desirable of these properties command stunning views across Central Park. 

Beverly Hills 

Located in West LA, Beverly Hills is one of the city’s most exclusive areas. The district is famous for its huge mansions and is just a short stroll from Rodeo Drive. This exclusive shopping district is popular among tourists who want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. 

Despite its exclusive nature and high price tag, Beverly Hills is home to around 32,000 residents. This includes some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. If you manage to secure a home here, you can be sure that you’ve truly made it in life. 


Located in Oyster Bay, Brookville is part of New York State and is a popular place to retreat. Long Island is just a short train ride east of Manhattan and is the largest island adjoining the continental USA. This is a popular destination for native city dwellers who can afford a luxury vacation home.

Brookville is the most exclusive area of Long Island, and the average annual income here is $400,000. The quiet community boasts designer shopping malls and upscale businesses. There are nearly 3,500 residents, including top-ranking politicians, as well as Marc Anthony and Angie Dickenson. 


Located in the celebrated seaside resort of the Hamptons, the next of the Richest Neighborhoods in America, Southampton, is set on the edge of stunning sandy beaches. Although the population of Southampton is around 69,000, most people don’t live there all year round. This area boasts high-end boutiques, wine bars, and restaurants scattered along the stunning shoreline. 

You need to have an annual salary of around $400,000 to keep up with the Joneses in Southampton. The monthly rent on a prime vacation home here will set you back around a million dollars. This high-profile neighborhood attracts the rich and famous, and residents of note include Michael J. Fox, Calvin Klein, and Howard Stern. 

Burr Ridge Club 

Set in the tiny village of Burr Ridge, this exclusive area feels more like a large country club. The area can be found just to the west of Chicago and makes a luxurious retreat from the city. Although more than three million people live in Chicago, only a tiny percentage can afford to call this area home.

The average annual income among residents of Burr ridge Club is $425,000. Around 11,000 people call Burr Ridge Club home, and notable residents include Jennifer Hudson and Bo Jackson. 

Burr Ridge Club

Short Hills 

If your annual salary is $380,000, you’ll fit right into Short Hills. This unincorporated community is part of Millburn Township in the state of New Jersey. With wide, tree-lined streets and stunning homes, this is a great place for lovers of luxury to unwind.

Short Hills is home to just under 15,000 residents. Most homes in this area cost at least two million dollars. Most residents are CEOs and business consultants, and perhaps the most famous resident is Anne Hathaway. 


With the rise of Silicon Valley, Almaden has risen to become one of the wealthiest areas in America. This neighborhood can be found in the southern part of San Jose and includes McKean Road and Coleman Road. The Santa Cruz Mountains can be found to the west, while the Santa Teresa Hills are to the east. 

The IBM Almaden Research Center can be found in this area, and many of the wealthy residents work there. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails for residents to explore during their leisure time. Many of the largest homes boast a striking Spanish influence and cost at least a million dollars. 

Los Altos Hills 

Only multi-millionaires need apply to live in Los Altos Hills, as the average house price is five million dollars. This is another wealthy area of San Jose that is popular among people who work in the technology industry. This includes several top-ranking Apple employees and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.

This area is strictly residential, and there is a ban on all types of retail outlets. Westwind Community Barn is one of the most popular places in the area for residents to gather. This establishment offers private horseback rides as well as lessons and stabling services. 

Los Altos Hills


This area is located just forty miles to the north of New York City, making the commute very quick and easy. As a result, Darien attracts a large number of celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. Residents of note include music executive Tommy Mottola, CNN host S. E. Cupp, and New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman.

Darien is particularly popular among nature lovers as it boasts pretty parks and beaches within a short drive. There are around 20,000 residents, and the average annual income is $350,000. 


Famous for boasting some of the most impressive architecture in the United States, Winnetka is located in Cook County, Illinois. This charming village can be found just sixteen miles north of downtown Chicago. This gives lovers of luxury easy access to the big city.

Winnetka is perhaps best known for being the location of the Home Alone movie. The village is home to around 12,000 residents, and the average annual income is $350,000. Notable residents include Chris O’Donnell, Phil Donahue, Rock Hudson, and Adam Baldwin. 


This charming lakefront village is a north shore suburb of Chicago. The village is famous for the Chicago Botanic Garden and was the setting for several John Hughes movies. The village boasts an enchanting suburban feel and is home to around 9,000 residents.

Both Lake Michigan and the Cook County Forest Preserve natural forest area are set on the edge of Glencoe. The average annual income here is around $360,000. Residents of note include Harold Ramis, Nick Foles of the Chicago Bears, Fed Savage, and Ben Savage. 

Rancho Santa Fe 

Next on my rundown of the Richest Neighborhoods in America, with around 3,000 residents, Rancho Santa Fe boasts a small and very exclusive community. This San Diego neighborhood is located along the Pacific Ocean coastline, and the most luxurious properties boast stunning ocean views. The average annual income is $360,000, and a property will set you back at least a million dollars.

Professional golfer Tiger Woods famously owns a palatial vacation home in Rancho Santa Fe. Bill Gates also made headlines in the New York Post when he transformed his luxury mansion into an eye-catching property. Other residents of note include Bill Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Simmons, and Beach Boys singer and songwriter Mike Love. 

Rancho Santa Fe 

Highland Park 

Conveniently located in the heart of Dallas County, this exclusive area is home to around 9,000 people. Downtown Dallas is just four miles away, making the commute extremely quick and easy. Unlike the big city, Highland Park boasts areas of intense natural beauty, such as Exall Lake.

You need to be prepared to pay at least a million dollars to own a home here. The average annual income is at least $365,000, and the area attracts a large number of famous athletes. The area was the childhood home of Armie Hammer as well as Governor of Texas Bill Clemens. 

Windmill Ranch Estates

You need to have at least a million dollars in the bank to purchase a property in Windmill Ranch Estates. Located just to the west of Fort Lauderdale, the area boasts a population of politicians, entertainers, and professional athletes. The average annual income here is around $380,000. 

Cherry Hills Village 

If you are willing to pay three million dollars, you may just be able to afford a property in Cherry Hills Village. This area of Denver boasts around six thousand residents, and the average annual income is $430,000. After purchasing a property, make sure you become a member of the Cherry Hills Country Club.

The area is home to a large number of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Two major PGA Championships have been held here, and there are numerous hiking and cycling trails. Notable residents include golfers Chris Brewer and David Duval and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. 

Cherry Hills Village


Located just 17 miles from San Francisco. Hillsborough is one of the wealthiest areas in California. Some of the most impressive mansions and estates in the whole of the United States can be found here. Hillsborough boasts around 11,000 residents, and the average income is $430,000.

If you can’t afford to purchase a property here, it’s worth taking a trip to admire the impressive architecture. Many properties are on the National Register of Historic Places and are open to the public. Particularly of note are the Arthur and Mona Hofmann House, Carolands, The Flintstone House, Skyfarm, and the Sidney Bazett Residence.

Everglades Club

If you earn around half a million dollars a year, you will fit right in at Everglades Club. This exclusive social club was established as a hospital for the wounded during World War I. It can be found in Palm Beach, Florida, and is one of the hottest real estate spots in the United States

Around nine thousand people own properties here, and many people use them as vacation homes. If you fancy the idea of calling Donald Trump your neighbor and have the cash to spare, consider moving in. Other residents of note include Rod Steward and Sylvester Stallone.

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Final Thoughts

If money is tight, then it’s still well worth taking a look at the Richest American Neighborhoods. Most of these areas are located in major cities and boast excellent amenities such as gourmet restaurants and luxury boutiques. Many of these areas boast cool mansions and older buildings that are worth millions of dollars.

However, if you have money to burn, it’s worth taking the time to carefully consider where you want to live. Each area features different characteristics as well as its own architectural style. These areas are also havens for the rich and famous and attract us mere mortals who enjoy spotting celebrities.

Enjoy living in your new dream home!

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