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Richest Towns In New Jersey

richest towns in new jersey

Keeping up with the Jones’s is a lot harder when you live in one of New Jersey’s wealthiest towns. From the ultra-posh suburbs of Bergen County to the swanky shore towns of the Jersey Shore, these are the following are the wealthiest enclaves in New Jersey, worth keeping an eye on. 

So, what are the richest towns in New Jersey?

First, let’s warm you up with…

The Wealth of New Jersey as a Whole

The state of New Jersey is small but mighty! It may be one of the smallest states in the country, but its impact on American history has been gargantuan.

This was especially true during the Revolutionary War. Some of the most crucial battles were fought on New Jersey soil. The state also played a huge role in fostering the growth of industry in America, serving as an early hub for production during America’s industrialization era.

Fast forward to today…

From big businesses to small startups, and on to high-end banking to exclusive farmer’s markets. New Jersey is an economic dynamo that no one can ignore!

Right, time to virtually travel through…

The Richest Towns In New Jersey


Alpine, New Jersey, is often referred to as the “billionaire’s burrow” due to its exclusive atmosphere and resident billionaire Larry Robbins. Perfectly situated with a forty-minute drive into midtown Manhattan and a quick 38-minute commute, this Bergen County enclave is a dream come true for many.


A common thread running through all the towns on my list…

The residents of Alpine are highly educated, with 72.6% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. And they enjoy luxury real estate with median sales homes prices at an astonishing $2,293,000.

While living in the lap of luxury with 84.6% of homeowner occupancy may seem out of reach for some, Alpine more than proves why it got its esteemed reputation. With its median household income hitting $250,000+!


Homebuyers beware, if you’re thinking of investing in the real estate market of Mantoloking, be prepared to shell out big bucks.

Oh yes…

This exclusive town is one of the wealthiest areas in New Jersey, boasting an impressive median sales price of $3,180,000. Enough to make even the richest folk blush!

With a population of only 331 people, it’s clear that residing in this luxe community isn’t for everyone. However, prospective buyers can rest easy knowing their neighbors are educated. Over 81.8% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. For those lucky souls who bid over the appropriately named “Manto” barrier, this area offers a delightful lifestyle and a hefty median household income of $177,813.

Saddle River

Saddle River, New Jersey, has been named one of the richest towns in the US due to its enviable median household income of $213,958. And an astonishing 66.6% of surveys report at least a bachelor’s degree or higher among residents.

Saddle River

But this isn’t what makes it so special…

Beyond its prosperity, Saddle River is most notable for its distinct natural appeal. With planning restrictions kept at two acres per dwelling in order to preserve its pastoral character and stunning farmlands. Streams, woods, and natural landscapes are often found dotted with both elegant ancient and more modern properties.

It seems those 10,000-year-old Lenni Lenape settlers knew something we don’t when they chose this spot!

Short Hills

Nestled in Essex County, Millburn Township – known affectionately as Short Hills – is the epitome of luxurious living.

You find luxurious homes with winding roads, a bevy of local businesses ranging from high-quality dining to leisure and shopping, and access to the hustle and bustle of nearby New York City.

Making it an enviable spot to live!

It’s no surprise that this charming little community boasts a median household income of an impressive $250,001 annually. This makes it the most expensive town in all of New Jersey.

 Who would have guessed that what started off as an agricultural colonial settlement would eventually become such a luxurious abode? It sure has come a long way since its Victorian roots!


Evidently, to live the life of luxury is quite affordable in Avalon, New Jersey. If you’re looking for a quaint community with stellar real estate prices, this small paradise might just be the place for you.

Especially if you love exclusivity…

The population maxes out at 1,243 people, and the median household income reaches $141,964. And reports show that two-thirds of households in Avalon possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. It, therefore, comes as no shock that homes here have such an impressive median sale price of $2,138,000.

This goes to prove one thing: Being rich ain’t bad in Avalon!


Sea Girt

Sea Girt, located on the coast of New Jersey in Monmouth County, is a beachside paradise that offers an equally luxurious lifestyle with an incomparable twist. The area boasts affluent real estate and seemingly affluent residents, making it an ideal location for those who desire to be seen to live a life of luxury.

77.2% of inhabitants have attained bachelor’s degrees or higher, and the median household income is an impressive $174,612 dollars. So the median home sale price of $1,952,000 is expected. This small coastal community packs quite the punch when it comes to opulence and exclusivity. Offering enviable addresses to its residents.

Is there anything bad about it at all?

Nope. Living the luxe life in Sea Girt is truly a win-win situation. Its ideal location on the coast of New Jersey provides residents with easy access to beautiful beaches. While also offering them the opportunity to live among like-minded individuals who value education and success.

Far Hills

Far Hills is undoubtedly an affluent town, as evidenced by its reported median household income of $137,472. It all began over a hundred years ago when land developer, Evander H. Schley, looped in his brother to help him purchase more than a few thousand acres of rural land. Without ever setting eyes on it first!

Now that’s just blind wealth right there…

Today, the township is known for more than just its impressive income. Far Hills also holds the annual Far Hills Hunt and is home to a New Jersey Transit Station. With 1,047 households and 3,319 people across five square miles, Far Hills certainly has come a long way since its inception.

Far Hills

Upper Montclair

Upscale and well-educated, Upper Montclair is the cream of the crop when it comes to towns in New Jersey. The median household income is a hearty $235,637, and an impressive 82.9% of residents have achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Bright like diamonds…

So, if you’re looking to buy a home here, be prepared for luxury living. As the median sales price of homes stands at a lofty $1,129,000!

All this affluence definitely makes Upper Montclair shine bright like a diamond.

Englewood Cliffs

Englewood Cliffs town has long been known as one of New Jersey’s wealthiest towns, with average household incomes over $158,000, a population of only 5,349, and 1,906 households. But that’s not all this tiny borough has to offer.

Let me explain…

It boasts easy access to NYC (just 9 miles away!), top-notch dining options fit for Gossip Girl dinners, and luxe shopping. Oh, and did we mention the three major airport options and multiple top medical centers just minutes away?

Convenience aside, it also happens to be home to two historic fishing towns of old: Undercliff and Coatesville, which make up the character of Englewood Cliffs today. So, if you’re looking for a low-key but rich area near NYC that packs some big punch, this could be your place!


Welcome to Rumson, one of the most affluent towns in all of New Jersey! Meet the ultra-wealthy residents who are more likely to hold a Ph.D. than a high school diploma and live in mansions boasting waterfront views.

Have fear of finding affordable housing. Rentals here are few and far between, as most homes are owner-occupied.

Need to get to the city?

No worries, you’ve got the high-speed ferry at your disposal. With a median household income of $188,906, it’s no surprise that those living in Rumson have won life’s biggest lottery. A golden ticket to luxury and convenience in an elite zip code.

Ho Ho Kus

Ho Ho Kus, NJ, might just be your new address if you’re looking for a unique combination of wealth and sophistication. Situated in Bergen County and blessed with close proximity to New York City, this Northern New Jersey town has it all.

Surely not all?

I’m afraid so! A charming downtown, a tight-knit community, and some of the wealthiest residents in the entire area. With a median income of $216,875 and home sales prices reaching up to $1,146,000, Ho Ho Kus is the ideal destination for those wanting to unlock the door to true luxury.

Moreover, its population of 4258 is well educated – 84.0% having attained at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. And similarly to other rich New Jersey towns, it’s primarily owner-occupied (91.9%).

Ho Ho Kus

Shopping in NYC this weekend?

Make sure to drop by Ho Ho Kus on your way back – it’s worth every cent to witness this place!

Stone Harbor 

Next, on my rundown of the Richest Towns In New Jersey, Stone Harbor is the perfect playground for New Jersey’s socialites!

With its shimmering sandy beaches, exquisite dining establishments, and stunning real estate market, it’s no wonder why this tiny town is one of the richest in the Garden State.

Towering luxury estates dominate the coastline, with a median sales price of a whopping $2.6M. Leaving little doubt that this exclusive enclave caters to only the upper echelon of society.

But aside from its opulent housing market, Stone Harbor also boasts an impressive 66% higher education rate and a marvelous median household income of $120K.

Can you smell the money? I mean the sea…

All in all, whether you’re born with old money or made your own riches through hard work and determination, there’s something for everyone in this prestigious Jersey shore community!

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes, NJ, is the quintessential affluent community located in Morris County. With a population of 4472 and a median income of $241,667, the residents here conveniently enjoy living in the lap of luxury close to lakes, outdoor adventures, and a quick train ride to New York City.

Not surprisingly…

85% of these individuals are well-educated due to their ambition and strive for excellence. And you can trust their lifestyle choice when it comes to where they live as 95.4% of homes here are owner-occupied, and only 1.9% live below the poverty line.

Plus, with an almost non-existent commute time of 37 minutes, Mountain Lakes certainly lives up to its reputation for luxurious living that only certain kinds of money can buy!


Montgomery is one of the wealthiest of all towns throughout New Jersey, boasting a staggering median household income of $200,150! Not only that, but its picturesque beauty that is integral to its countryside has been remarkably well-conserved. With rolling mountain ranges and tranquil riverbanks, Montgomery provides endless opportunities for scenic exploration.

The best part?

Still retaining its historical Dutch influence from the 1600s, visitors can really appreciate its deviation from typical urban sites around the region. Long before it was established in 1798 as a western precinct of Somerset County, Native Americans habituated the land to fish for migrating fish.

 Montgomery truly is unparalleled when it comes to history, culture, and wealth – it’s an absolute gem!

Glen Ridge 

Living in the affluent community of Glen Ridge is considered a lifestyle in its own right. With its charming ambiance, tree-lined streets, and historic homes, there is no doubt as to why this New Jersey town consistently ranks among the state’s wealthiest. It has an impressive median income of $202,222, and its residents are largely college educated, with 78.80% having obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher.

What will a property set you back here?

Homes here have a median sales price of $893,000, and 91.50% are owner-occupied. All signs that this is truly one of NJ’s most exclusive and distinguished towns.

Glen Ridge 


Chatham, located in Millburn Township, is a vibrant community with a rich history and magnificent scenery. With a population of 18,626 people and 6,304 households, this prosperous area boasts an impressive median household income of $201,123.

Not only does Chatham offer numerous shopping and dining options, but it is also well-known for its historic landmarks that go back centuries, such as Chatham Dockyard and the forts that once protected it from attack.

But there’s more…

Brompton Barracks is still housed in Chatham, where the Corps of Royal Engineers stands today. There’s also the deep lake known as The Great Swamp, which was a part of the glacial area at one point to the south.

It certainly goes without saying that if you’re looking for a beautiful and richly unique place to visit or reside in – look no further than Chatham!

Essex Fells

Essex Fells is the perfect spot to call home in New Jersey, with its rolling hills and beautiful architecture. Located in Millburn Township, Essex Fells is home to 693 households where a cozy atmosphere is always warmly welcomed.

A lovely diverse town…

Home to 2,022 people from diverse backgrounds, this stunning borough offers a pleasant neighborhood for everyone. Established in 1902 by an act passed by the New Jersey Legislature, the township became even better when it reverted back to a borough on January 1st, 1992. Thanks to federal income-sharing regulations.

As an economically prosperous area with a median household income of $215,521, nowhere could be more inviting than Essex Fells!

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OK, back to our latest New Jersey wealth report

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the most affluent towns in New Jersey aren’t just the places people aspire to move to but are often monetary aspirational goals as a whole.

After examining the median income and cost of buying in each of these towns, it’s also easy to see why everyone is eyeing them for their prosperous success. After all, being financially secure is something we’d all like to accomplish, regardless of our location.

So, whether you’re eyeing one of these towns for your next life chapter or simply just to admire from afar, there’s no denying that they are all incredibly desirable places to live.

With their picturesque beauty, thriving job markets, and deep roots in history – these towns are the jewels of New Jersey.

Happy New Jersey hopping!

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