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Richest Towns in Massachusetts

richest towns in massachusetts

Are you planning to make a move to the Bay State?

Massachusetts is the gateway to New England and the destination of the Mayflower in 1620. This diverse state offers everything from cobbled streets and village greens to space-age technology centers.

Massachusetts really is beautiful…

The gently rolling Berkshire Hills cut across the western corner of the state. To the east, the land rolls down to the sea, embracing the state capital, Boston, and the beaches of Cape Cod. But some of the towns are rather exclusive, and you’ll need to be earning a pretty penny to fit in there!

So, to find out more, let’s take a look at the richest towns in Massachusetts and what they have to offer.

The Richest Towns in Massachusetts


This is the wealthiest town in the whole of Massachusetts and can be found along the southern bank of the Charles River. It’s mainly a residential area, and the majority of people who live there have children. Dover boasts nationally-ranked school systems and safe streets, along with a charming atmosphere. And all of these factors combine to make it the perfect place for families who have money to relocate. 

The average home price in Dover is around $1.6 million. And the per capita income is around $134,000. This makes Dover an excellent place for lovers of luxury who want to live in style. 


Plus, commuting is easy…

Commuters can reach the heart of Boston in less than forty minutes, and the journey is pleasant. So this area combines the prestige of living in a wealthy community with the convenience of the big city. This also allows people who live in Dover to sample the city’s nightlife scene and dine in style. 

The Charles River is home to some excellent river cruises, and this is a popular pastime among people who live in Dover. Residents can enjoy the scenery of the riverbanks while indulging in a feast of lobster, clams, and other seafood. Simply unwinding and enjoying a glass of fine wine while gently cruising along the river is another popular activity.


This community can be found just across the Charles River. The charismatic town is home to two prestigious universities: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There’s a vibrant atmosphere here, mainly due to the 30,000 students from around the world that make Cambridge their temporary home. 

A cultural hive…

Harvard Square is the center of activity in the town and reflects the international nature of life here. Dozens of bookstores, music shops, cafés, coffee houses, and restaurants are scattered all around the square. So, this is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and soak up the atmosphere. 

This bubbling suburb also boasts a large number of wealthy communities to choose from. Many of the choicest homes date back to the 17th century. And many of the wealthiest people in the state choose to live in this vibrant yet refined suburb


This is another charming Boston suburb, and Weston is home to around 11,000 people. It is one of the wealthiest communities in the whole of the United States. So, you need to be willing to shell out at least two million dollars if you want to purchase property here.

However, this doesn’t pose too much of a problem for the people who live here. The average income in Weston is around $108,000 per year. And again, the town hosts a number of excellent schools, parks, and historical societies.

But there’s more to the outdoors…

Another key draw is the large number of outdoor activities that residents can enjoy. Cross-country skiing, golf, and horseback riding are all popular pastimes among residents. Outdoor enthusiasts have more than ninety miles of hiking and cycling trails to explore right on their doorstep. 

Weston is located just fifteen miles from Boston’s center, which is also part of the town’s appeal. Most residents work in the big city, while they also have access to excellent shopping opportunities. Kendal Green Station conveniently takes commuters to Boston’s North Station terminus. 


This historic town was settled close to the turn of the 17th century and showcases a number of stunning buildings. In addition to being fabulously wealthy, Wellesley is one of the safest towns in the whole of Massachusetts. It has a safety rating of 4.6, which is around 30% higher than the state average. 

Still, it’s buzzing with life…

Several state universities can be found in the town, which attracts both affluent students and young professionals. This gives Wellesley a lively feel, and there is a wide range of amenities for residents to enjoy. The average per capita income here is around $97,000. 

The Commuter Rail train connects Wellesley Hills to the city of Boston. This makes it very easy for people who live in the town to reach the big city. And in addition to making the daily commute, most residents visit the city regularly for shopping and entertainment purposes. 


This rural community is home to just over five thousand people and can be found northwest of Boston. This is a quaint farm town that attracts lovers of the Great Outdoors. It is also one of the most desirable towns in the state and has real estate prices to match.

A family paradise…

This town is ideal for families with young children, and it boasts the largest playground in Massachusetts. Great Brook Farm State Park is the perfect place for residents to explore on sunny days, and there are excellent shops. One of the best cross-country ski touring centers in the whole country can also be found in Carlisle. 


A whole host of family-friendly events and activities are also organized here throughout the year. Evening entertainment is provided by the Carlisle Community Chorus, the Savoyard Light Opera Company, and the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra. And Carlisle Old Home Day is a free family event held in July featuring a wide range of activities and games. 


Spanning 21 square miles of stunning northeastern shoreline, Hingham is a breathtaking place to live. Affluent residents are able to enjoy the best of both worlds here. While they can enjoy pretty views of the Boston City skyline, the town gives off an alluring coastal atmosphere.

Nothing like sea air…

The town is set on Boston Harbor and includes a large number of natural attractions. Hingham Harbor and World’s End Peninsula are both popular places for residents to unwind. Other local attractions include the large and lovely Bare Cove Park and Black River. 

Downtown Boston can be found just fourteen miles from Hingham. This makes it very easy to nip into the city for business, pleasure, or a mixture of the two. The average real estate price here is a little over $1.2 million


Around 23,000 people have chosen to call this wealthy town ‘home.’ But if you want to join them, you need to be prepared to pay around $1.4 million for a new home. The local real estate market is diverse and includes several stunning 18th and 19th-century properties. 

There are several pretty bodies of water around these parts, which are great places to unwind on sunny days. These include the Aberjona River, Wedge Pond, Winter Pond, and the Mystic Lakes. The town’s streets are very safe and walkable and are lined with impressive Victorian buildings. 

It’s also closer to Boston…

The bright light of downtown Boston can be found only a little over eight miles from Winchester. And thanks to the MBTA Commuter Rail, it is possible to complete the journey in a mere matter of minutes. The town’s violent crime rate is also far below the national average, and only five murders have been reported in the last decade. 



Medfield can be found in Norfolk County, just 17 miles southwest of Boston. The commute into the city typically takes around forty minutes.

With younger blood…

The median age of the town’s residents is 38, and the per capita income is around $88,000

This town is particularly popular among food and nature lovers, and there are several excellent restaurants that cater to residents from all walks of life. In addition to being very safe, the town is also known for its stunning architecture. A good example of this is Dwight-Derby House, which dates back to 1651.

Residents have several stunning wildlife reservations right on their doorstep, too. Medfield Charles River State Reservation features several scenic hiking and walking trails for residents to explore. Other pretty green zones include Medfield Rhododendron Reservation and the Rocky Woods Reservation. 


Be prepared to pay at least a million dollars if you want to purchase property in Wayland. This affluent town was founded in 1638 and is home to around 15,000 people. It’s a peaceful town that offers a small-town atmosphere while being conveniently close to both Worcester and Boston. 

Does everyone commute for work then?

While many residents work in the big city, there are also plenty of local job opportunities. The town hosts a thriving community full of entertainment options, excellent dining, and shopping. Wayland also has a reputation for being very safe and offering a number of excellent schools.


Next, on my rundown of the Richest Towns in Massachusetts, this stereotypical New England town combines sites of historical interest with small-town charm. However, the town still has a population of around 18,000 people and is packed with excellent amenities. Points of interest include Walden Pond and Wheeler-Minot Farmhouse, which was the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau. 

Concord is located just 22 miles northwest of Boston, making this another attractive place for commuters to settle. West Concord station provides a quick and convenient connection to the city. And in addition to being a very wealthy town, Concord boasts a very low crime rate.



This beautiful town features a large number of well-preserved colonial-era homes and buildings. The first American victory in the American War of Independence was here, at North Bridge. So, this is the location of the famous ‘shot heard round the world.’ 

Who lives there now?

Lexington is a medium-sized town and is home to around 35,000 people. The average real estate price here is around 1.4 million dollars. Around 85% of the people who live in Lexington have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and the median household income is around $186,000

So, Lexington is another pretty suburb of Boston that is popular among lovers of small communities. It is possible to commute into the city in around thirty minutes, which helps to give the town’s residents an excellent work-life balance. 

Massachusetts Weather

As with most other states set on the east coast, there is abundant rainfall throughout Massachusetts. Most parts of the state experience an average of 42 inches each year. And the same amount of snowfall is also recorded annually.

The state’s coastline juts into the North Atlantic, making it prone to Nor’easter weather systems. This means that summers are typically hot and humid. However, people who choose to live on the coast are also cooled by North Atlantic breezes. 

Sounds nice, but…

The state’s weather patterns are extremely changeable, with frequent snowstorms in October and heat waves in February. It is rare to see dull, grey days, especially in the summer months. Summer runs from June through August, and the weather is usually incredibly hot and humid, with bright sunshine and blue skies.

Then Springtime in the state sees warm and refreshing ocean breezes. The temperatures are a little cooler than in the summer, making traveling and commuting more bearable. Fall is also stunning in the state. As this is when the trees become a mix of reds and browns, and while temperatures begin to drop, it is usually not too cold.

But you guessed it…

The winter months can be very wet and bitterly cold as the cool ocean breezes become freezing. Snow can often be seen, but this leads to the chance to take part in fun winter sports.

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Ok, back to today’s Massachusetts city affluence report

Final Thoughts

One of the main advantages of choosing to live in a rich town is that the crime rate is usually low. So, although you will have to pay extra for property, you will also be purchasing peace of mind. Wealthy communities are also blessed with an excellent range of amenities for residents to enjoy.

Before searching for a property in Massachusetts, you should make a list of the things the area needs to have. This will help to narrow the search when choosing the community to live in. Fortunately, Massachusetts includes a large number of towns and cities where the living standard is very high.

Even if you’re not thinking of moving there, you should at least enjoy a trip to this desirable state.

And why not?

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